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Television PopWrapped | Television

When Mindy Meets Shonda Rhimes On The Mindy Project

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

10/17/2014 11:40 am
PopWrapped | Television
When Mindy Meets Shonda Rhimes On The Mindy Project  | Mindy Project
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Mindy and Danny get pulled over when they're driving home from a wedding. Mindy shows us the way  to get out of a ticket is by lying and crying ( I do not recommend this in real life), but Danny and Mindy decide to cross "sex in the car" of their bucket list. Luckily they finish before the cop who pulled them over comes back. The next day, Jeremy texts Mindy, Danny, and Peter wondering why they aren't in the meeting with the department chair. Dr. Jean Fishman, portrayed by Niecy Nash, is making it her duty to take down the practice. Mindy does not get off to good start with the new doc. One because she was late to the meeting and second her ringtone went off, but because she couldn't find it they were all forced to listen all the way through. Mindy decides that she is going to befriend the new doctor. She brings Dr. Fishman an apology cactus, which doesn't work. Mindy invites her out for a girls' day that will be taken care of by her, so Dr. Fishman doesn't have to worry about anything.  The two ladies have a wonderful time and when Mindy walks Dr. Fishman back to her place the doc takes an innocent gesture as flirting and kisses Mindy!!!! Jeremy tells Mindy that her plan worked because they are all off the graveyard shift.  She tells the practice that Jean kissed her and her coworkers reassure her that just because she kissed Jean it doesn't mean she's gay.  When Mindy tells them that she didn't tell Jean she was straight Jeremy says that she has to keep pretending to be a lesbian for the group. Jean calls Mindy (her ringtone for the doctor is "I Touch Myself" by Divinyls let that sink in) and invites her out for dinner which she accepts and even suggests they "curl up by the fire." Danny convinces Mindy to tell Jean the truth and when she does tell her that she's not gay she accidentally ends up revealing the kiss to Jean's very angry wife.  Mindy does not help the situation when she tells Deborah that Jean did not mention her once during their date.  Mindy calls Jean to apologize and to act as if she and Jean's situation is the same Mindy lies and says Danny is suicidal. They all end up at Danny's apartment, where Danny continues the lie of him being upset about the kiss and tosses wine in Mindy's face and says that he can't have babies. Jean and Deborah reconcile and persuade Danny to "forgive" Mindy, but only if she wakes him up every morning with know. Wink wink. Peter is in the need for a partner for his Darmouth Alumni Beer Pong Tournament. Mindy offers to be his partner, but Peter tells her that there are no girls allowed. Last year's champ Shonda Rhimes doesn't count because she's successful.  Jeremy turns out to be the Michael Jordan of beer pong and asks Peter if he could be his partner for the beer pong tourney. Shonda Rhimes makes her acting debut as the reigning Darmouth alumni beer pong champion. Peter makes the final cup and beats her. Shonda asks Peter, or Lefty, about Lauren and everyone teases him about getting dumped.  After Peter leaves the room she tells Jeremy that she wrote a tv pilot about him, but the network said it was too sad.  Jeremy consoles Peter, who reveals that the reason why everyone calls him Lefty because all of his girlfriends leave him for one of his friends.  Jeremy and Peter find a common ground and go back out and dominate the beer pong tournament. After winning the tournament, Peter is allowed to give himself a new nickname. So he is no longer Lefty, but is now Diarrhea.

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