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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Mindy Hooks Up With A Sk8er Man Proving She's Not Picky On This Week's The Mindy Project

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/06/2013 9:07 am
PopWrapped | Television
Mindy Hooks Up With A Sk8er Man Proving She's Not Picky On This Week's The Mindy Project

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

Some say they fell in love at first sight, but in Mindy’s case could it be love at first side swipe? On her way to work Mindy is nearly trampled by a 40 year old a skateboard named Graham (Timothy Olyphant). He offers to take her out, but she dismisses him based on his child like ways. Later that night at a dinner party with Danny she learns her friends have given up on setting her up because she is far too picky. They have branded her as the lone single woman at the couples’ table. As always Mindy seeks Danny’s help, who is preoccupied by enthralling hummus talk from his table mate Mary (Vanessa Bayer). Danny agrees and Mindy is left disgruntled. Back at the office we meet Reed’s father. It’s very clear that Jeremy wants nothing more than to gain his father’s (Alan Dale) acceptance and it drives him mad when Peter garners all his father’s attention. Mindy waltzes in and regales the office with her picky problem, which Beverly and Peter prove to be true. Still upset she decides to track down Graham and accept his date offer. She’ll show everyone. Mindy quickly texts Danny to tell him about her date (seriously, isn’t this what ended the last one?) and he is highly sceptical of this suitor. Graham sneaks in through the fire escape and scares the crap out of Mindy. A great start to the date, right? She notices his elbow is banged up and she quickly tends to it. He then proceeds to show her all his scars. Kinky. There is no denying there is sexual chemistry. Reed is out with his father and Peter and it seems like he is the punching bag for the evening. Peter is obviously the son that Jeremy had never been. Feeling unloved and out of place with his girly skinny cocktail Reed takes to the carbs to console himself. Meanwhile Mindy is getting treated to a burrito (which is my idea of a good time, maybe not hers). His immaturity is cute at times but then she is quickly brought back to reality when he starts talking about how he has no need for health insurance. He is your typical hippie/skater bro. She can’t seem to handle his stupidity. While waiting for the train she tries to end the date but is then overwhelmed for affection for him when he jumps onto the train tracks to save her phone (which, might I add, she had flung in frustration over him). With her saved electronic device in hand she kisses him passionately. Maybe they can make this work. Peter is all smiles at work fresh from his casino trip with Mr. Reed. It seems that Jeremy never got the invite and if Peter wasn’t getting to him before, now he really is. Mindy attempts to skate into the office to announce that she is in fact not picky and is dating a pro skateboarder. Danny is sceptical, so Mindy suggests a double date. Mindy suggests he bring Mary (you know the one who just talked about hummus all night?) and he stumbles but eventually agrees. What an interesting night that is going to be. The couples meet over sushi and Mary is just as dull as we remember. To top it all off, she texts her mother every 90 minutes. Then we find out that Graham believes he saw a real pregnant mermaid in Bali. Mary is enthralled with his story telling and it’s clear that things are just not going well for either couple. Reed and Peter are faced with the task of co-teaching a birthing class together and things are not good. Peter is just being his usual self and Reed feels upstaged. This later leads to a meltdown/hissy fit about not being the son his father wanted. Just what expecting fathers want to hear! They eventually have a heart to heart and Peter admits that Reed will always have baller status with him. They hug it out and all is well. Graham suggests that they dine and dash and Danny loses it. He is fed up and pulls Mindy aside, wrong choice as Mary and Graham run off. As much as they don’t want to, to impress their dates Mindy and Danny join in. There is fence jumping involved and that is where Mindy draws the line. She tried to squeeze through and she can’t. Much like she can’t date Graham anymore. While stuck in a fence she breaks up with him. Danny takes Mary home and falls asleep as she is talking and stays asleep while she is kissing him. He makes some excuse and she claims she needs someone with more personality, go figure. Danny heads back to the restaurant to pay and Mindy is there enjoying some dessert. They discuss how they were dating these duds to prove a point. Glad they’re on that same page, but the bigger question is, when will they just start dating already?!


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