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The Mindy Project: 04x10, The Departed

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

11/19/2015 7:35 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Mindy Project: 04x10, The Departed | The Departed
Media Courtesy of Vulture

Another Danny-less week leaves Mindy grieving, which ends up causing trouble at a bereavement support group.

Only on The Mindy Project.

Let’s recap "The Departed", shall we?

Mindy is learning to adjust to life without Danny in the house. She even, impressively and terrifyingly, is able to shave her legs while cooking pancakes for breakfast.

Yes, you read that right.

So when she asks Danny when he’ll be home, and he says he hopes by Christmas, of course Mindy is heartbroken and brings her loneliness for her fiancée to work.

Peter is back and as sassy as ever, as he informs Jeremy his meeting on swabs sucks and Mindy that she needs to go out on the town with him. She says she’s busy watching Dora the Explorer with Leo and putting her apartment up for sale.

She tries to leave a flier for her apartment at a fancy club and is turned away at the door, Pretty Woman-style, but a silver-haired stranger does her a solid and hangs it up for her. She has informed him she’s selling her place because her fiancée is no longer with her and is with his dad now.

The man, therefore, thinks Danny is dead.

Trust me, it gets worse.

At Mindy’s open house, we once again meet silver-haired James and his friend who wants to buy a new place because her old one reminds her of her late husband -- particularly because he is buried within its walls. Peter discovers that the pair think Mindy’s fiancée is dead, and Mindy is about to confess until the lovely woman offers to up her offer to 10% above asking price.


Peter tells Mindy she needs to go to their bereavement group, where she is set to receive the deposit cheque, and tell the truth. He offers to join her to ensure she’ll do it. Peter knows Mindy well.

They arrive at the group, and, after they learn that James is a CEO for the Nike, Peter is changing his tune and telling them all about his “deceased wife” and how she died in a motorcycle stunt accident on the set of The Intern.

When Mindy is asked if she misses Danny, sadness falls across her face, and sincerity seeps into her words.

She does. She thinks about him all the time.

She and Peter attend a party after the group meeting, and, while Peter is being taught to play basketball with NBA players, Mindy wanders around James’ house, missing Danny. James joins her and seems to misread the signals because he kisses her.

Hold the phone there, James.

Mindy backs away and tells him Danny’s not dead; she just agreed to sell the apartment, but she misses him terribly.

She is ousted from the party and abandoned by Peter so takes a trip back to the apartment.

Peter and Lauren join her, as Lauren as discovered Peter has declared her dead on Facebook, and she and Peter inform Mindy that they don’t think she and Danny have a good relationship.

Mindy asks Peter why he never told her he felt that way and says that she thinks he is wrong. Peter asks Mindy why she’s selling her great apartment and why Danny isn’t there.

Mindy texts Danny and tells him they need to talk. He says it’s not a good time, and she replies that it can’t wait. 

She calls him, and his phone is ringing outside the door with "Fat-Bottomed Girls" (set as his ringtone because he missed her).

Meanwhile, on the other side of the office, Tamra can’t meet the medical waste collector because she has plans. Musical plans.

Collette discovers that Tamra has a gig that night, so they visit the club where she’s performing, only to find out that she sings love and heartbreak songs about Morgan. 

Morgan crashes the stage to say she doesn’t need to feel heartbroken, and Tamra tells him it’s an act to be more relatable. Like Taylor Swift.

Morgan is heartbroken, and Collette tells Tamra that Morgan’s a good guy and she shouldn’t use him to make herself seem relatable.

Back at the office, Jeremy is waiting for Collette, Morgan and Tamara, as they abandoned the office to see the concert, and all the computers were stolen. Tamra takes full responsibility, and Collette tells her it’s a very nice thing to do for Morgan if she doesn’t have feelings for him.


Anyway, will next week see the return of Danny, Mindy fans?

Let us know your theories about who is behind mystery door number one.


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