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Minority Report: 01x09, Memento Mori

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
11/26/2015 1:15 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Minority Report: 01x09, Memento Mori | Memento Mori
Media Courtesy of Credit: Katie Yu/FOX

Minority Report has finally delved into the story arc they have been building up all season. There have been hints here and there of the Pre-cogs being forced back into the milkbath hive mind they were connected into, as well as the DIA warning of the terrorist group, only known by using the phrase 'Memento Mori.'

This episode opens straight to the point, as DIA Deputy Director Blomfeld is followingan important looking man in what appears to be a large warehouse. He is asked about the operations on finding out the imminent terrorist attack of the seemingly invisible Memento Mori. Blomfeld says he has nothing to report, but shows instead a way to find answers. A newly built milkbath is revealed, and he ominously points out that it lacks only three things, which doesn't bode well for our hero Dash, but luckily, twin brother Arthur is one step ahead as he watches the warehouse from afar using a hidden camera, he puts two and two together and realizes the implications.

All is well, though, on his brother's side; finally, this show brings us a musical number by Tony Award-nominee Broadway star, Stark Sands (you know, the guy who plays Dash). This happens via future Karaoke in Vega's house. Akeela is also present, and so is Blake, who has been taken into the fold. Where is Wally, though? Why didn't they bother to invite him?

The festivities are cut short with Dash getting a vision. In a few moments, he is able to sketch everything significant. They spot a few clues: the word Tav-8 emblazoned in a jacket (sounds exactly like Tveit, another Broadway star turned cop-drama TV star, is that a hint?), a guy twisting a ring , and a likeness o the victim, who Akeela identifies as Senator Eileen Meizhou-Shi, an advocate of Steven's law who will be at Wenda's lab next day.

So that's where Dash and Vega go. They encounter Agent Shale first, the Senator's Chief of Security who reveals that the Legislator does not lack threats. She is especially targeted because of Steven's law, a bill that seeks to allow gene-line therapy for humans to get rid of inherited diseases. Dash wonders why people will be against it--the Senator, who has just arrived, hears him and answers the question. The technology will also allow the manipulation of more than just disease; it will also give humans the power to pick features they wish their child to have, like better skin or stronger stamina. (That sounds like Gattaca to me--will there be a sci-fi crossover?)

The Senator then walks out. Dash and Vega follow and she asks Shale if it is okay if they follow the Senator around to assess the threat. Shale is more than happy to have another pair of eyes looking after the Senator, and this assent proves immediately fruitful as Dash spots a man twiddling a ring on his finger, and it is the old man from the end of last week's episode, the one who held the Memento Mori book!

Dash calls on Vega, and the detective gives chase. Unfortunately, the man is able to evade capture.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town...

Arthur has summoned Blake to his apartment. The Pre-cog shows the cop the video of Harry Blomfeld and the important man beside him, who Blake names as Senator Reynolds, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Arthur already knows this and he tells Blake that he also knows that there is a milkbath within the warehouse those two just emerged from. He then asks Blake to give a disc to the Senator, a copy of something that could ruin him; something that will only go away if Reynolds agrees to shut down the plan. Blake is disgusted and walks out, not wanting to blackmail a government official.

Arthur then moves to plan B--he tells his assistant to call Deputy Chief Palmer, who owes him a favor.

The next day, Harry Blomfeld goes to see a retired General working for the private sector. It appears that Arthur was successful in stopping a prediction program to start. And thus, the DIA director thought about getting private backing instead. He convinces the General to greenlight it.

Back in Metro Police HQ, Akeela says that there is no record of the man Vega chased, so Vega suggests that she search for video feeds of people with no record instead, since everyone else would be identified by the system. Dash then receives a call from Arthur, who wants him to go to his apartment.

Dash and Vega do as Arthur asks, they go to his apartment. They are joined there by Agatha via holographic call, Arthur shows the two what the DIA has been up to. The two Pre-cogs then ask Dash to stop all his murder prevention activities. He protests, but Vega agrees. She tells Dash that he has done enough and that maybe it is time to find a new line of work, she then leaves. Dash is still not convinced, he then turns away.

He proceeds to Wally, he asks his former caretaker to extract the vision so he can view it. Upon close inspection, Dash was able to infer that a part of it was on a reflection and that the name Tav-8 was not accurate, since it is a mirror image and, when flipped, it actually says 8-Vat. But when he turns to leave to report the breakthrough, he spots someone knocking on the door. Dash hides, as Wally lets the person and his companions in. It is Harry Blomfeld. Initially, the DIA deputy director tells Wally that he appears as a terrorist threat. But Wally turns the tables and tells Blomfeld that he knows he is here for one reason, the Precogs who he took care of. Blomfeld then asks Wally to join him and help him find the Precogs. Wally refuses, which prompts Blomfeld to tell his men to take Wally's equipment. But little did they know, theirs is a fail safe. As they move to take it all out, an EMP is ignited and all the hardware explodes. And so Blomfeld leaves empty handed.

With the coast clear, Dash goes to Metro HQ and tells Vega about Blomfeld and Vat-8. He promises that this will be his last case. Vega then turns to Blake to ask him to talk to Blomfeld and find out as much as he can.

Akeela is able to identify Vat-8 as an industrial company specializing in creating artificial meat. Dash and Vega go to the Vat-8 factory. They break in and find the half-destroyed book from last week, the one under UV light would reveal the name Memento Mori. The man they are after then puts up an appearance and tries to lock them in. But Vega is able to blow up the door, they give chase, but the man eludes them again.

Back in Metro Police HQ, Blake speaks with Blomfeld.The DIA Director finally reveals to him that they plan on bringing in the Precogs as a precaution against the impending Memento Mori attack. Blake seems uncertain and he may be leaning in on telling Blomfeld about the Precogs, but he appears to hold back.

Meanwhile, Akeela is finally able to identify the man using a piece of DNA from the crime scene. He says the DNA is a match for a certain genius doctor named Lionel Grey who vanished years ago. They speculate that he must have had reconstructive surgery to change his appearance, and that he may have been using Vat-8 equipment to create a biological weapon. Dash then says that his vision is shifting, for some reason Grey will no longer be using the Vat-8 jacket since Dash and Vega had spotted him in the factory, but the murder will take place.

Meanwhile, Blomfeld holds another meeting with the retired general named Bridge. He reveals a lead, a man who infiltrated the DIA and downloaded information about the milkbath. He states that the man had been living in a place called Fiddler's neck and had met a woman named Agatha before he was gunned down by Marshals.

Vega and Dash decide to watch over Senator Eileen on her next appearance. The Senator brings in a few patients with genetic diseases on stage as an argument for passing Steven's law. But as it turns out one of them is Grey in disguise. They are able to tackle him, but he is able to splash the Senator with a liquid. Which causes her to go sick.

They later find out it is instantaneously changing her DNA. Vega interrogates Grey, but the man is adamant and states that there is nothing that anyone can do. Dash then calls Vega out, he shows her a video of the Senator, affirming what Grey said--nothing can be done.

Back at Arthur's apartment, a guest arrives, it is Agatha. She says Blomfeld had arrived on Fiddler's Neck and that she had only escaped in time. She warns Arthur that she saw the vision again--this time stronger. A vision of Vega looking down on them as they are placed on the milkbath.

And the show finally gets way more interesting.


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