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The Mindy Project: 04x08, Later Baby

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

11/07/2015 5:35 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Mindy Project: 04x08, Later Baby | Later Baby
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On this week’s The Mindy Project, we celebrate the glorious return of Dr. Peter Prentice.

Let’s recap:

So Mindy’s struggling to keep things afloat with Danny gone and Annette seemingly AWOL, but she has to keep up appearances for Danny by text, since he’s going through a tough time.

Therefore, Sunglass happy face emoji is at the ready.

Just when Mindy thinks she can handle it, our favourite lothario Peter Prentice turns up to visit and stay on her couch. And now Mindy has two babies to take care of.

I must say, I have missed Peter. You’re good, bro.

On top of that, Mindy has a meeting with her accountant, and her fertility business is in big trouble. Think negative numbers. The accountant explains that she needs more clients, and advises her he’s actually there because she owes him money. In true Mindy form, this is not taken well.

So Jody pipes in and says he wants to be a 50% partner in the business and has organised a talk at NYU for college-aged girls about Later Baby: a freeze your eggs initiative.

Mindy declines his offer, but does keep the idea for the seminar and goes behind Jody’s back. He finds out and is not too happy, but the wheels are in motion.

Of course, Mindy, being overstressed and tired, sleeps in, since Peter didn’t wake her, and is late for the talk.

However, Jody was on hand to take over and be charming and charismatic; all that charm gets him in hot water, though, since he slept with three co-eds in the audience.


Anyway, Mindy pulls him off stage and he cries, saying he is in love with his brother’s wife, while Morgan distracts the audience with a perfectly-performed back flip.

But no one will ever believe him.

Mindy explains to the girls that they can choose to find the right person, at the right time, and start a family and not be burdened with someone who won’t care.

She then asks Jody to be her OB-GYN and business partner after she realises he might secretly be nice.

They’re also cutting in Morgan for 10%.

Let’s see how that goes.

In other office news, Collete and Tamara are having a fight because Collete keeps pranking Tamara. She even dyes her dreads green with paint. Peter brings them to dinner with him and Jeremy, much to Jeremy’s chagrin. Jeremy tells Peter he’s a bad friend and treated him horribly when he visited him in Austin. Peter explains that his in-laws were staying, so he had nowhere to stay, can’t talk about football in the house, and envies Jeremy for his free-living and lovin’ lifestyle.

And then he crashes at Jeremy’s house.

Did I mention I missed Peter?

Thoughts on this week’s episode, Mindy fans?


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