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Minority Report: 01x08, The American Dream

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
11/18/2015 5:18 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Minority Report: 01x08, The American Dream | American Dream
Media Courtesy of IMDB

Minority Report returns once again to delve into the past of another main character, and, this time, it is the turn of Blake, Vega's superior in Metro Police. His predicament mirrors the plight of modern-day Latinos, or immigrants in general, in the United States. It seems very timely with all that is going on in the news right now.

This episode opens up with Wally checking in on the Pre-Cog milkbath during the time of Pre-Crime's operation. Dash, in particular, seems shaken, but, all of a sudden, a vision comes to light, and it is emblazoned on the screen above them.

It shows what appears to be an upper class family having dinner, but transitions to what is really happening in real time as an argument ensues between husband and wife as the young teenage son watches on. The young man stands up to defend his mother, and we find out that the husband is his stepdad. As the argument escalates, the ground shakes. The police come hurtling in and arrest the husband for the future crime of murdering his wife. The teenage boy clutches at his mother, and, as it turns out, it is Blake in his youth.

Fast forward to present time, and Dash is in his apartment showing Vega sketches of his latest vision. He reveals he saw a baseball cap, an octopus drawing, someone getting shot, and an image of the torch of the statue of liberty. Vega points this out as a clue to the upcoming amnesty day, for which the torch is a symbol. She figures that it might be the day the crime may happen.

Later in Metro Police HQ, Akeela scans through the sketches and point out that the logo on the cap is that of a restaurant owned by a man named Martin Epe, who already has a criminal record. Vega suspects him of using the restaurant as a criminal front.

Dash and Vega go to the restaurant, but they are joined by Blake, who is curious as to what makes this dynamic duo so successful. Vega, of course, makes it appear that this is due to the analysis of the Hawkeye program. Dash and Vega try to make it look like they suspect Martin Epe due to an usual behavioral pattern.

They end up speaking with Epe in his restaurant, but Dash is distracted and spots a delivery boy who is about to leave wearing a baseball cap. Dash shares his suspicion with the other two, and Blake asks Epe who that is. Martin replies that it is his employee, Felix. Blake calls the delivery boy. One man in the background seems annoyed at the prospect of Felix talking to the cops, and he stands up and leaves. Dash sees that he has a octopus tattoo.

Felix is held at Metro Police HQ. Vega and Blake goes through his delivery bag, which contains drugs and a gun. They infer that he is a runner.

Meanwhile, outside, Akeela and Dash have a talk on why Felix seemed to interest Blake. Akeela tells Dash that Felix is a '14'. Dash, not being educated since he was in the milkbath during his youth, is confused; Akeela explains that, four decades ago, Congress granted amnesty to all illegal aliens living in the United States but, as a compromise, the 14th Amendment was repealed, closing all doors to everyone else. Felix is such a case, and that is why he is called a '14'.

Blake and Vega go to the holding room and question Felix. The delivery boy says he just delivers and really has no idea in what is in the bag that he carries. Blake believes him, but Vega is more skeptical; she brings out the drawing of the Octopus and asks Felix if the person he works for is affiliated with the symbol. Blake though is shocked at the drawing and seems to be familiar with it. He lets Felix go and tells Vega that they are done with him. This angers Vega, but Blake refutes her and asks why she is so sure that Felix is guilty. 'Is it the informant?' he asks, referring to his suspicion of a tipster working with her. (He, of course, means Dash, he just doesn't know it yet.) Vega storms off.

Blake goes back to his office and ponders when Akeela comes in. She says that she has sent him an email of the research she compiled of him for the DIA vetting process. Akeela says that he is boring, but the DIA may snoop around his father's Pre-Crime conviction.

'Stepfather,' Blake corrects. He tells her that his mom only married that man to secure a visa for him and to provide a good upbringing. Akeela nods in understanding and leaves. Blake then asks whatever happened to his stepfather. Akeela says that, according to the archives, he died in Open Vistas, the asylum where Pre-Crime convicts were placed at the end of the program.

Later, Blake attends a meeting with the DIA and various law enforcement agencies. The Deputy Director states that they have intercepted coded messages of Memento Mori and will need everyone's help in foiling whatever terror plot that they suspect will unfold.

Meanwhile, Dash and Vega go and see Arthur to get names. In light of what happened to Dash in the previous episode, he provides them with two: Felix Alvares, which they already know, and Tendo Guita. Vega calls it in to Akeela to make a database search. She answers back that Tendo, or 'El Polpo,' is the leader of the Octopus gang. She asks for his whereabouts, and Akeela says he came back to the restaurant.

Dash and Vega immediately go, leaving Arthur behind. Blake makes an appearance, confronting Arthur thinking that he might be Vega's informant. Arthur goes with this fallacy, but, when Blake leaves, he tells his scary assistant to look into Blake.

In the restaurant, which is eerily empty, Dash and Vega are greeted by a lone waitress when Blake suddenly arrives. He reveals that he knows about Arthur as Vega's informant. Dash gets a vision, He warns the two of them that the waitress who had just slipped back into the kitchen is not a waitress but a robber with two accomplices. Vega and a confused Blake go in pursuit; in the middle of the shootout, Dash, who, once again, senses the future, saves Blake from being shot. The robbers escape, but Blake realizes that Dash's reflexes aren't a fluke. He figures that Dash is a Pre-Cog. 'You're one of them,' he says.

Dash is held in a secure room in Metro Police while Vega tries to convince Blake to let Dash go, but Blake wants to turnover Dash to the DIA.

Dash is given a chance to escape by Akeela, but he doesn't take it. When Blake questions him, he convinces him to help him solve the incoming murder before turning him in.

Blake agrees with it and helps them analyze the clues. He puts up the drawing of the octopus and reveals his familiarity with the gang since he did grow up around that area. He shows them a pattern in the tentacles, saying that it shows a number, 7 and 9 --which means that El Polpo is between 7th and 9th Avenues.

They go to the street and find Felix there. The delivery boy says that he is only there to get back an important package from El Polpo. He doesn't know what it is, but they stole it and he needs it badly or he is trouble with his boss Martin. Blake tries to convince him not to go with it, since they figured with Dash's vision that he may kill Tendo in the process.

They are unable to turn back, as Tendo's men suddenly surround them. They are taken to the gang leader in the middle of his drug packaging area. Blake tries to negotiate, but Dash, seeing how the future unfolds, uses it to turn the tables on the gang, he even saves Blake's life once again by warning him of a shot from behind. In the chaos, Felix finds his package.

He doesn't get to go with it, though, and Blake tells him that he needs to turn it over but makes him an offer to cooperate and take down his boss, Martin's, illegal courier business. Felix agrees and leaves. Blake shouts that he will still need to do community service, though, and that he would be checking in on him.

Blake speaks with Dash and Vega, telling them that he has no plans on revealing their secret.

Back in Dash's apartment, though, Arthur is there and is not too happy with the news that their secret is known to someone else. He punches Dash and says 'This changes everything.'

In police HQ, Vega and Akeela open up the package Felix handed in. It is nothing more than a first edition book, which as Akeela's scans point out, was stolen. Vega wonders why everyone went all through that for a simple book.

Later, an old bearded man walks into Metro Police HQ. He asks where to recover stolen goods. He is able to get hold of the book, and he shines UV light on it, which reveals an emblazoned hidden writing: 'Memento Mori'. He opens it and rips out a page, shines a light on it, and glittering hidden blue letters show some sort of plan and a DNA sequence.


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