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Minority Report: 01x02, Mr. Nice Guy

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
09/30/2015 2:46 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Minority Report: 01x02, Mr. Nice Guy | Nice Guy

For a show about people seeing the future, Minority Report does love dwelling in the past. Season 1, Episode 2 is called "Mr. Nice Guy".

We are treated to another one of those moments as the show opens up with a flashback to the last days of Pre-Crime. Here we see Wally worrying about the fate of the Pre-Cogs of which he is in charge. Obviously, he has grown attached to them, and he explains, in detail, the difference between all three: Agatha, who can see the big picture, becomes the future she sees, disassociating herself with the crime; Arthur, who only gets the names and numbers without the actual horror visions and may end up becoming a manipulative prick as he gets to know what happens without the emotion; and Dash, for whom he only sees becoming a witness to a lifetime of crime with no power to end it. Now that can damage anyone emotionally.

Back to the present, and Dash seems to be coping with his visions well, using his abilities to win four chess games simultaneously -- that is until he gets a glimpse of another gruesome murder. The vision prompts him to leave without his winnings. I guess we now know how he supports himself.

At the same time, at the police headquarters, Vega and her former partner and boss Blake are discussing last week's case after a highly realistic training simulation. Blake explains to Vega that she is now under surveillance from the Feds because they are suspicious about her knowing an attack that wasn't on the radar. Even her friend and tech support Akeela is suspicious, but, since they are friends and all, she is willing to be a doormat.

Soon, in Wally's basement, Dash is once again hooked up to the painful machine that records and sorts out his vision. They finish just in time for Vega to arrive. After she warns them of the Feds looking in, she does the detective thing and analyzes the vision. They spot a tattoo, silver shoes on a woman, and then bingo! The victim is wearing a wristband to a club that apparently Wally goes to occasionally.

They wonder how they will identify this woman. Vega says they need a name, and there is one Pre-Cog who can get that -- Dash's twin brother, Arthur.

Dash goes to see his twin in his luxurious loft, where Arthur is already expecting him. The brothers have a brief verbal tussle, where Arthur tells Dash that he doesn't work for free anymore and he uses his gift primarily to protect their little Pre-Cog family. He, then, gives Dash a piece of paper with numbers and he tells him that this is a police case file that Vega can access -- he wants it in exchange for the victim's name.

Later though, Vega tells Dash that, with the Feds looking in on her, it might be risky to pull out the case file, so they decide to go on by themselves. Vega does not want to bring Dash with her to the club, though, stating that he is untrained and not a cop. Eventually, Dash appeals to her, saying that he has seen all the crimes and wants to do something about it. Vega relents, but Dash needs new clothes.

In the club, after a confusing takedown where Dash tases a random person he thought was the suspect, they spot a man with the same tattoo as in Dash's vision. They determine he is the perpetrator and watch him all night.

Next morning, with nothing happening, Wally is able to pull out a profile on the guy. His name is Tyson Cole, a best-selling author who teaches people on how to pick up and flirt with people.

They end up watching over Tyson again at the club, waiting for him to commit the crime so Vega can arrest him, but nothing occurs. They even do a thermal scan on his house -- nothing! He is all alone!

The next day, they attend a seminar hosted by Tyson. In an attempt to get closer, Vega even tries to flirt with him to no avail. The guy is suspicious and shoots her down.

With no choice, Vega decides to get the case file so that Arthur will give them a name. As it turns out, the file is about Dash and Arthur's mother. Vega confronts Arthur with this news and questions his intent and its effects on Dash. Arthur was quick to point out that he and Dash may not agree all the time, but he has been looking out for him since the day he was born -- how sweet. He, then, gives Vega the name.

That night in the club, Vega scans the area with her magical contact lenses and spots the victim but is interrupted when Blake walks in. He confronts Vega with the case file, but she explains it away and distracts Blake. Meanwhile, Dash attempts to get closer to the victim -- even attempting to flirt with her to disastrous effect. The bartender asks the victim if Dash is bothering her; she waves him off but, in the end, she is so annoyed with Dash that she accidentally leaves without her purse. Dash seems happy, thinking that he has saved her, but Vega goes to him and says that Tyson had also left the club at the same time.

Outside, by coincidence, the victim and Tyson end up sharing a cab, and Dash and Vega are too late to stop them. They go on to Tyson's mansion, but, unfortunately, the surprised man tells them that he already dropped the woman off.

Realizing that they may have been following the wrong man, they go back to Wally's to analyze Dash's vision again. There they spot another clue -- chopsticks -- which as Vega remembered the bartender used to mix his drinks.

They go back to the club to find that the victim returned for her purse at closing time. By the time Dash and Vega were at the backdoor, the bartender had already tied her up in the basement.

Dash and Vega are able to break in, but the bartender hears. Vega finds the victim, but, all of a sudden, the lights go out. Using her magical contact lenses again, Vega activates night vision -- but this is used against her, as the bartender switches on the light at the right time to blind her.

Dash has a solution: he uses his visions to tell Vega where to shoot at the right time. She ends up hitting a bunch of liquor bottles that fall on the hiding bartender!

With the case solved, Dash, once again, returns to the park to play chess. Things aren't quite so idyllic; back in the Pre-Cog's original home, Agatha gets a vision of the milk bath where the Pre-Cogs were once held in a hive mind. She, Dash, and Arthur are, once again, hooked up, and she sees a face -- Detective Vega! -- looking down on them.


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