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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Mindy Project: 04x12, The Parent Trap

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

12/04/2015 4:58 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Mindy Project: 04x12, The Parent Trap | the parent trap
Media Courtesy of Vulture

Okay, Danny Castellano, we need to talk.

But first, let’s recap this week’s episode of The Mindy Project:

Mindy tells us there is three kinds of sex in a serious relations ship: the kinds where you take care of each other’s needs, the kind where you can’t keep your hands off each other and - one she is new to discover - the procreation kind.

So when Danny starts praying that she falls pregnant, it’s time to talk.

Her fertility practice is just taking off, they just had Leo, and she doesn’t think it’s a good time. She says she is not trying to have a baby... and Danny agrees that they're not trying to try to have a baby.

Semantics people, they’re important.

So Mindy’s fertility practice has its first successful client, and Mindy is eagerly awaiting the moment they can put the baby on their wall of fame... which Morgan then decided needed to be the biggest wall in the office.

Danny and Mindy meet up to swap jackets, as they keep accidentally wearing each others, and he asks if he can bring her on a real date. She agrees and they go out for dinner and have a romantic carriage ride around the park. Then, things get... heated.

Anyway, the next day, Mindy sneaks into Danny’s office after their romantic perfect night to schedule a time for them to sample wedding cakes. What she minds is that Danny has tracked her ovulation cycle.

I’m sorry, but that’s so creepy.

So Mindy runs to Jody’s office, and has him prescribe her birth control. Danny arrives to ask her to go see When Harry Met Sally, one of Mindy’s favourite movies, for another date night. She agrees, and goes to check on her patient who had a labour false alarm.

Everything is going swimmingly and Mindy is proud that her first fertility patient is doing so well. Any time she brings it up to Danny he changes the subject.

Ugh, Danny, stop!

So, Morgan pays him a visit and tells him he needs to be more supportive of Dr. L (Preach!) and Danny says that they’re trying to make a family, and Morgan counters that she’s trying to make a business, which she brought from the ground up while he was away, and it’s succeeding.

Danny seems a little bit taken aback by the confrontation with Morgan, but is more upset when he finds Mindy’s birth control in her jacket pocket as they accidentally switched lab coats again.

He confronts her, loudly, in the cinema and they are told to keep it down. She retorts that she wouldn’t need birth control if he wasn’t trying to trick her into having a baby.

They leave, to the applause of the audience, and hash it out at home.

Mindy tells Danny that she wants a career. They have Leo, and she thought she wanted a bigger family before, but people change. Danny says she’s selfish.

And this is where I see red.

But Mindy holds her own, and she says he is not allowed to define what makes him selfless and her selfish. Everything she does makes her a bad person in her eyes and him selfless. He says it's because he makes better decisions that she does. They are about to duke it out, when Mindy leaves, as her patient went into labour. Danny tells her to let someone else handle it, and she says no. It’s her patient.

The baby is born healthy and happy, and the Lahiri Fertility clinic has it’s first picture for the Wall O’ Fame, with many more to come.

When Mindy arrives back, Danny asks how it went, and she is glowing with pride and says really well. He cuts her off and says they should push back the wedding and goes to bed.

Mindy then receives a text from her patient and the new baby in a #Lahirisbabymiracles onesie.

And she knows she made the right call.

But Danny, c'mon, You tried to trick your fiancee into getting pregnant, because you decided you wanted a bigger family and won't take her opinion into consideration? And you think she's the selfish one?

Seriously, grow up Danny. You need to talk about this and you need to let Mindy make her own decisions. Otherwise, and we have seen this, you’re just being selfish asshat.

Okay, rant at a fictional character over.

The Mindy Project fans, thoughts? Comments? Rants? Let Danny have it, he clearly deserves it.


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