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Television PopWrapped | Television

The Mindy Project Recap: Diary Of A Mad Indian Woman

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

11/19/2014 2:15 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Mindy Project Recap: Diary Of A Mad Indian Woman | The Mindy Project
Media Courtesy of Fox
It's teaching time in the latest episode of The Mindy Project. Mindy finally fulfills her teaching duties, while Danny stumbles upon her diary where he learns more about Mindy's crush on him and something he might not be ready for. Mindy wants to spend more time at her apartment since Danny kicked her in the face when they were trying to get comfortable. Dr. Fishman calls Mindy into her office because Mindy hasn't been teaching the interns, which could get the practice into trouble since it's a teaching facility. Danny agrees to stay at Mindy's place, but she gets called into the hospital. Mindy tells Danny to stay until she gets back. He uses this opportunity to shower, which proves to be a confusing time for him since Mindy has over the top shower products. He sits down to read, but is distracted when Mindy's "neck massager" starts vibrating. Danny goes to turn it off and finds her diary. DON'T READ IT, DANNY!!!! He read it. Danny reads Mindy's diary and begins to learn when Mindy's crush on him starts. At the hospital, Mindy meets her interns and a student named TJ wastes no time showing Mindy that he is the star pupil of the class. Mindy tells him that she wants other students to have a chance to answer and chooses Candace, a quiet student that hides in the back. They meet a patient and she says she wants TJ to operate on her, but Mindy says Candace would be the better option.  When they get ready to scrub in, TJ takes it upon himself to prep the patient and scrub in. Mindy is annoyed that he is not listening to her and tells him that Candace will help with the operation. Danny is still reading Mindy's diary and she compliments him on his lips saying they are like "boiled hot dogs," and compares his butt to "two scrumptious empanadas." Danny just got to the part where Mindy writes about how she wants Danny to propose to her by Christmas when he spills wine all over the book. Meanwhile, Mindy has a lawsuit filed against her for sexism. She goes to talk to TJ to try and get him to drop the suit.  He explains his backstory and she tells him that he has to learn to work with other people and needs to simmer down. Danny is still freaking out about the marriage diary entry. He thinks proposing after seven months is too soon, but Jeremy and Morgan disagree because Mindy and Danny have known each other for seven years. Danny goes to talk to his mom about it and she agrees with him. Mindy texts him saying that she is going to stay at her place and it is a race against time as Danny runs around the city trying to beat Mindy so he can return her diary. He gets there just in time and they have a tense moment trying to decide whose place they will spend the night. Mindy is exhausted from work and asks Danny whether he is going to stay at her place or his. He chooses to leave. OH MY GOD!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! NO...NO...NO!!! Just when you think this is the end, Danny knocks on the door and enters because Mindy never locks her door. Something that Danny nags her about as he walks into her bedroom. So, fellas, word of advice: don't read your girlfriend's diary if you don't want to see something you're not ready for.

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