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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Minority Report: 01x07, Honor Among Thieves

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
11/07/2015 6:06 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Minority Report: 01x07, Honor Among Thieves | Thieves
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So far Minority Report has delved into the past of Vega and Agatha, and in what has become a sort of tradition, another main character gets to share in the moments that made him who he is. It's not Dash, but with how things are going, he'll probably get his own relive-the-past episode soon. The one who is strutting to memory lane is none other than his twin Arthur. This wasn't very apparent with the episode's cold opening, which is a close up of Dash awakening in the milkbath with Wally looking over him. It is the end of Precrime. And after physical training sessions where the three are taught to walk and use their muscles again, they are allowed to go their own way, with no identities and a large wad of cash. This way, the government won't be able to track then down. Henry, the present Deputy Director of the DIA, sees all this and he thinks it's a waste. In the present, Dash sees a vision of a stabbing. He and Vega are now in a hurry to prevent it, but even in their haste they are too late to stop it. After stopping several murders, Dash takes losing pretty hard. So he leaves the crime scene so as not to be discovered and goes to Arthur. His brother was busy making investments in the diamond trade and seemed annoyed at being disturbed. He tells Dash to leave it to the police since it has already happened. He gives Dash a number to a masseuse to relax. The next day Dash tried to convince Vega to help, but she has the same mindset as Arthur. Since the crime already happened other police officers can handle it, because it is what they do. But Dash couldn't let it go. He uses his sketch of an image of the victim to allow him to run it on facial recognition software. He gets a name and an address -- it is that of a banker who goes by Omri Nellis. Dash leaves, while Vega is on her desk asking about the stabbing on her coms. Strangely there are no reports on it. Dash meanwhile makes it to Omri Nellis' apartment. He meets someone at the door who he assume is Omri's wife. He gives his condolences ,and the wife is shocked to find out about the death. Dash wonders why she wasn't informed. But the wife suddenly grabs him, injecting a sleeping drug , that makes him pass out. Then a flashback, to the precogs after freedom. They enter a bar where Arthur gets his first beer and bonds with a pretty bartender. Meanwhile Agatha speaks to Dash of their destination, an isolated island called Fiddler's neck. Back in Metro Police HQ present day, Vega is unable to contact Dash, she gets worried and drops a voicemail telling him that he found his search history in the police database , and that she will be following him to Omri's apartment. But when she arrives it is too late and she sees sign of a struggle. Using her magical contact lenses she spots blood, she scans it and finds out that it belongs to Dash. So she goes to Dash's apartment which is in disarray as well and she assumed it has been searched. Arthur then arrives and she asks him if he knows something of the crime that Dash was following. Arthur then says yes, he knows who Omri Nellis, and even though he is employed at a bank, he works for someone more sinister. Dash wakes up in what appears to be an abandoned factory. A man and a woman, the one who he though was Omri's wife is guarding him. Their boss an urbane man wearing a polishes suit arrives and starts to interrogate him for knowing about Omri's death when no one else did. Dash says he knows nothing, the man seems to believe him , but he then brings out a calling card bearing the name Arthur Watson which he found in Dash's wallet. The man asks him how he knows this person , Dash replies 'He is my brother'. Another flashback, in a motel Arthur is having an argument with Agatha. He says he doesn't want to go and that he juts wants to see the pretty bartender again. Dash doesn't agree with him, but decides to accompany him back to the bar to play wing man. In the present , Arthur tells Vega that Omri worked for Luka Van Sant, a notorious crime boss and that he most likely have Dash. Vega knows the name and she wants to call on the Metro Police to find Dash. Arthur tells her no, and just wait so that he could talk to Van Sant first. Arthur meets the crime boss in a restaurant. There, Luka tells him that Omri was laundering fifty million dollars for him , and that the money vanished upon the banker's death. He wants Arthur to find it in exchange for releasing his brother. Arthur then contacts Vega, and they meet. Arthur confesses that he knows more than he let on. He reveals that the paramedics who picked up Omri's body worked for him and his associate and that he stole the money. Unfortunately he won't be able to get it back since it is already invested in the Hongkong diamond market. In another flashback, Arthur and Dash arrive in the bar. The bartender is there and entertains the two. But they are interrupted by a man sitting in the corner. He talks rudely to the bartender , which perturbs Arthur. He answers back and tells the man to have some respect. Dash gets a vision, sensing an incoming fight, he pulls Arthur's stool saving him from a sucker punch from the rude man. The punch lands on a bystander and brawl ensues. The twin sneaks off laughing, but they suddenly sense a vision. Dash sees the murder of the bartender by the rude man! In the present, Arthur is in an alleyway waiting for Van Sant's associate, while Vega, Akeela and Wally watches from his house using a camera on a drone. A man arrives ,one of Dash's captors, facial recognition identifies him as Aziz Malik. Aziz asks Arthur where the money is, he responds and says that he doesn't have it yet, he then asks for his brother. Aziz throws him a box, Arthur opens it and sees a finger. He angrily accosts Aziz. But Vega tells him to hold, over his earpiece. Another flashback and we see the conclusion of the precogs journey. Arthur wants to save the bartender, but Dash holds him back, Agatha arrives and tells him that they need to look into their future. They argue and they hear a scream, Arthur runs to it and finds that the bartender is dead. In the present in Wally's house. Akeela scans the finger and confirms that it is Dash's finger. Vega has had it, she tells Arthur she is calling Metro Police and will call in a sweep of the city for Dash. Arthur leaves and tells her that he will buy some time and talks to Van Sant. Aziz goes back to where Dash is being watched over by the supposed wife of Omri. She confronts Aziz and tells him 'You killed him' referring to her husband. Apparently all the time that Dash has been a captive, he was able to remember the murder of the woman's actual husband. He is able to convince her by telling her intimate knowledge of her life. and that of her husband. She then holds out a sketch of Aziz killing her husband , something she found in Dash's notebook. Aziz angrily points a gun at Dash, but the woman brings out her own. Dash senses the incoming murder, and she shoots. Dash then speaks out, calling Arthur's name. Arthur too senses the murder and he gets the woman's name. He calls Vega and tells her that he got a vision of a murder where Dash is present. He gives her the name: Cleo Witcher. He drops the call just as Van Sant's men arrive. Akeela who is besides Vega scans the name and cross references it with Wally. They narrow down a possible location where Dash may be held captive: an abandoned sugar factory that Cleo's family owned. Vega goes to the factory with a SWAT team and is able to rescue Dash. Meanwhile Arthur is brought before Van Sant. Arthur then receives a text message from Vega. It flashes on his bracelet saying that they got Dash and that he is safe. That is when Arthur made his move. He makes a speech about "No honor among thieves", and reveals to Van Sant that he knows that he made his fortune by stealing his Eastern Asian's partners share of their illegal activities. And as if on cue Asian thugs comes in surrounding Van Sant's outnumbered men. Arthur then reveals that he has invested the money on the Hongkong diamond market whose proceeds he will give to Van Sant's former partners, he in turn will receive a brokerage fee. He then steps out leaving the crime boss to his fate. Back in Metro PD HQ, DIA Deputy Director Henry speaks to Blake. He seems very interested in Vega's success rate, something which disturbs Blake, especially since he has assumed that he will be vetted for the DIA job. In Wally's basement, Dash gets his finger stitched back on by a machine. When it is done his remorseful brother gives him a hug. Arthur then tells Vega, "That it's been fun, but let's not do it again," to which Vega agrees. In the past, as the precogs drive to Fiddler's neck, Dash apologizes to Arthur for holding him back. Arthur is pensive and with a stony face he says, "I'll be fine".


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