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The Mindy Project: 04x15, 2 Fast 2 Furious

Rene Bohn | PopWrapped Author

Rene Bohn

04/22/2016 8:42 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Mindy Project: 04x15, 2 Fast 2 Furious | The Mindy Project
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Last week's episode of The Mindy Project left us with the break-up of Mindy and Danny. It was kind of easy to get through it without feeling too heartbroken, Danny was being such a jerk after all, but after a week it's starting to sink in that they probably won't ever get together again. I'm in mourning, but I understand. My only request to Mindy writers is to not let Mindy and Jody Kimball-Kinney become a thing. I just have a feeling that the show is leading up to that. No more Mindy and co-workers. Please!

Now that I have that off of my chest, let's see what's up in the life of our newly single friend. Apparently she has jumped straight into the dating game again and has found herself a hot guy who loves sports. She keeps trying to get his attention while having lunch in a bar, but it's like the biggest sports days ever. Mindy decides to leave, which makes new guy feel bad; before we know it they're bonding over MMA and chicken wings.

"New guy" (we don't know his name yet) escorts Mindy home and resists going into her apartment. She apologizes for choking on a chicken wing, and he's totally cool with it because he got to "cop a feel" on the first date. He's seems really into her and we know that another date is probably coming. Mindy goes into her apartment only to instantly realize that she's a single mother, and she forgot to tell "new guy." Oops...

Side note: Morgan as babysitter? Love it.

The second plot of this week's episode of The Mindy Project centers around Colette, Morgan, and Jody. Colette and Morgan have decided to move in together and know that it's going to be difficult to get Jody on board with the change. Jeremy finally has a few funny lines to share with everyone, and I feel like his character might be joining the land of the living again.

Mindy asks her co-workers for help her figure out how to tell the new boyfriend that she's a single mom with various answers coming from all sides. So far the only one who is really rooting for Mindy and "new guy" is Tamra. Jody thinks the relationship is moving too fast. Of course he does. No, The Mindy Project writers; don't do it! Mindy has a talk with "new guy" and it turns out he likes kids. Okay, what is going to be the deal breaker here? We know there's one coming.

Colette finally gets the nerve to tell Jody she's moving out, and he handles it just about as well as is to be expected: he immediately calls Morgan into his office and fires him. Poor, poor Morgan. He immediately sets up camp in Dr. L's office.

Mindy is invited to a wedding by "new guy" and is promptly face to face with his mom. We finally get to find out that his last name is Greene, but that's about it--not. We also find out that it is the third date for them, and that they are actually at his brother's wedding. He's even the best man!  Greene leaves Mindy in the front row, sitting on his mother's lap! Only on The Mindy Project. Later, at the reception, Mindy is at the family table, expected to give a speech, and is horrified to find out that a picture of her and Greene are already in the slide show revolving around the newly married couple and their families. Mindy doesn't know what the hell is going on. Neither do I, but Greene is looking creepier and creepier by the minute (although he does look pretty good in a tux). Oh yeah, and we (and Mindy) find out that is name is Bryant. With a T. Mindy doesn't know how she missed that important consonant.

The next day, back at the office, Mindy comes in to find a very disheveled Morgan sprawled on the ground. It reminds me of when Mindy walked in on Danny after breaking up with "Eye-Patch" back in the day. Sniff. Morgan tries to tell Mindy who fired him by giving letter clues--starts with a J and ends with a Y--and she immediately runs to confront Jeremy. Of course, Jody's the culprit and Mindy turns to have a talk with him instead.

All this drama and we're only ten minutes in! Mindy talks Jody off the ledge and gets him to agree to visit the apartment that Morgan and Colette are going to rent. He's not looking forward to it, but he'll do anything for his sister. In the meantime, Mindy tells Tamra about the wedding, and Tamra decides that the guy is weird and she's not longer going to support their relationship. She goes straight to the internet to look up Bryan(t) Greene and finds out that he was engaged to a very beautiful and successful woman only two months ago. The girls decide they  need answers and decide to meet the ex-girlfriend.

Posing as entrepreneurs looking to make a deal concerning nude underwear to women of color, they make their way to the ex-fiance's office to ask personal (ahem, go through their professional vetting process) questions about Bryan(t). Mindy realizes she's being used and utters her first cuss word that I can remember: Shit! I don't really understand why I'm so proud of that, but I am. Tamra is very confident and radiant during this entire portion of the episode and I am beginning to like her very, very much.

Morgan and Colette decide to have a housewarming party and everything seems to be going great. However, Colette has hired an eighth grade jazz band that only seems to know how to play the theme to The Pink Panther, which is driving Morgan crazy. Mindy shows up only to find out that Bryan(t) has been there since four o'clock when Morgan and Colette were still in their bathrobe. Not bathrobes. I re-watched this part several times, and it was definitely bathrobe. Those crazy kids. Mindy pulls Bryan(t) into the back room where about a dozen dogs are watching Beethoven's 2nd (starring Charles Grodin). She admits that she met his ex-fiance, and that she knows he's just using her. Another relationship strike out for our fearless heroine. It's probably for the best.

Bryan(t) exits the room and accidentally releases all of the dogs into the party. What could have been a complete disaster turns into a moment that perfectly sums up the fun we are in for with Colette and Morgan living together. I approve this story line wholeheartedly and hope that we get a lot of time with these two besties. Jody shows up to the party and Colette is thrilled... Until she finds out that Jody has rented/purchased a place up above them. Colette is furious and basically tells Jody to shove it. You go girl!

Mindy walks with Jody to his apartment (What, Jerry Seinfeld lives up there?) and tries to show him the positives of not having his sister living there. For one, he can be as loud as he wants when he's sexing it up with some random girl. She highlights this fact with an impromptu sexual simulation with a post box. Jody wants to laugh so much. Oh no, I can feel that it's coming. No. No. No. Mindy is shocked by the size of the building and implies that she wouldn't mind sleeping there. Jody freezes and then asks her to sleep over. In one of the eight guest bedrooms. Nooooooooooooo!

Yep, that's sexual tension everyone. Crap.

And that's where we're left hanging. Colette and Morgan are the new super couple of The Mindy Project, Jeremy is finally showing signs of life, and, apparently, we are going to have to make our way through a Jody/Mindy thing. I've been very clear about my feelings on that potential "relationship," but I'm sure it will be entertaining and hilarious no matter what happens.

Favorite quotes this episode:

Mindy: "I actually kinda like MMA. I think it's kind of cute when those guys 69 each other."

Mindy: "Forget Jody. Where do you want to live?" Colette: "With Morgan. With all my heart. He's my friend, and we wear the same Croc size."

Mindy: "Look, Jody. You and I both know this place probably sucks." Morgan: "What? No, I can hear you! It's good, I'm telling you. It has wall to wall floor."

Tamra: "Okay, so right now the industry standard for nude colored underwear is somewhere between Kate and Rooney Mara. It's like every morning when I wake up my underwear drawer is telling me I'm not important."

Colette: "I'm fine! You're the one with the problem, you know that? We shouldn't be living together at our age. You know that Grey Gardens runs in our family!"

Jody: "Yes, you dress like the Hamburgler. Yes, you eat burgers like the Hamburgler. But I'm not worried about you, Mindy Lahiri. You're going to be just fine."

On a final note, Mindy's outfits were outstanding this week. It's always fun to see what she's going to be wearing from week to week and I thought that she was just stunning (particularly in the dress she wore to the wedding). Let me know what you think about the new episodes so far down in the comments below! See you next week.


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