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The Mindy Project: 04x07, Mindy and Nanny

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

10/29/2015 5:09 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Mindy Project: 04x07, Mindy and Nanny | Nanny
Media Courtesy of TVLine

It turns out a spoonful of sugar doesn't always make the medicine go down, but it can help in this week's The Mindy Project. 

Let's recap:

Mindy and Annette are getting intimately acquainted, as Leo’s grandma is on hand to babysit while Mindy is off to work. Mindy think it’s a bit too intimate, especially after Annette walks in on her in the shower, so she looks for a replacement nanny for Leo.

Mindy holds interviews in her office, and after five terrible candidates — including one Amber Alert and an incredibly expensive Mary Poppins — Mindy finds her dream nanny in Clara, a young woman who only uses organic products and constantly bakes.

Mindy breaks the news to Annette and gets her and Dot a cruise to Bermuda.

Annette, in return, sues Mindy for slave labour.

We meet Don Castellano, esq. (wink), Annette’s lawyer, who says Mindy had Annette work for close to 100 hours without pay. Mindy retorts that she’s Leo’s grandmother, so, of course, she’s not paying her and asks for the bill.

Things come to a head when Danny texts Mindy asking why there is a picture of Leo online in a “No Vaccine Zone” onesie. Mindy races home and fires Clara. She, then, realises she has no one to watch Leo, so she sneaks him into work in a printer box.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the office, where Jeremy is holding his big gauze seminar, which is interrupted by his girlfriend, Whitney. Jody makes it his business to inform Jeremy that his girlfriend is bad news after Tamara informs him she saw her snorting coke in the bathroom. Jeremy is upset, plays a banjo, and goes to confront her. They work things out, much to Jody’s chagrin, so he decides to visit Whitney himself.

And then sleeps with her.

Bad move, bro.

So , while Mindy is struggling to look after Leo at work after firing her Nanny, Jody uses Leo as a human baby shield as he informs Jeremy he slept with Whitney. After the baby is safe out of harm, Jeremy gets a great right hook in. Right on, Jer. The two hug it out, and Jody makes it his mission to find Jeremy a suitable girl (who he'll try not to sleep with).

Back to Mindy, who realises, on arriving home to food made by Annette, that Leo needs his grandmother in his life and takes the ferry to Staten Island to ask Annette to come back.

Annette agrees and even admits she loves Mindy like she’s family (under coercion, of course) and that’s it for this week.

What did you think of this week’s Mindy Project, folks?


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