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The Mindy Project: 04x22, Princeton Charming

Rene Bohn | PopWrapped Author

Rene Bohn

06/13/2016 3:07 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Mindy Project: 04x22, Princeton Charming | Princeton Charming
Media Courtesy of Hulu

Two steps forward, Mindy, and then two steps back. I'm starting to get exhausted waiting for some significant action in the will they or won't they phase of the Mindy and Jody saga. While last week's Peter-fest was a nice (and much welcome) detour from the path we've slowly been heading, this week's episode, "Princeton Charming" felt more like a filler episode than some of the others we've seen in the past few weeks.

That's not to say that this episode wasn't entertaining (in fact, I laughed quite a bit), but the plot we've been following has already been pretty slim and this 22+ minute episode did nothing to further it along. It was refreshing to see Mindy at work again and going toe to toe with Morgan, but that's about all it had going for it this time.

We start with Mindy returning from her Texas vacation to Shulman and Associates where she hands out gifts that were obviously purchased (for Mindy) from the airport or stolen from the airplane. The only one who doesn't receive his gift right away is Jody, and that's because it is entirely too personal and Mindy just found out he's dating someone fairly exclusively (or as exclusively as you can get after one week).

Mindy receives a call from someone at Princeton (Mindy's alma mater) to see if she would be willing to do a presentation for Later, Baby! the (on the side) frozen embryo project that she and Jody are pushing. Mindy is super psyched and packs up the gang for New Jersey. Jody is hesitant at first because he wants to take Courtney, his new girl, somewhere romantic that weekend, but Mindy reminds him of all the times she's given up personal time for him and he agrees to go. Oh, and he's bringing Courtney. Drama!

After lining the rented Lexus for the trip, and laying down butcher paper for Morgan, they motley crew works there way to Princeton. Courtney is allergic to practically everything, is always freezing and has the most obnoxious sneeze of everyone in the world besides me (five or six in a row, tops). When they get to Princeton they immediately set up shop in an empty auditorium--only to find out that the room has been booked for football recruiting and that Mindy accidentally booked the room for the same date in 2017. Oops. Jody is irritated and Mindy tries to use her womanly charms to be able to remain in the auditorium. It doesn't work immediately -- although, through some funny conversation we find out that the coach, Drew, knew Mindy back in college -- and the gang repacks to go home.

Drew catches Mindy before she leaves and offers to let her have the auditorium, he'll just use the stadium instead. Jody points out that there's no point in doing the presentation because no one knows about it and Mindy sets out to recruit. Getting Drew to accompany her, she sneaks into the Princeton library and rallies the various women present (Koreans! Indians! Jewish!) to come to her presentation. Surprisingly, a lot of people show up and Mindy, of course, does a well received presentation.

The crew goes out for a drink later and Drew walks in. Mindy invites him to join the group and Jody is visibly irritated by the intrusion. Mindy and Drew engage in some super heavy flirting as everyone else seems to be super annoyed by "cold Courtney." They quickly leave the festivities and later, up in their room, Courtney gives Jody the gift, a belt buckle she found in the car earlier. It's the present that Mindy decided not to give him earlier and he's obviously touched. Jody leaves his 90 degree hotel room to find Mindy and thank her for nice gesture.

Morgan and Mindy end up sharing a hotel room and it is super  awkward and funny, especially when he starts giving her a massage (another prison skill he has attained). Jody interrupts and asks Mindy to join him in the hallway so that he can talk to her. Right when he's about the mention the buckle, Morgan comes out and waves him off. Jody stammers and slinks away and, unsurprisingly, Drew texts Mindy to see if she wants to join him for something to eat. We all know Mindy can't pass up an offer like that, and they meet up for a midnight snack.

Drew is enamored, Mindy is horny (again), and they hook up. Are we supposed to root for the Mindy/Jody story line? I'm starting to get confused. The next day the gang jumps back into the Lexus for the drive home. Courtney instantaneously gets a personality and Jody is stripped of his. Mindy is sated and in a happy place but the overall vibe is one of uneasiness and a vague sense of confusion. I know exactly how they feel.

This episode had no B plot and I can't really put my finger on how I feel about that. I'm always up for more co-worker shenanigans, but I don't think even those hilarious moments could have made this any better. Of course I'll be sticking with my girl in the future, but she's making it very, very hard to look forward to it. Let me know what you think about this episode, and the show in general, down in the comments.

Favorite quotes from "Princeton Charming":

Mindy to Jody: "You have a girlfriend? I've only been gone a week.  Usually you move so slow when you tell a story I have to take, like, five pee breaks."

Mindy: "Wow. Guys, I can't believe this. The last time I was on this stage it was senior week and a hypnotist made me think I was a chicken. I took all my clothes off. He didn't ask me to."

Morgan: "I always knew I'd end up in the Ivy's. I thought it would be as some kind of study cadaver. But this is good, too."

Mindy to Drew: "Sorry I swiped a couple fries off of a rick kids plate. I was in so much financial aide I got paid to get shocked by the psych department. That's why I'm like this!"


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