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Mindy Has To Brave "The Desert" In The Winter Finale Of The Mindy Project

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/22/2014 10:40 am
PopWrapped | Television
Mindy Has To Brave
Media Courtesy of Fox

Caitlin Swift Staff Writer

But let’s not jump to far ahead. When we last left Mindy Cliff had just broke up with her because she was caught at Casey’s party. While wallowing in self-pity (cheap wine and sad songs) she decides she is going home early to win him back. Unfortunately Peter and Morgan have already returned and Peter is less than happy after his Maria Menounos snub. The only thing keeping him afloat is the prospect of a guaranteed booty date later that night. But things just never work out for Peter as planned and he ends up getting locked in the bathroom with Morgan. Back in LA Mindy informs Danny of her plan and he disagrees and tells her that he needs her for moral support when he goes to meet her dad. She shoots down that idea but asks for a ride to the airport and it’s clear in that very moment that she is not going home anytime soon. After a quick nap in the car Mindy realizes that she’s been had. Danny is ready to punch his dad out and tells Mindy to wait in the car, however when he gets to the door a little girl answers (whose name is also Dani). He softens until he sees his father. Danny’s dad goes in for a hug and he accepts it but is very rigid. Mindy forces Danny in for some potato chip pie. Peter and Morgan discover that they can hear Cliff through the vent. Maybe they will be saved! Instead Cliff puts on ‘You Were Meant for Me’ by Jewel and sobs and sings for two hours. Now it’s a bit awkward for the boys to let on that they know about his Jewel induced sobfest. Luckily the cleaning lady stops by and the boys are freed, only to end up in the elevator with the melancholy Cliff. They assume Mindy broke his heart and Morgan suggests an impromptu boys night. Mindy is enjoying her second helping of potato chip pie when Danny cuts her off before her third. It’s fine because she rescheduled her flight and has to leave anyway. She urges Danny to stay one more day to make lil Dani’s soccer game. He’s already on his fourth beer as Mindy departs. She is hesitant but Cliff is her main priority. While she was in the process of leaving him an apologetic voicemail Danny beeps in to inform her he is drunk and lost in the desert. LAX is within reach but Mindy pulls a U-ey and heads out to find Danny. When she does it is less than a warm welcome, which is rude seeing as she is there to save his ass. He feels that she should be saving him instead of running back to some guy that dumped her. Clearly he does not want her and she should just get over it. Harsh words for the person saving you Danny Castellano. Mindy retorts with how when she first met him she though he was handsome and amazed he was single but then she got to know him and he was mean and selfish. Then she digs the dagger in deep, she tells him he’s just like his father. They walk back in silence (well not total silence she has him whistle Rue’s Song so she knows he’s alive). They stumble upon the army base where Danny’s dad has a barber shop and they make Danny call his dad to come get him. It took a lot for him to call and he and his father make some sort of peace. His dad apologizes for not attending his dance recitals when he was a kid (apparently Danny was quite the graceful boy). What his father wants more than anything is Danny to be part of lil Dani’s life. Boys night is underway and Cliff lets it slip he actually broke up with Mindy because she lied about Casey’s party. Peter and Morgan instantly become outraged telling him that Mindy is the best he’ll ever get. Peter even vouches for her saying that NOTHING even happened there. Both men leave Cliff alone and he begins to rethink why he broke up with Mindy in the first place. On the west coast Mindy is seeking council from lil Dani. Although her boyfriend doesn’t look like harry Styles she suggests that she write him a letter. It’s a pretty honest way to say you’re sorry. On the plane ride home she begins to compose her letter and reads her first draft to Danny. He tells her she’s doing it all wrong. Danny ends up ghost writing her whole letter and Mindy is beyond impressed. She hits send and decides to reward Danny with the tonic water he loves so much. As she gets up Danny looks like he wants to click un-send but suppresses it. Back in NYC Cliff receives the e-mail and solidifies his need to get back with Mindy. He calls Morgan to express this and Morgan and Peter once again congratulate themselves on a job well done. While Mindy is searching for the right beverage the plane ride gets a bit turbulent and Danny tenses up. He ends up at the back of the plane and he does it. He goes in for the kill. He and Mindy interlock in the most passionate kiss I have ever witnessed and I am left with all the feels. I still am not sure what to make of it. The show is on winter hiatus and won’t be back until April and I’m not sure that I can make it that long. In the meantime I will be pondering these things: Why it is Mindy and Danny always have these ground breaking moments on a turbulent plane ride? What about Cliff? I mean I prefer Danny but what is going to happen there? Are they going to fight for her hand? Will Morgan ever get with Tamara? See you all in April!


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