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'The Mindy Project' Has Another Stellar Episode Under It's Belt

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

11/12/2014 5:38 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
'The Mindy Project' Has Another Stellar Episode Under It's Belt | mindy
Media Courtesy of TVLine
This season of The Mindy Project has been so good and the addition of Rhea Perlman as Annette just makes Mindy's life more chaotic and the episodes even funnier. This week, Danny's mom returns and Mindy has to find a way to tell him that she caught mommy dearest shoplifting. Danny and Mindy are watching a scary movie when Danny realizes that the film is still in the theaters and Mindy illegally downloaded it. Danny disapproves of her method of getting movies and his point is made when a virus destroys his computer. The next night, Mindy and Danny are at Annette's house for dinner. Annette and Dot are talking about how excited they are for water aerobics and Mindy plans for a girls' day so they can get a bathing suit for Danny's mother. The trip to mall obviously didn't sound like a problem to Mindy until Annette came to show her the metallic outfit she picked  out for herself. At check out, Mindy signs up for a store credit card while Annette goes to look at a leather bomber jacket. When Mindy looks around to keep an eye on Annette she sees her stuffing the jacket in her purse and then leave without paying. Mindy tries to tell Danny that he was basically raised by the Winona Ryder of Staten Island, but when she sees how happy he is after getting the jacket she can't bring herself to tell him. Later that day, Tamra's charm bracelet goes missing and Mindy assumes it was Annette. She goes to Staten Island to confront her, but Annette claims she didn't take it.  Which was true because Tamra found her bracelet on her ankle...awkward. She calls Danny to tell him what Mindy did and invites Danny and Mindy over for a guilt dinner. She makes Mindy feel terrible for accusing her of stealing by calling her out in her prayer and framing the receipt for the chicken she bought. Annette admits to stealing the jacket and blames it own her old age and lies about going back in the store to pay for it. However, when she hugs Danny Annette's watch gets caught in the collar of Danny's jacket and it causes the ink pack on the theft prevention tag to explode. Danny makes Annette go back to the store to make her wrong doing right, but when they get there they learn that the store is going to have to call Gary. So they do the only responsible thing they could think of and ran. Later that night, Mindy pays for her first legally downloaded song and Danny thanks her for helping his mom. Danny bought a new bomber jacket which went perfect with the song Mindy downloaded because it was "Danger Zone" forever fulfilling Danny's Top Gun fantasies. Peter got a new lady love last week, but they seem to be already having problems. Peter suggests that him and Abby go to brunch, but he quickly finds out that she is more of a smoking, drinking, lets have a good time type of girl. Peter is not enjoying dating the Matthew McConaughey of the romance novel world and after he leaves her at an all-night EDM show he doesn't come back.  The next day, Peter breaks up with Abby, but she doesn't seem to phased by it and even saw it coming. This episode was pretty solid though I wish they wouldn't have broken Peter and Abby up so soon. What did you think of this week's episode?

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