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The Mindy Project: 04x14, Will They Or Won't They

Rene Bohn | PopWrapped Author

Rene Bohn

04/16/2016 5:24 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Mindy Project: 04x14, Will They Or Won't They | Will They
Media Courtesy of Hulu

It has been a loooong four month hiatus from our favorite working girl, and The Mindy Project has finally come back to us in full swing. I'm choosing skip over the adorable, but somewhat unsatisfying, last episode that showed us when Danny and Mindy first met and get back to the real issue from the episode before that: are these two crazy kids going to get married or what?

Making up for lost time, we are treated to a four minute montage explaining what exactly has gone down with our tumultuous couple. We find out that Mindy has moved back into her apartment. With the help of Peter (yay!) and Morgan she sells lot of her favorite clothes to make way for her closet to be converted into a nursery. The Lahiri Fertility Clinic is doing gangbusters, and she and Danny are going to therapy--a lot. They finally make the decision to officially end their relationship. Sniff.  Cue the scene of Annette and Dot cutting all photos of Danny and Mindy in half. It is a disappointing conclusion, but probably for the best.

But by far the most disturbing thing that came out of the entire montage was the revelation that Danny has left Shulman and Associates. My mouth literally dropped open. What does this mean? Are we losing Danny for good? Should we expecting another story line where Mindy and Jeremy are forced to hire someone new?  Stay tuned...

Bringing the story back into the now, Mindy and Jody are hard at work putting together a special Later, Baby! Spring Break trip for several young women to visit New York to tour and then freeze their eggs. Mindy's put together some sweet activities: visit the Museum of Poverty, tour female statues around the city, and then off to an autograph signing with the green M&M. That New York is a wild and crazy town. As the cherry on top, Jeremy appears with tickets to Hamilton. Now I, personally, would be jumping for joy, but not young egg donor, Chloe (pronounced "Shlow" by Mindy and Morgan). She's already bored and looking for Jody, ahem, Dr. Jody Kimball-Kinney, to show her a good time. Sigh.

In the meantime, Mindy finds herself being drawn to Danny like a moth to a flame. Using any excuse she can find to see him, she begins visiting his apartment nightly to, um, read. The whole situation signals to Mindy that she and Danny are getting closer while it signals to Danny that he can get some whenever he wants it. I kind of hate him right now.

Back at the fertility clinic things are getting out of hand. The girls have disappeared into the wilds of New York and are running around town cutting dogs loose from their leashes(!). Seth Meyers in particular is in mourning for the loss of his beloved Frisbee. This sounds like a job for Morgan. The girls are wrangled for a lock-in which immediately goes to hell.  Chloe disappears straight into Jody's office, where we find out (unsurprisingly) that the two had an affair.

Mindy finds herself back at Danny's to get together to "read" Where the Wild Things Are and immediately falls right back into bed with him. She tries to start an adult conversation but she's easily distracted. Using Danny's toothbrush to clean her teeth, she discovers a tube of women's lipstick in bathroom mirror. She's pissed, and rightfully so. Danny is definitely stepping out on Mindy. She confronts Danny and let's him know that she thought they were getting closer. Danny tells her that he wanted them to be together but she was the one who chose to pick her career over him and Leo. It's the same old argument with the same old result. Mindy hits the road.

After confronting Jody in his office, Chloe disappears into the night. Mindy knows just where to find her--the club where Lil' Wayne woke up from his coma. After visiting all six places where that happened (and getting called a loser by Calvin Harris), Mindy finally tracks her hanging down on a corner with some sketchy dudes. Mindy sits her down and tells her she needs to get over Jody and make a clean break. Mindy finally realizes that she needs to follow her own advice and stay away from Danny as much as she possibly can. It's time to start down a new path.

The episode ends with all of the girls successfully saving their eggs (and at least two girls falling in love), Mindy on her own, and Morgan finally having his moment as hero. It turns out that he finds Frisbee Meyers and gets his reward by being on Late Night with Seth Meyers and...looking like an utter fool. God, I love you Morgan.

So, all in all, this new episode of The Mindy Project crammed a lot of information into a little amount of time. I hope we get to see more ensemble work with the crew from Shulman and, of course, more shenanigans from the adorably flawed Morgan. I don't know what to think about Danny other than I really don't like him right now, and I'm ready to see what waits for Mindy down the road.

Favorite episode quotations:

Mindy- "We share a son.  And if he spends all of his time with Danny he's going to turn on me. The other day he knocked a Dorito out of my hand and said, 'Mama, no.' It was chilling."

Morgan (crossing his fingers)- "And I have set up a tour of the quarry for the girls and if we're lucky we might see the scuba team discover a body."

Mindy- "He plied me with lasagna. He wove me these amazing tales of a bear that lost a button, a hat guy and a monkey. One thing led to another and..."

Mindy- "I saw dozens of those gray ribbons on the subway. I thought it was to prevent old people from driving."

Jody- "The best part is they got to spend a whole week with a strong role model." Mindy- "Yeah, Beverly has survived a lot of diseases." Jody- "No, Mindy. You're the role model."

There you have it. Let me know if you are just excited to have our beloved The Mindy Project back, and if you think the break up will be good for her and Danny. I await your responses below!

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