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Minority Report: 01x03, Hawkeye

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
10/07/2015 6:27 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Minority Report: 01x03, Hawkeye | Hawkeye
Media Courtesy of ComicBookMovie

Through the first two episodes of Minority Report, we have been inundated with references to the program known as "Hawkeye". Using predictive algorithms, it analyses behavioral patterns to be able to predict any forthcoming crime. In the real world, we refer to it as police profiling -- only way more advanced and sophisticated.

With that in mind, in this week's episode, we finally get to see what it looks like in action, as an apparently reckless driver by the name of Mark is flagged down for his numerous erratic behavior. He gets a notification behind the wheel; apparently, his stunt on the highway is the last straw.

Back in police HQ, Blake has assembled the cops for a lecture on Hawkeye. Vega, who is such a fan of Pre-Crime, is skeptical of the whole thing and voices her opinion. Blake rewards her by being in charge of recruiting civilian analysts for the pilot program.

Meanwhile, somewhere out in the woods, Wonder Twins, Arthur and Dash, are having a lovely brotherly bonding time cycling. Here, we get to see a certain advantage that Dash has over his brother when he stops in time to let an incoming fellow cyclist pass by. Arthur, of course, who only gets names and numbers, is not expecting this and is forced to swerve and eventually crash.

'You saw that', Arthur states. The two, then, go take a seat on a fallen log and have a talk. Arthur goes right in and warns his naive brother of normal humans in general (and about Vega in particular). He says that they are capable of anything; Dash, of course, despite being the hapless witness to countless murders, disputes this idea.

Arthur then gets a name out of the Pre-Cog void and says it to Dash: "Mr. Massero". His brother states he doesn't know that name, and that is when a vision hits him.

It is Mark, the guy flagged down by Hawkeye, killing another man on the side of a road in what appears to be a wooded area.

Later, Wally extracts the vision once again. He also doubles up and tracks down the identity of the attacker. It is Mark Massero, a CEO of a tech company named Narcissus.

Vega, then, contacts her doormat friend/tech officer Akeela to identify the victim. She sends her an image from the vision, which makes Akeela wonder since it doesn't look digital. She runs it through the database and identifies it as Trevor Maloney. She asks again where the image came from, but Vega ignores her and just hangs up. Seriously, Akeela!, you really should stand up for yourself.

Vega informs Dash and Wally of the information. Dash is all ready to go, but, once again, Vega tells him that it may seem suspicious if he keeps on following her around. She has an idea: Dash should could come in and be the Hawkeye analyst. Remembering his past being stuck and strapped to a machine all the time in Police HQ, Dash, of course, is reluctant, saying he has no qualifications and no identity. Ah, what happened to the identity Wally got him?

Vega counters that Arthur, his twin, is an identity thief and could provide him one. Wait, what about Wally again? He's a gifted hacker; surely, he can give Dash all that.

Back in the Pre-Cog cottage, Agatha again sees the vision of Vega looking down on the hive central to which the Pre-Cogs were attached. She calls Arthur about it, who already knows about the visions, but Agatha adds that this time she saw Vega. She states that she remembers that the government had bigger plans for them and that maybe they still want to continue that. For their safety, they'll need someone they can trust inside the government. Arthur knows no one, but Agatha tells him to leave that part to her.

Later, Dash and Vega meet up with Arthur to ask for an identity. Being his usual condescending self, he is, of course, reluctant to help, especially since Dash wants it so he can work in the building where they were held in stasis. He relents when Vega threatened to use her authority as a detective to break up a gambling racket that is one of Arthur's main source of income.

With that done, they now need to make sure Dash passes the interview. Vega goes to Akeela; as the tech officer, she will be the one conducting it. Vega tells her Dash is a Pre-Cog, of course, but only so that she would help. Akeela protests, saying that putting in someone haphazardly could cost her her job. Vega convinces her because she'll do anything for her friend without question. She is such a doormat.

Back in the Pre-Cog cottage/farm area. We get to see Agatha talking to a man named Charlie who lives nearby. At first, their conversation seemed pleasant enough until Agatha reveals what she knows of Charlie -- of how he embezzled millions and is the reason why he went into hiding in the countryside. Charlie is angry and tells Agatha of how people around think that she is witch! Wait, what? In the future high tech society, people still believe in witches? The Pre-Cog cottage must be deep in Tea Party territory.

