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Minority Report: 01x04, Fredi

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
10/14/2015 8:05 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Minority Report: 01x04, Fredi | Minority Report

It hasn't been a good run for Minority Report, it failed to pull in audiences and is steadily losing more. ( I seriously blame Vega for being a horrible friend as a reason).

So, how do you correct that? By doing it the CW way: with abs!

This week's episode opens up with Arthur hooking up with a girl. He is shirtless of course with the vain hope that this will pull in more viewers.His brief tussle is interrupted by his brother who arrives to confront him about Agatha's vision. Arthur dismisses the girl, and he and his brother have an argument. Dash defends Vega, but Arthur is having none of it, he tells Dash he is not helping him out with his save-the-victim missions anymore.

Later in Metro Police HQ, Blake is giving a speech to the group of analysts for the Hawkeye program. Dash is in the audience , and he is officially paired up with Vega. In the middle of a talk with Vega and Akeema, his bracelet lights up indicating an incoming vision, Vega tells him to go to the bathroom before he gets his prophetic seizure.

The vision shows a dog, a statue, the face of a man, a gun being shot and a bracelet.

Wally extracts the whole thing in his basement. He identifies the breed of the dog and states that it is rare. Akeema who has been let into the secret Precog lair, begins downloading registered owners of this breed. There are only a few and Vega recognizes a face from the latest vision. It is Cayman Bello, whose mother is a Senator while his Father was old money. Akeema finds out that Cayman is holding a fundraising party so she hacks it and places Vega and Dash in the guest list.

At the party, Vega sees someone she knows and so leaves Dash to his own devices. So Dash walks around the party and spots a statue that looks like the one in his vision. As he is looking at it, a woman approaches him. She introduces herself as Fredi Kincaid and tells him that she works for Cayman. She shakes his hand and Dash sees that she is wearing the bracelet from his vision. The two flirt a little and Vega then joins them, while Fredi was taken away by Cayman.

Later in Metro Police HQ, Dash , Akeema and Vega hold a meeting. Assuming that Fredi was the victim they decided that she should be followed. Dash suggest that he ask her out. Vega agrees but he has to wear those magical contact lenses that the police use. So that Vega and Akeema can see what is happening with him, through his eyes.

Dash goes to the office of the Bello foundation and asks Fredi out. Fredi says she can't because she would be working. But since she would be working at a barbecue party in Cayman Bello's house, she instead invites Dash to join her.

Meanwhile at Arthur's loft, Charlie the guy who Agatha had blackmailed into doing her bidding is now asking for an identity from Arthur,one that will help him infiltrate the Defense Intelligence Agency for an information that Agatha wanted. He says he will pay for the identity since Agatha had provided him with funds. He drops money on the table, revealing five hundred dollar bills with Obama's face in it.

At the party, Dash is introduced to Cayman and his friend Whitman Cho. Dash pretends to be insulted in an offhand snobby remark Cayman makes and walks out. Fredi follows and they end up walking in the city instead.

They have a deep heart to heart talk where Fredi conveniently reveals that she only works for Cayman because two years ago her sister who was a friend of Cayman died while she was hanging out with him. She wants to find evidence of the misdeed- you know typical first date talk you do with a guy you barely know.

Later at Vega's house, Dash states that he will help Fredi find evidence of Cayman's wrongdoing by helping her infiltrate his house's security system. He goes to Arthur for help.

Arthur, who vowed not to help Dash with his crusade anymore asks him if he likes this girl. Dash says yes , and Arthur gives him a contact. Now that is a good brother ,someone who will let go of his anger to get his brother laid.

Dash and Fredi goes to the contact who has a bio printer. Fredi gives him a sample of Cayman's DNA and he puts it to work.

Meanwhile back at Metro Police HQ where Vega has been watching Dash's whole movement the entire time. Akeema briefs her that Cayman and his friends had been renting out a house on the cape for a long time, but they stopped doing so two years ago which coincides with the time of death of Fredi's sister.

Back at the bio printer lab, the contact provides Dash and Fredi the finished product. It is an eye , a replica of Cayman's. Fredi is so overjoyed that she kisses Dash. Take note guys, if you want to impress a girl hand her a severed eyeball.

Later in Dash's apartment, it is not clear if they did it or not, hopefully not because that means Vega had been watching the whole thing through the magical contact lenses. Anyway, Fredi finds a picture of Pre-cog farm, apparently it has a name ; Fiddler's kneck. ( Did a violinist, hang himself in it? ) They have another deep heart to heart talk. Fredi tells Dash that her sister actually died of an overdose, and that Cayman and his friends just left her.

Back in Metro HQ, Vega of course was still creepily watching Freddi and Dash. Akeema then arrives again and tells Vega of what she has discovered. Fredi's sister name was Allison Kerrigan and Fredi's real name is Ricki. Apparently one of Cayman's friends who was present on Allison's death also died of an overdose later. Akeema opens a video footage that shows Fredi visiting him before he died.

Thinking that Fredi might be the killer, she goes to Dash's apartment. Dash is not amused with the accusation and tells Vega to go, she leaves . While Dash and Fredi prepare to go to Cayman's.

Dash then deactivates his magical contact lenses , prompting Vega to drive to Cayman's house

, where she knows the two would be going.

Meanwhile, at the Defense Intelligence agency. Charlie is able to infiltrate their computers and downloads the information Agatha wants, which is apparently about the machine that the Precogs used to be hooked up on.

At Cayman's, Fredi reveals to Dash that she is not looking for an evidence, she plans on wringing out a confession from him instead. Seriously the Metro police should have Dash question suspects, not only can he see tidbits of the future, his puppy dog eyes seem capable of getting secrets out of people.

Dash tries to convince Fredi not to go with it. But she won't listen, she uses the eyeball to gain access to Cayman's room and locks Dash out.

Dash pounds on the door to no avail. But thankfully the dog arrives in time and activates a secret dog door it has access to, it is big enough to allow Dash in. He is able to talk Fredi out of killing Cayman and tells her to go before the police arrive, she proceeds to leave.

Vega then arrives with armed back-up, she then states that in the course of their investigation they were able to uncover evidence that would implicate Cayman on Allison's death. They arrest him, and Fredi escapes.

Meanwhile back in a diner, Charlie hands the information to Agatha. He attempts to blackmail her with what he found out about the Precog program that he downloaded. But this is Agatha, who tells him that the US Marshals had tracked him down for infiltrating the Defense Intelligence Agency and that they will arrive shortly. She tells him to run to he backdoor. He tries to escape but is caught and shot, at the same time Agatha walks out calmly. Teaches you not to mess with a Precog...


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