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Mindy Attempts To Reign In Her Men During "Bros Club For Dudes"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/23/2013 1:21 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Mindy Attempts To Reign In Her Men During
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Caitlin Swift Staff Writer With the addition of Peter to the practice it seems that Mindy has lost control of her boys. This becomes very apparent when she walks in on Stings and Wings, which ultimately is an office Nerf fight with a post-game meal of wings.  I think that sounds amazing, but alas Mindy is not amused. After being traumatized by the boys she tries to get everyone on board with putting a gazebo on the patio that the office has. Complete with a garden. Peter suggests a grill and all the boys are on board. His next idea is a basketball court and Mindy is aggravated and storms off. Things get worse when she trips over Morgan and Peter wrestling in the doctor’s lounge. Tamera is upset that her boyfriend Ray-Ron forgot their 20 year anniversary and Morgan swoops in. He suggests they clean up the patio and put up the gazebo to make Dr. L’s day. Well played Morgan. Meanwhile Mindy consults Danny on why Peter hates her so much. Danny admits that he didn’t like Mindy at first and thought she was annoying, but now I mean I guess she’s a nice lady. He suggests taking Peter to lunch. Mindy takes that advice but, it’s a bit backwards. She takes him to the American Girl Doll café and leads with the story of when she first got her period… Pretty sure this isn’t going to go the way she had planned. Peter admits that it’s not that he doesn’t like her he just doesn’t want to hang out with her if he doesn’t have to. She’s a bit self-involved. He also brings up a valid point, if Mindy is so hell-bent on getting to know him why not go to a place they both enjoy rather than the pink palace she brought him to? He also points out that Mindy only plans and does things that she wants to do and for so long the guys just went along with it because no one had the balls to stand up to her. Well guess what, Peter is there now and he has the best bro-tasstic dates planned for them and he knows that is what is really driving Mindy insane. Upset her lunch date didn’t go as plan Mindy goes back to Danny. He isn’t surprised things didn’t go well and tells her she needs to take an interest in something that Peter likes rather than things that she likes. Poor Mindy. He invites her to Peter’s Ultimate Fighting match and she reluctantly accepts. Mindy forgets to inform Jason that she was going to be late but promises him that she will do that thing she said she wouldn’t do if he comes by late, also she informs him that  Danny’s favorite sushi roll is the Philadelphia so he should try that. She has to cut their call short because Danny is texting her… Weird… She finally arrives at the match and tries to talk Peter out of his MMA match. It is very apparent that Mindy is out of her element. However she does become an asset when she knows the Ring girl (Kendra Wilkinson) that all the guys are drooling over. Come to find out Mindy delivered her last baby. Morgan runs to the bathroom and mistakes Dana White for Howie Mandel and then gets accosted by Tamera’s boyfriend Ray-Ron (Josh Peck). Ray-Ron puts up a good fight but Morgan wins in the end, but being the good person he is, he gives him some advice on how to treat his lady. All I want is to see Morgan happy. Is that too much to ask?! Reed, Danny, and Mindy are trying to get Peter pumped up before the fight. Mindy tells him he’s trash, Danny slept with his mom, and Reed with his dad (umm what?). Mindy’s last piece of info to fire him up doesn’t really work out too great. His ex Becca just got engaged. He is a male kindergarten teacher, and used the students to propose (they held the R’s backwards). Peter enters the ring crying and distraught and Mindy now feels responsible for his demise. Mindy hops in the ring to give Peter a pep talk. He needs to envision someone he hates and kick that other guy’s ass! Peter agrees and uses Becca’s new fiancé as his inspiration. He came back strong for a minute before being tossed from the ring. Looks like Peter lost. Back at the hospital Mindy stitches up Peter and offers to gossip about exes. Peter admits he was wrong and all is right in the world. Jason comes to the hospital to end things with Mindy. He brings up the fact that she has Danny’s favorite sushi order memorized and says it’s just not going to work. It’s good to know that other people realize their chemistry too and it’s not just me! Back at the office Ray-Ron comes in to apologize to Tamera. He used the library computers and everything to look up that for 20 years the gift is china, which he thinks is the actually country not the plates. So he improvises and gets her a stuffed panda. Morgan watches this all go down and I just want to give him a hug. Mindy surprises the guys by taking down the gazebo outside and putting in a basketball court. I mean Peter did admit he was wrong, so I guess she has to learn to bend a little too. Peter is really grateful and offers up Mindy the first shot. Unfortunately he bats the ball away because that’s how bros do it. Then smacks her ass and is quickly scolded by the other men. There is a line, Peter…


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