Meanwhile, back to Washington: Dash is being interviewed by poor Akeela, who makes a point of indirectly telling Dash that she loves her job, so 'if I let you in, please don't screw up'. Dash, of course, is all nice and promises her that he will do good -- which already makes him a better friend to her than Vega.

Dash gets the job, so he and Vega proceed to investigate. Vega tells Dash that Mark is in danger of being ousted by the board of Narcissus for his recent erratic behavior. Their first stop is the tech company.

There, they get to meet Eli Winfred, a product analyst who informs them that people there don't keep regular hours and that Mark is most probably is at home.

They proceed to Mark's house, where they find the front door ajar. Using her magical contact lenses, Vega activates her thermal scan where she sees a man and woman struggling. They run inside, only to see that Mark and his wife were just about to do some rough sex.

When things calm down, Vega brandishes a picture of the victim-to-be Trevor and asks if he knows the man. Mark says he has no idea about him. 

With no more questions, Dash and Vega leave. The nervous Akeela suddenly calls and tells Vega that Blake wants to meet the new analyst.

Meanwhile, back in the Pre-Cog farm area deep in Tea Party territory, Charlie, with his cover blown, plans on departing with his money. He opens his safe, but it's empty. Obviously suspicious of Agatha, he proceeds to take his gun off the drawer and leaves.

In Police HQ, Dash has an interview with Blake. It seems to go well, but, of course, Blake spotted a few red flags. Dash is naive and gives the thumbs up all clear to both Akeela and Vega.

They continue with the investigation. Earlier at Mark's house, Dash, using his future vision, was able to see that Mark was undergoing therapy. They went to his therapist, Dr. Donald Imre, who had been using some kind of mind relaxation device to fix his mental issues. It is there that they found out that, aside from work-related problems, Mark's wife Lena has been having an affair.

They suspect it might be with the victim, Trevor Maloney, but when they talked to Lena, she states it is someone else. They ask her where Mark is, and she points them towards a race car competition in the woods at Cherry hill.

Remembering that the confrontation in his vision was on the road in a wooded area, Dash and Vega infer that the killing may not be premeditated and that the victim and killer may have met only once.

As they rush to the scene, Mark is fixing his broken-down car, and who passes by on a bike?: Trevor, who is angry at Mark for almost running him down way back. A scuffle ensues, but Dash and Vega arrive in time to stop the actual murder from happening.

Later, when Dash, Wally and Vega are celebrating another successful case solved, Wally gives Dash a bracelet that can detect an incoming vision thirty seconds before it happens, so, if he is in a public place, he can sneak out and not make a fool of himself. Dash puts it on, and it immediately lights up as another vision ensues.

Wally extracts the vision again, and it something disturbing. It appears to be Mark's suicide. Wally explains that Pre-Cogs don't get warnings for suicides, which means that someone else caused it -- someone provoked Mark to commit it.

Dash goes to Arthur to ask for a name, but his brother does not want to help; instead, he gives out a warning. He says that Agatha doesn't want Dash to know, but he'll tell him anyway, which is strange because, with Agatha's ability, she'll know that Arthur broke his word. Anyway, he reveals to Dash about the vision with Vega looking down on the hive machine they were linked into.

Meanwhile, in Mark's home, Vega arrives in time to stop his suicide. She asks him if anyone could have influenced him to do this.

Vega interrogates Dr. Imre. With the help of Blake, they are able to wring information out of him. They accuse him of using his therapy and mind relaxation device to cause Mark to self-destruct. Vega convinces him that Mark had killed himself, then asks pointedly who wanted it to happen.

Back at Narcissus, a group of policemen arrest Eli Winfred; apparently, he was the one who asked the therapist to manipulate Mark's state of mind.

With that wrapped up, Blake and Vega tells Mark that his crime has been cleared since he was not in control of his actions, which is amazing! Someone actually passed a loophole in the law that excuses criminal behavior by mental manipulation?

In Pre-Cog cottage, Charlie finally confronts Agatha. He points a gun at her to give him his money back, but the Pre-Cog argues with him, tells him exactly what will happen in the future out of several outcomes, and states that he has nowhere to go and only she could help him. Charlie puts down his gun and asks her what she wants --and, to think, Wally actually thought Arthur would be the manipulative one!


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