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Minority Report: 01x06, Fiddler's Neck

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
10/28/2015 5:58 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Minority Report: 01x06, Fiddler's Neck | Fiddler's Neck
Media Courtesy of FOX

For a television series that primarily focuses on people with the ability to see the future, Minority Report sure does seem to love its flashbacks.

We get one immediately on the get-go as this week's episode opens up eight months after Pre-Crime, and we see Agatha walking around the idyllic island the Pre-Cogs live in called Fiddler's Neck. She meets a white horse named Mercury and somehow forms a bond with the animal, prompting its owner, a man named Brian, to offer her work at taking care of it. There seems more to it since there is apparent chemistry between the two.

Back to present day, and Agatha is alone in her house making tea when she gets a vision. She sees a young girl screaming and Brian looking down on the girl.

In Washington D.C., Arthur picks up Dash in his apartment, bag in tow. The brothers talk about being contacted by Agatha, who has asked them for help in preventing the supposed murder she saw in her vision. They plan on going back to Fiddler's Neck. Vega arrives since Dash thought that a professional would be useful in this case.

The trio make their way to what appears to be a sunken city, with glass towers jutting out of the water. It seems global warming hit the future hard, and Fiddler's Neck was originally a peninsula but flood waters made it into an island.

The twins explain to Vega that the island lacks much futuristic technology -- there is no cell signal, and the government does not really exercise control over the area. The only authority is a group of people who refer to themselves as 'the guards'. They meet one of them, a guy named Fetz, who is an old friend of Arthur and Dash. He reveal's Dash's old nickname, which is Slash for some reason. He is suspicious of Vega, but the twins vouch for her.

The trio head for the Pre-Cog house. Agatha is not too happy at seeing Vega but allows her to interview her about the vision. Without Wally to extract it from her, the detective urges the Pre-Cog to say as many details as possible. Agatha talks about hearing the call of a whippoorwill, the girl having an upset stomach, and her parents looking down on her. Vega infers that the stomachache may indicate poisoning, and she suspects one of the parents may have done it -- perhaps the dad?

Agatha is adamant that it can't be Brian because she knows him. Seeing her reaction, Vega talks to her alone and asks "Does Dash and Arthur know you were in love with him?" Agatha answers with a no, and Vega urges her to tell the twins.

We, then, jump to another flashback to the moment that Agatha and Brian kiss for the first time.

In the present, the next day, the group go to a farmers' market to speak with Brian's family. They spot his daughter, Katie, and his wife, Gabby. Dash and Vega talks to them, and, while she pretends that she has plans on staying on the island, she secretly scans Katie, who she finds out is sick. Gabby offers to show her a rental house that they have in their farm.

Back in Washington D.C., at Metro Police HQ, Akeela talks to Blake about a breach in the system. Someone hacked the Hawkeye database and were particularly interested in Blake. He waves it off and says that he was being vetted by the Defense Intelligence Agency for a job. It was natural that they'd look into his background, but, just to be safe, he asks Akeela to check on him, too, to find out if there any skeletons in his closet that he may not be aware of.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the farmers' market. Agathe speaks to Brian. She asks about Katie's health, and Brian tells her that her mom keeps a close watch on what she eats like a hawk. He leaves as Dash, Arthur, and Vega approach.

The group talks about what they found out about Katie. They decide that Dash should speak with the island's doctor on the girl's condition since he has been treating her. 

Dash goes to see the doctor and finds out that Katie has been receiving holistic treatment for malaria and has not been given proper medication. It appears that Gabby doesn't believe in modern medicine and has no wish to use it on her daughter.

Back in D.C., Akeela has gone to Wally's house to ask him for help on checking Blake's background since she can't do it herself. Because she is an employee of the police, the DIA might check what she works on in cyberspace.

Dash tell the others what he dug up at the doctor's office. Arthur decides to smuggle in malaria medication instead of losing a day getting it traveling by ferry. Dash goes with him to pick it up, while Vega and Agatha go to Brian's farm.

