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Mike Weston Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice On This Week's Episode Of "The Following"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/11/2014 11:34 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Mike Weston Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice On This Week's Episode Of
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Elena Butler

Staff Writer


A new(ish) threat surfaced on this week’s episode of The Following as Lily initiated her plan to get revenge on Ryan and everyone he loves.  As expected, you can’t be a part of the Hardy clan without being subject to a life-threatening situation...or ten and Max learned that fairly quickly.  But they weren’t the only one's who were targeted this week. By the end of the episode, Mike also got hit where it hurt most and it was truly heartbreaking to see how much damage our heroes are taking.  Let’s go ahead and break this episode down and see what else happened in “Sacrifice.”  P.S.  More than one of those occurred on this episode and one was definitely literal. “Sacrifice” begins with Carroll, Emma and Mandy arriving at a private location to meet with an old friend named Robert.  Carroll’s plan is to figure out the hierarchy of this new cult and slowly but surely make his way to the top.  They’re greeted by a group of cult members, including Robert.  A woman orders them to kneel with their hands behind their back as the other men point guns at them.  “In here, you’re the follower,” she tells Carroll as they’re shoved into the vehicles and taken inside. Ryan arrives at the FBI headquarters and Mendez admits that she believes his claims that Carroll is alive.  She knows the FBI is compromised but Ryan says he can’t trust anyone, including her.  He leaves and runs into Mike who has decided to cut ties with the case and return home. Back at the cult camp, Carroll, Emma and Mandy are taken to the communal showers to cleanse themselves.  They get dressed in white clothing and asked to wear a white mask as the woman, Juliet, escorts them to their bedroom.  Robert delivers Juliet a message and she tells Carroll that the leader of the cult, her husband Micah, would like to speak with him.  Micah asks Carroll how helping him would be beneficial.  Carroll offers him money and then offers his own help with whatever he needs. Max visits Ryan at his apartment and she explains the details of her suspension from the NYPD.  She asks Ryan to give up his obsession with Joe Carroll and go back to teaching.  He’s adamant about finding and killing Carroll and admits that everything he’s done up to that point has been leading up to that.  Max reminds him that he has a family who loves him and asks him to reconsider.  Later when she returns home, she sees a father beating his son in the parking garage.  As she steps in to defend him, the boy pulls out a video camera and the man puts a cloth with chloroform up to her nose and mouth. Ryan receives the video of Max being taken as a message from Lily.  The FBI tracks down the messages and the people in the video.  Mike comes back to offer his help.  They find video footage of the car and Ryan asks Mendez’s permission to question Luke about the man who took Max.  At the hospital, Luke is unwilling to share the whereabouts of Lily but identifies the man as Kurt and tells them he’s a serial killer they call “The Huntsman.”  He likes hunting down his victims like prey and killing them within 24 hours of abducting them.  Meanwhile, we find Max with her hands tied and hanging from the ceiling of an old cabin.  The man asks her about a tattoo he spots on her hip and then shows her pieces of tattooed skin he’s collected over the years. The FBI finds a match for Kurt and they make their way to his house.  They arrive to find his wife at home with their son—the boy who videotaped Max earlier in the parking garage.  Mendez interrogates the wife who insists her husband is on a business trip.  Ryan shows Mike the video footage of Max and realizes it’s filmed from a low angle.  They question the boy about his father’s whereabouts and are able to get an address. Back at the camp, Juliet is prepping Carroll for something they call “The Reckoning.”  It’s a form of lie detector test and Carroll warns that those don’t work on him very well.  She tests it out by asking him if he liked the view of her cleavage, to which he answers “no.”  She points out it was a lie.  Foolproof, basically.  Carroll admits that he murders because he has a need.  Juliet seems to find this very enticing.  When she questions his motive for being at the camp, Carroll says all he wants is to start anew.  Later, Juliet tells Micah that Carroll is all truth. At the cabin, Max tries to talk the Huntsman into treating her like any of his other victims.  He’s unwilling to agree to her request and Max reacts by wrapping her legs around his neck and freeing herself.  She runs out into the woods, forcing him to hunt her down.  The FBI arrives at the location search for her in the woods.  Meanwhile, Max is running for her life and trying to hide when she spots Mike.  He comes to her aid but we see the killer is ready to take a shot at Max.  Ryan kills the Huntsman before he can do anything. Carroll, Emma and Mandy are taken to an initiation ceremony.  Micah announces that they’ll be cleaning themselves of sin by using the blood of one.  Juliet comes out and uses a giant wishbone-looking stick to pick the person who will make the sacrifice and ends up picking Emma.  They tie her down and lower her above a giant bowl before they slit her wrists and collect her blood.  Micah drinks her blood and she passes out. Later, Juliet comes to see Carroll and tells him that Emma is doing okay.  Juliet admits that it was necessary to introduce them to their ways and tells him that she doesn’t trust him.  At the FBI headquarters, Ryan receives another video from Lily.  She tells him that he wasn’t the only person who hurt her and the camera pans, revealing her location.  Mike realizes she’s in his dad’s house but before they can do anything, Lily kills his father by cutting his throat.  The episode ends with Ryan trying to comfort a devastated Mike. It was Mike who paid the ultimate sacrifice this episode.  Poor guy was already feeling guilty enough over the death of Parker, I can only imagine how much his father’s death will affect him.  Do you think he’s going to be just as obsessed with finding and killing Lily as Ryan is with Carroll?  Tells us what you thought of “Sacrifice.”  Is Season 2 living up to your expectations?

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