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Minority Report: 01x05, The Present

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
10/22/2015 4:20 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Minority Report: 01x05, The Present | The Present
Media Courtesy of Credit: Katie Yu/FOX

This week's episode, "The Present," is less about special effects, action, and the Precogs. Instead, Minority Report has chosen to take on a more character-driven emotional center, as the past of Lara Vega is unveiled.

So they open it up with dramatic rain out in the gritty sprawl pn the outskirts of Washington D.C. It is eight months before Precrime so no one could have predicted what happened. A lone cop is seen out on patrol when he hears a noise. He checks to investigate only to get shot; a bearded man in a hood walks out and it is not clear if he did it.

Back to the present, Agatha is now sharing the file that she had Charlie steal from the Defense Intelligence Agency with Arthur. She tells him that the DIA may have had more plans for them and urges him to do more, since Dash's closeness with Vega may lead to them being used again.

Meanwhile, at Metro Police HQ, Dash greets Vega with flowers and wishes her a happy birthday. The detective is, strangely, not too happy but thanks Dash anyway. Akeela then explains to Dash that Vega shares a birthday with her father, a cop who was murdered eight months before Precrime. Dash then tells Vega that Precrime may have not been officially active at that point, but they were undergoing Beta-testing a year before. So there may have been a chance that they saw it coming.

Before they can go any further with the conversation though, Blake arrives with the Deputy Director of the DIA. He takes Vega with her and tells her that the Deputy Director is impressed with the apparent success with Hawkeye, and has invited him and Vega to the Agency's building. But at the same time, Dash's bracelet lights up and warns of an impending vision; he walks pass the talking trio. Vega spots him and decides to decline the offer.

At Wally's, they extract and view the vision.There is a ticking sound, a gunshot, and a logo, and the major clue they sort out is a 2019 redclouds jersey which Vega identifies. She says it is rare.

They go back to Metro HQ to ask Akeela to check the files on purchase orders for the jersey. But she thinks instead that Vega had found out her birthday surprise, so she reveals her birthday gift--which is a redclouds jersey! Identical to the one in the vision. Dash, shocked, turns to Vega and says 'You're the victim.'

Dash goes to Arthur and asks him why he wasn't told when Vega's name came up in his vision. He is so angry that he ends up punching his twin. That's when Arthur shows him Agatha's stolen files; he tells him that they are all in danger with Vega knowing where they are. But Dash trusts her and doesn't believe that she could do that to him, and he storms out.

Back in Metro HQ, Akeela berates herself for buying Vega the jersey. She calls herself ' the worst friend ever,' which is ironic seeing as how Vega treated her in past episodes, and it's not like the jersey caused the crime anyway. Vega, probably knowing this, just brushes it off. She instead asks Akeela if she has tracked down anything else in the vision, like the logo. Akeela identifies it as the mark for Revive, a program for the rehabilitation of inmates headed by Diane Winters. They look at the roster of inmates for the program and search for one that Vega has arrested. They zero in on a Michael Wynn.

Dash and Vega go to Revive. There, they meet Diane, who tells them that they have worked hard to help the inmates. She shows them a special case where inmates place mementos of their past crimes as a reminder not to go back to it. She then reveals that as part of the program, inmates go on weekly excursions outside, which doesn't sit well with Dash and Vega, who worry that this may be how Michael gets to her.

They then talk to Michael, Vega interrogates him, and he still seems out of sorts. He then tries to attack Vega but is subdued. As a result, he is no longer allowed to go out on excursions and will probably be watched more closely. Thinking that they may have prevented an impending attack, Dash and Vega walk out, but as they move pass the glass cabinet of mementos of past crimes, Vega spots an old pocket watch and recognizes it. She takes it out and tells Dash that she now thinks that Michael is not the one who is trying to kill her. She tells Dash that the watch belonged to her father and it was never recovered on the night of his murder. She infers that she may be killed for pursuing her father's killer.

Vega then decides to go to Wally to ask if there is a way to access the Precogs old visions dating to the time of her father's murder, since they were already testing at that time. Wally states that it may be with the DIA. So Vega accepts the offer to take a tour of the Agency's office.

She goes to DIA headquarters with Blake. There, the Deputy Director explains why he has decided to invite them. He says that there is intelligence of an impending terrorist attack and that they wish to use Hawkeye's predictive algorithms to catch the perpetrators. He states that there is a word that they keep on intercepting among the terrorists and it is 'Memento Mori' latin for 'Remember the dying' (It is actually literally translated as 'Remember to die'--Latin is the language of the Catholic clergy, and my family has produced a Bishop, Priests and Nuns, so I picked up a few words).

The Deputy Director then laments the loss of potential of the Precogs, who could have been used for this sort of thing. That is when Vega jumps in and asks him about the 'rumors' of a beta-testing a year before the start of Precrime. She then asks him if it might be possible to have access to the archives of this visions, since her father was killed eight months before the start of the program.

The Deputy Director is sympathetic, but tells her that all archives have been destroyed and that any old visions may only rest deep within a Precogs mind.

Back in Wally's house, she tells Dash what she found out. It is then that Wally reveals that there may be a way to access those memories, even if Dash has forgotten it--special equipment, which he happens to have in another secret underground lair in his home (Seriously, how big is Wally's basement?). But there is one problem: they'll need Arthur to make the vision complete, since he and Dash's precog abilities are halves of a whole.

Knowing Arthur's suspicions, Dash is hesitant about the prospects of his twin helping. Vega asks him why.

So it's up to Vega, who goes to Arthur alone and tells him that she knows about Agatha's vision. She says that she won't do anything that would hurt Dash or any one of them. In the end, she convinces him to trust her, and Arthur goes back to Wally's house, where he and Dash are hooked up to the equipment.

Wally is able to hone in on the specific vision by showing Dash and Arthur videos of Vega's father. A complete vision then appears; it is exactly the same as the scene in the opening of the episode, with one difference--we are able to see who actually shot Vega's father, but is not the bearded man--it is actually Diane Winters!

Vega decides to confront Diane, and have her confess by recording it on her magical contact lenses. Dash decides to go with her. But Vega enters Diane's home on her own.

She tries to make the woman confess, but Diane refers to herself in the third person, so it wouldn't count as a confession. In the third person, she states that her past self was a junkie who regrets her mistake and was so desperate for the next hit that she allowed herself to be hired to killed a cop.

Vega is shocked! But before she can ask further, Diane's young son is standing behind her with a gun, and he is wearing the same jersey from the vision. Diane implores her son to put the gun down. Vega, sensing that there is more to this and that Diane may not be wholly at fault, decides to put her gun down and tells the boy not to do something that he will regret, much like his mother. The boy listens and puts down his gun and Diane hugs him. She then tells Vega everything she knows.

She says that she was hired by a man named Lycon, but he was merely a liaison, she never met the real boss.

Later Dash and Vega decide to go to Arthur for help once again , since he has contacts in the criminal world. They give him Lycon's name and the snapshot of him taken from the vision. Arthur says it won't be easy.

Back in Vega's house, she decides to put a closure for her family and gives her father's old watch to her mother. Her mom cries and says 'It's over' - in a way it is, not for Vega though.


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