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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Mindy Needs Her Caramel Princess Time On This Week's 'The Mindy Project'

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

11/05/2014 6:16 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Mindy Needs Her Caramel Princess Time On This Week's 'The Mindy Project' | mindy project
Media Courtesy of EW TV Recaps
After a brief hiatus, to accommodate the World Series, The Mindy Project is back and us non-baseball fans couldn't be happier.  This week Mindy has a problem with being on time and Danny is tired of it. It is when Mindy is late for a showing of The Godfather II that he decides that he will teach her a lesson on the art of being punctual. Dr. Fishman goes to talk to Danny and tells him about a new mental health seminar and suggests he goes because she still believes that Danny is suicidal.  He doesn't think he needs to go and instead goes through with his plan and ditches Mindy at an Italian-American comedy night when she is 10 minutes late. When Mindy is late for work, for the second time, he tries to get answer from her. He follows her to the break room and Tamra says that Mindy has to be late because of C.P.T. or also known as Caramel Princess Time, but Danny doesn't buy it While Danny is sleeping, Mindy decides to set his watch back by an hour to try and make him late for work. He, however, makes it and gloats about his punctuality. He is in the middle of his moonwalk and bumps into Dr. Fishman. They talk in his office and she informs him that he is suspended until he completes the course, which is taught by the one and only Brendan Deslaurier. Meanwhile, Mindy is responsible for taking Danny's mother, Annette, and her friend Dot on their Saturday errands. Mindy is  getting a taste of her own tardy-for-the-party medicine trying to get Annette to hurry up so they could make their hair appointment. She also has to get them to the doctor's office for a mammogram, which is a struggle in itself because after blackmailing the doctor to still take the appointment, Annette decides she doesn't want it anymore because it's too late. After some tough love and some tears Mindy gets them through the day and back home. Brendan is able to have a breakthrough with Danny and discovers that the reason why he hates Mindy's lateness is because his father once never showed up to a showing of Ghostbusters. The movie ended up being sold-out and Danny ended up buying a ticket for Amadeus. Danny finds Mindy on his mother's porch and they both apologize to each other for being late and for overreacting. In the love department, Tamra sets Peter up with her friend, Abby. Tamra describes her as basically being her "twin." When he arrives at the restaurant he surprised to find someone who is the complete opposite of Tamra. Abby tries to have a nice date, but Peter is being a complete douche and ditches her with an excuse that he steals from the Look Who's Talking plot, which she totally calls him out on. Tamra confronts him the next day at work and reminds him that he is no GQ model and talks him into apologizing to Abby at her book signing. He goes and, while he waits in line, he begins to read her book and realizes that she is pretty awesome. However, she is not trying to hear anything he says. Peter writes his own romance novel called  A Titanic Mistake: A Sunken Romance and reads it to her in the middle of her writing group. His book was good enough for her because she gave him a second chance. Lets hope he's more of gentleman this time.

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