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The Mindy Project: 04x11, The Castellanos And The Lahiris

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

11/29/2015 8:00 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Mindy Project: 04x11, The Castellanos And The Lahiris | Mindy
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Danny’s back, everybody, but it might not be the happy ending that we expected.

Let’s find out what happened this week on The Mindy Project, shall we?

So Danny brings Mindy a present, and she opens a box to what she thinks is a cockroach and screams. She finds out it’s a date and screams even louder. Mindy is a woman after my own heart.

It turns out Danny wants to set a date for their wedding and Mindy is delighted. She’s also mentally spent his savings on her dream wedding.

At the Castellanos, Mindy asks Richie to be her bridesmaid, and Danny asks Rishi to be a groomsman. Both are mildly offended; Richie wants to be maid of honour and Rishi wants to be a DJ. They’ll work something out.

Annette has printed out Mindy’s wedding invites and wants to take her dress shopping. Mindy isn’t too keen on any of the dresses she chooses, but when Annette tells her she was given no input at Danny’s first wedding, Mindy gives in.

And then the Lahiris arrive.

Mindy’s fantastic parents steal the scenes once more, and promise their daughter they will host an engagement party for the pair. Sonna has planned everything so Mindy doesn’t need to worry.

However, there is underlying tension throughout the entire episode, as Mindy wants to be a working mom, and Danny wants her to stay at home.

I really felt for Mindy this week, because she’s made so many sacrifices for Danny and is getting nothing in return. She loves him, that’s obvious, but there’s an obvious strain and maybe Peter’s words are ringing in her ear—do they have a bad relationship.

At the engagement party, things to come a head, when Jody asks Mindy to accompany him to Georgia to give a lecture on “Later, Baby” at his alma-mater. Danny walks in on Jody packing Mindy’s bag, and she explains that she loves being a working mother and following her dreams. Danny asks why she would abandon her family, while Annette and Sonna get in a screaming match over Mindy’s apparent Boston wedding.

Mindy goes to Annette’s house to apologise, and tells her that there won’t be a Boston wedding. Annette tells Mindy to follow her dreams and her job, because she never got to follow hers and she’s happy to see her shine.

It’s really very sweet.

Mindy goes to Georgia and gives the lecture, and Danny follows her. He talked to her dad, who says if he stops Mindy from following her dreams, she’’ll resent him forever.

Danny tells Mindy that she was fantastic.


He says he thinks it’ll be a great hobby for her, at the  weekends, when she’s not looking after Leo.


Now, Mindy has to decide what she wants, and how to make herself happy, as well as those around her.

Next week's episode is going to be interesting, folks.


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