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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Mindy Gets Hot With Her Personal Trainer On This Week's Mindy Project

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/07/2014 10:58 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Mindy Gets Hot With Her Personal Trainer On This Week's Mindy Project

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

New Year, new boyfriend, new Mindy? It seems that Cliff and Mindy’s budding relationship is going to be faced with its first milestone: a weekend away. Cliff envisions a ski trip complete with a trip to the jacuzzi. Sounds amazing, minus the fact that Mindy will have to don a bathing suit in January, post holidays (girl put back 5 hams and goose!). Now you’d think that being a couple they’ve been intimate and surely she’s been naked, so what’s the big deal? Not Mindy. Her whole life, she has strategically hid her body during sex. She reveals all this in the break room as Betsey reveals that she baked Mindy her own personal coffee cake. It’s here that Mindy decided to take on Morgan as her trainer. Reed comes down with a cold and since Mindy is too engrossed with training, and Danny just has no interest, he leaves Peter in charge as he takes his sick days. Peter is more than happy to take on the role and sets out to make himself the laissez-fair boss. Not such a great approach as he promises both Morgan and Tamara the same desk and there is some dispute. Mindy begins her training and it’s apparent that maybe Morgan isn’t the best option as her trainer. She tests him to see if he’d fall prey to her distractions, and of course, he does. They resume and he takes it too far in his pump-up talk and spits in her face. She promptly fires him but notices Danny ducking out to head to the gym. The wheels in her head start turning. She approaches Danny about becoming her trainer. Mindy is convinced she has to get in shape so she can wear a bathing suit in front of her boyfriend. Danny reminds her that all men just like a naked woman, nothing else matters. She fires back with that’s not true, why do all men end up dating ass models? She was so strong and confident in the first part of the argument but quickly followed up with wanting to be so hot that her personality didn’t matter. Fail Dr. L, major fail. But I can forgive this one time because hey, we all think that from time to time (at least I do). After much reluctance Danny agrees to train her. The two depart for Danny’s gym and it's clear Mindy decked out in her rhinestone work-out gear stands out like a sore thumb. This is a manly (yet co-ed) gym. She is quick to give up and he soon learns how to get through to her. He begins to motivate her by some light smack talking (ok maybe a little too harsh at times, she may have shed a few tears) and helping Mindy envision that she is saving various celebrities. For the first time Mindy feels like she can do it. Back at the office Peter is perplexed as to why if everyone is too hot they just don’t open the window. Morgan explains Dr. Reed has forbidden them from doing so. Peter storms over and throws it open and as he does an owl darts in. To top it off when ordering more gloves Tamara ordered a thousand packages instead of one thousands gloves. Stressed beyond believe Peter begins stress eating and takes off to see Reed. Come to find out Reed isn’t sick but is using his days off for a threesome. He just needed a break and tells Peter that unless they respect you nothing will be accomplished. Peter still frustrated storms off to try to get respect. Feeling good about her progress Mindy decides to go for a steam. She gets undressed and enters the steam room ready to relax. Danny is in there and informs her to put a towel on the steam room is co-ed. He hands her his towel and she shrieks in horror (didn’t you see him naked in that exhibit his ex put on?). Both seem to not be able to get out if their own way. Danny’s watch gets caught in Mindy’s hair and they do an awkward shuffle. Finally free Mindy rushes to leave and slips, Danny comes to help but stands naked directly over her head. I honestly have never laughed so hard in my life. I truly cannot do this scene justice. Watch this episode just for that. At the hospital Danny tries to say something to Mindy regarding her body. She is quick to assume that it is negative and insists he forget everything that had just happened. He tries to fight it and to shut him up she tells him he is perfect, but he has some whack ass feet. He then begins to fret about his feet abandoning his previous thoughts. Back at the office Mindy is admiring herself in the mirror in her office. Intrigued she decides to get naked and see just how good she looks. While admiring herself she catches site of the owl and screams causing Danny to rush in and see her naked yet again. Unable to handle it she hobbles into his office and unleashes. So she likes to eat, and one boob may be much larger than the other. She’s only human; she is who she is and she’s not sorry. This is the Mindy I know and love. Danny takes it all in and leaves her with one piece of advice: Don’t suck in your stomach you look nervous and/or constipated. She’s taken aback but he goes on to explain that she is a woman and she should be woman. That’s what makes her beautiful. However we learn that Danny Castellano is not a fan of a well groomed woman. He likes ‘em au natural. How much longer will these two deny that there is something there? Reed returns to the office and Peter takes a stand and tells everyone that they should respect and honor this amazing man. His time in charge has made him realize just how hard Reed works. He also lets the owl loose outside and peace has returned to the office. For now.


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