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Minority Report: 01x01, Pilot

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
09/22/2015 5:00 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Minority Report: 01x01, Pilot | Minority
Media Courtesy of FOX

It has been more than a decade since the film Minority Report premiered. It tells the story of a police division that prevents crime from happening with the help of three Precognitive individuals, referred to as Pre-Cogs, who can predict the future.

The television series picks up eleven years after the movie, and it follows one of these Pre-Cogs named Dash. If you have not seen the movie, the series does a good work in doing a recap introduction, even using a bit of footage from the film. After the Pre-Crime division ended, the Pre-Cogs were set free to live on an island in peace.

Eleven years later, Dash, as it turns out, has left the others behind. He is now living in society again with no identification. This is pretty hard because, in the future, society is under constant surveillance, and it is difficult to get any basic services if you have no identity. Dash does get by, but how he could afford to stay in an apartment keep himself clothed and fed seems strange. He does not seem to have any discernible means of support -- but, who knows?, he can see the future. Maybe he just wins at the betting tables.

Dash spends his time sketching the visions of the crimes he sees and running around trying to prevent them; so far, he is unsuccessful, and, in the beginning, we see him witness a woman falling off a building as he tries his best to stop it.

Later, Dash has a holographic call with Agatha, the strongest Pre-Cog. She chides him for trying to be a superhero and tells him that he can't do it all since, without his twin brother, his visions are incomplete. She asks him to come home, but Dash is adamant to remain.

Meanwhile, in the apartment of the woman who got thrown out of the building, we are introduced to Detective Vega, who is nostalgic for the days of Pre-Crime. She laments that she has to reconstruct crime scenes to find criminals instead of working to stop them. As she finishes with her work and finds the murdered woman's daughter, she steps out of a building where Dash watches her from the crowd.

Dash disguises himself by injecting an enzyme to his face and starts following the detective, but Vega is good at her job, spots him, and subdues him. Dash tells her that he has something to give her. She checks his pocket and finds a sketch of a man and writing of the murdered woman's apartment. Dash's disguise starts to falter, so he turns and injects the detective with the enzyme, which numbs her legs. Dash escapes and tells her not to worry since the effects are temporary. As Vega moves, she spots that Dash has left his entire sketchbook, and she reads through it.

Later while cross-referencing Dash's sketchbook on the database, she is interrupted by her superior Blake. He tells her that the murdered woman worked as a nurse in Open Vistas, a rehab center for the future criminals who were arrested by Pre-Crime division. She shows him the sketch; they run it through facial recognition software and find a match -- a man who was interred in Open Vistas.

Using the database, they pinpoint his location. Vega wants to proceed to the arrest, but Blake tells her to stay behind. The detectives find the perpetrator in a warehouse, and, as the police try to arrest him, Vega turns up anyway and joins in. The man is unwilling to be taken in and, instead, allows falling debris to kill him.

Back in HQ, Vega asks their tech officer if she has been able to find the one who tipped her. The tech officer says no since, obviously, Dash is off the grid, but she is able to pull out a picture from a selfie that was taken in the area. The face is distorted because Dash had used the enzyme. They decide to check the crime feed pictures, and Vega spots a picture of a crowd of onlookers at the murdered woman's crime scene. Blake asks her if she recognizes someone. She lies and tells him no. He leaves, and Vega pulls out the picture and tries to match it with the selfie. She cross-references other crime feed photos and finds that Dash is in them as well. Using facial recognition, she searches for him in current surveillance feeds. She pinpoints his location in a diner.

There, she confronts him, at first seeming to believe that he is in league with the murderer. After an awkward conversation where Dash shows his naivety, Vega is unsure that he is a criminal. Dash suddenly develops a seizure, but, in truth, he is seeing a vision. She then realizes that he might be a Pre-Cog, probably inferring it from the sketchbook, so she helps him out.

They speak to each other outside, and he tells her what he can and can't do, especially without his twin. Vega decides that they should team up; she gives him back his sketchbook and asks his help on the case. He proceeds to sketch, but a passing blimp with a political ad shows him the man he was trying to draw.

Next is the visit to this man; Van Eyck is the mayor of the city who happened to worked as deputy chief for Pre-Crime before it was closed. They also get to meet his wife, who, in Dash's vision, was the victim of the next crime. Vega asks the mayor if there is any new threat to him. Van Eyck says it is not surprising; he receives threats and proceeds to give her access to his head of security.

Vega checks on any admissible threat that the security system has flagged with Van Eyck's head of security. She spots the the man who murdered the Open Vistas nurse and finds out that he has been doing net searches on Van Eyck.

With that in mind, Dash and Vega proceed to Open Vistas. They search the murderer's bed space and spot the device he used for the net search. They meet the visiting daughter of the man who had the bed beside the murderer. The daughter tells them that her father knew the other man well and goes on to narrate that her father was incarcerated for a crime he hasn't done yet.

Vega asks to see the father; she obliges and takes them to the rooftop where her father is using a glove to control a group of pigeons. He uses it to bring the pigeons back to their cages. Dash tries to go take a closer look, but the old man warns him that one of the pigeons suffers from a deadly strain that could kill people who touch it. Vega proceeds to interrogate the old man. Dash gets a flash and warns Vega that the old man would run -- which he does. Vega tries to pursue, but the man escapes.

Later in Vega's home, Dash gets to meet Vega's mom and kid brother. They mistake him for her boyfriend. The mom asks him if he is staying for dinner. 'Yes,' he says. 'We're having Chinese,' he adds. Vega protests and says that they are having homecooked dinner, but Vega's cooking is burned, and she asks everyone if they want Chinese food.

After dinner, Dash and Vega have a talk about Pre-Crime. Dash tells Vega that his twin had gone missing, but he still feels him and knows that he is alive. He has an idea to try to sort out his vision.

The next morning, they go the house of the Pre-Cogs' old caretaker, Wally. He hooks Dash up to a machine to allow his visions to be projected to a screen. Wally reveals that out of the three Pre-Cogs, Dash was the weakest. Agatha could see the whole picture, his twin Arthur can get the names, but Dash only got the bits and pieces that the other two may have missed.

Dash passes out from the machine exhausting him, but, in the end, they get a vision of a pigeon which points to the old man. Vega talks to the tech officer, and she tracks down the old man.

Vega and Dash are able to arrest him, but Dash is still getting the same vision. The crime will still happen! Vega infers that the old man's daughter may be the one who does it.

They run to Van Eyck's political rally, where the crime will take place. Dash uses his vision to pinpoint the woman, who is now using her father's glove to command the infected pigeon to fly at Van Eyck. Vega is able to subdue her, and the pigeon misses, hitting Van Eyck's wife -- who may not be the target of the woman but, in the vision, Dash knew would be the one to be accidentally hit.

As the police arrive, Vega tells Dash to go to prevent anyone from knowing who he is. Later, Wally organized a fake identity for Dash, so he can be on the grid. Dash seems happy, and he is now able to utilize it to be more normal. When he reaches his apartment, he receives a holographic call; it is from his lost twin, Arthur, asking for help.

There you go: Minority Report's first episode. It seemed kind of moderate when it comes to television shows, but it does promise an intriguing story arc as well as an unconventional police procedural drama. What do you think? Hit the comments below.


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