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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Mindy Project: 04x01, While I Was Sleeping

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

09/15/2015 9:20 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Mindy Project: 04x01, While I Was Sleeping | The Mindy Project
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“Previously on The Mindy Project”

Those are sweet words to our ears as The Mindy Project is back.

Mindy Lahiri, show us what you’ve got.

Now let’s get to recapping, and that ending.

So, when we last left Mindy and Crew, Mindy was left home alone in New York—without the urge to set Macauley Culkin traps—while Morgan had informed her that Danny had missed Peter’s wedding. The wonderful Mr. Castellano had travelled halfway across the world to India to meet Mindy’s parents and exclaim “My name is Danny Castellano and I’m in love with your daughter.”

And our hearts were all a flutter.


“But I don’t believe in marriage.”

Come on, dude! You’re killing me here.

Luckily enough, Danny gets a do-over, as he was actually talking to the door man, and Mr. Lahiri himself answers the door and invites the doctor in to stay.

Danny gets a brief introduction to Mindy’s parents before they ask him a very special question: will he help choose their daughter’s future husband.

Well, will you Danny?

Back to New York, where Ms. Lahiri is getting a do-over of her own.

She goes to sleep, wishing she had never ended up with Danny Castellano and ends up waking up next to Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Hey, there are worse ways to live.

So while I was busy swooning, Mindy was getting to know her alternate reality husband Matt. By her own admission, it was like 13 going on 30, but she stayed her actual age—26.


So, in the alternate reality, Matt approached Mindy as she was searching for Danny’s tonic water on that fateful airplane trip, and introduced himself as the producer of the Real Housewives franchise. Mindy is obviously in love at first sight.

And then they have sex in the airplane bathroom.

Honestly, the most romantic story ever right? At least in Mindy’s eyes.

Everything seems perfect, until it all starts crumbling around her.

Now, let’s have an update from India, where Morgan joins the foray. Danny asks how he found him, and he informs him that Cousin Lou was a detective. In a porno, but it still counts. He thinks Danny has come to ask Mindy’s parents for her hand in marriage, but he informs him it’s the exact opposite.

After the Lahiri’s inform Danny that they had an arranged marriage and had the happiest years of their lives together, Danny informs them that he doesn’t think any of the suitors are suitable for Mindy but says no more. During dinner, Morgan organises a little surprise—he has found Mindy the perfect man for an arranged marriage.

Oh hi, Raj!

And he honestly does seem like the perfect man: a dancer, a hedge-fund owner and a sweetheart. Her parents love him, and Danny informs him that he’s not right for Mindy. They ask why and he tells them—finally—that he is the father of her baby and that he is in love with her.

The Lahiris understand, and after seemingly perfect suitor is rude about Mindy being in her 30s and having a baby, he is out of the picture. Mindy’s parents tell Danny that he can be with their daughter and they can call it what they want. Danny thanks them.

Back in New York, Mindy is relishing her seemingly perfect life. Apparently she and Danny have not spoken in two years, and he thinks she is a bad person. She finds out she has been having an affair with Dr. Deslaurier. She decides to prove Danny wrong, and tells her husband Matt that she slept with someone else.

He informs her that they have an open marriage since she wanted a three-way with Michael Fassbender, and they just kept it up. They were even going to have group sex that night. She freaks out and finds Danny.

Danny is on a date with Freida Pinto, and Mindy cannot even deal.

Best sight joke of the episode is Mindy sitting on Freida and her screaming “she’s breaking me”, to which Mindy replies “Well, maybe if you ate more.”

Mindy tells the entire restaurant that Danny is the father of her child and they run out into the rain in a screaming match. She asks why he didn’t kiss her on the plane, and that they were meant to be together. He said he wouldn’t be with her, she would only cheat on him and use him, and she says she would never do that and kisses him. And he kisses her...and runs into the rain to get away from her. Mindy chases after him and gets hit by a bus.

Now that is a cruel wake up call.

Mindy jolts up in bed, into the arms of Dr. Danny Castellano who informs her it was just a dream. She slaps him for disappearing, and tells him that she doesn’t care what they are as long as they are together.

Danny tells her he met her parents—Mindy apologises for her mom’s singing—and says that he told them he loves her but that he doesn’t believe in marriage.

He turns to Mindy and says “If two strangers can meet on their wedding day and still be in love 40 years later, maybe I’m wrong.”

And then he pulls out a ring.

Danny proposed, Mindy says yes and I’m actually engulfed in a waterfall of wonderful tears.

Thank you so much, Hulu. Thank you for bringing this show back in to our lives.

And thank you to the cast, crew and creator of the show for just bringing joy week to week.

Now excuse me, I’m dissolving in a sea of emotions.

So Mindy Project fans, how did you find the first episode on Hulu? And are you excited about the extended season? Let us know!


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