By the island's edge, Arthur and Dash waits for a drone that is carrying the medication. Unfortunately, Fetz arrives with some men and shoots down the drone, suspecting that it might be contraband. He picks it up and decides to open its contents in his place.

We get another flashback to the time Agatha and Brian broke up their affair. It seems that Brian was talking about what the future of a life with Agatha would look like. This disturbs the Pre-Cog who saw something, and she tells him not to see her again.

Agatha and Vega arrive in Brian's farm. Vega pretends to be interested in the rental home that Gabby talked about in the market. Gabby takes Vega to see it, leaving Agatha alone with Brian. The Pre-Cog reaches out to grab his hands. She gets a vision of Brian taking out medication from a container. She then runs to the house to check on the hiding place, and she finds the medication, leaving Brian confused on how she knew it was there. Agatha infers that he has been giving Katie the medicine she needs in secret over his wife's objection -- which means that he isn't the killer.

At Wally's, the two tech geniuses trade barbs about what they found out about each other in online searches. Akeela is able to reveal that Wally, in fact, despite his simple abode, is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, which explains his super basement. Wally strikes back but goes a little too personal for Akeela's taste, so she slaps him on the head. Something comes up on Wally's computer screens.

The search of the DIA on Blake seems to have more sinister connotations. It appears that the agency is curious on how Hawkeye operates and how it was able to bring in such successes in crime prevention. Hawkeye's success is due to Dash's abilities and not on the program's algorithms. Akeela discerns that the DIA snooping around may draw their eyes towards the Pre-Cog in their midst.

On Brian's farm, Vega spots a bullet hole in the rental home's door. She asks Gabby about it and  tells her that she is with the police and believes that her family may be in danger.

Elsewhere in the island, Dash and Arthur were brought to Fetz's place. The men open the drone and find nothing but malaria medication. Dash notes the large amount of dried tobacco in the room. Tobacco is illegal, and Fetz says that he earns a large income from distributing it while he forces local farmers to plant it. The twins ask if Brian is involved. Fetz says no and notes that he is a problem since Gabby is against tobacco. Dash, then, spots large amounts of pesticide and foolishly wonders aloud what a non-farmer like Fetz would do with large amounts of that stuff. Dash asks if he plans on using it on farmers who don't want to cooperate.

This question prompts Fetz to lock Dash and Arthur in the room with the pesticides, but, because they are Pre-Cogs, Arthur uses his ability to get the combination for the lock, and the twins escape to go to Brian's farm. Fetz spots them, and he and his men pursue them.

On Brian's farm, Gabby reveals to Vega that Fetz has been giving them trouble for not planting tobacco. They hear a bird chirping -- it is a a whippoorwill like in Agatha's vision. They rush out to find Brian checking on their dog who has died; they note that the animal just drank water. They immediately figure out that the water supply may have been poisoned. Katie is on the other side about to drink from the well, but she is grabbed by Dash, who, at that moment, has just arrived. He and Arthur warn everyone that Fetz is coming.

Arthur uses his ability to see how many men are coming and what weapons they are bringing. The group realizes that they are hopelessly outgunned with Vega as the only one who is armed. Agatha says they have skills, and they urge the family to hide in the rental home.

Fetz arrives, and one of his men finds Brian's family and locks them up inside the rental home where they are supposed to hide. The rest of the men are slowly ambushed by Arthur, Vega, and Dash. The tables are turned, and they are caught. The trio are made to stand in front of the rental home while Fetz's men cover it with gasoline. Ss Fetz is about to ignite it with his lighter, Agatha bursts a pipe and unleashes water on the unsuspecting men. This gives Arthur, Dash, and Vega the chance to grab the weapons away from Fetz and his group, and the family is saved!

The next day, as the Pre-Cogs say their goodbyes in the dock, Agatha warns Dash to be careful -- after all that has happened, it seems that the older Pre-Cog still does not trust the detective. She makes her feelings very clear to Vega, saying "We'll see who is right on how things will turn out."


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