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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Minority Report: 01x10, Everybody Runs

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
12/03/2015 6:18 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Minority Report: 01x10, Everybody Runs | Everybody Runs
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It has been a wild ride with Minority Report, it has had some ups and a lot of downs but too bad that it is when the season is about to close that the interesting stuff happens.

But still the season finale opens up with the all too familiar flashback. We get to see Wally the first time he gets to meet the Precogs after being interviewed for the job. We witness how he truly cares about these kids , and how horrified he was at the prospect of them being put down for the next sixty years of their lives. So it isn't really surprising that they trust him even up to the present time.

Now back in real time,Harry Blomfeld is already briefing the 'General' on what he has found out in the course of his investigations. He reports that they tracked down Harry Peel (the guy who downloaded the milkbath file) to Fiddler's Neck. Through him they are able to trace Agatha in her cottage, but with her future sight she is able to escape. Unfortunately Blomfeld is able to scrub the place with DNA samples and use it to reconstruct what the faces of the occupants look like. He presents the facial constructs to the general with a bonus- Vega's DNA was also found and she at least was registered in the system.

Meanwhile back in Metro Police HQ, Vega is still interrogating Dr. Grey. She is getting nowhere with him since he seems trained to fool the analysis of his vitals and is able to control his responses. The Feds then arrive , interrupting the interrogation .

Dash who is waiting outside is fetched by his brother's assistant Andromeda who beckons him to go with her.

The Feds then speak with Vega and the other high ranking cops including Blake. They state that since this is a matter of national security, they have been authorized to take over the investigation. Vega wishes to help but she is told that the Feds have enough staff on hand, but still she warns them that catching Dr. Grey was too easy 'He wants to be here' she tells them. With the meeting done , she then walks out and asks Akeela where Dash is. Akeela responds that she was fetched by Arthur's tall assistant. Vega infers that Dash may be going to his brother's apartment so she follows.

At Arthur's apartment, Vega is shocked to find Agatha there with the twins. Agatha explains that Blomfeld had gone to Fiddler's Neck and she had barely escaped. Obviously worried, Vega tells them ' You need to leave the city now". Arthur agrees with her but Dash rebuts. He says that only three people went in to see Wally and he was never brought in, he then speculates that Blomfeld may be acting on his own without DIA authorization. Agatha also has a reason for staying, she says that no matter what they did her vision never changed, "Maybe running away is futile' she says.

The three argue but its cut short when a vision begins. The Precogs are able to witness the impending terrorist attack. Vega asks them about it , and they say the attack is indoor, Arthur gets a lot of names and the number 99. But Dash has a different vision-a Minority Report- a vision that only one of them sees. He states that he saw a park and not a place indoors. He wants to go to Wally, but Vega says that is too dangerous with that place being watched. Vega instead says that she will warn Metro Police.

So Vega rushes to Metro Police HQ and tells Blake that their is an imminent attack. She wants to interrogate Grey but Blake tells her that the Feds are still asking him questions. So Vega jostles in, she communicates her questions to Agent Shane who is with the Feds in the interrogation room. He asks her questions " What is the significance of the number 99" - " Is that the number of senators left to kill?". Grey responds to the question and the Feds decide to invite Vega in.

Vega bolts in, still firing her questions. But before she gets a significant answer, Grey bites into a toxin hidden into his mouth that renders him comatose. The Feds decide to extract the information by directly extracting his brain which isn't really that efficient since it comes out as a jumbled vision.

Meanwhile outside Blomfeld arrives. And he wants to talk with Vega. He interrogates her asking her about Fiddler's neck and then shows her the composite faces taken from the Precog's DNA. She is asked if she ever saw this three. Vega answers only the woman, Agatha who she asked a few questions regarding the illegal tobacco ring. Blake then walks in and Blomfeld thanks him for allowing the use of Metro Police database to identify the faces. Vega is shocked and she asks 'Why not use the DIA database-not unless this isn't a DIA case' she accuses. Disgusted she walks out and spots Akeela.

But the tech officer calms her down and says that Blake tipped her off and she was able to erase the Precogs faces from the database. Vega is relieved but she tells Akeela that they need to get the Precogs out of the city.

They rush back to Arthur's apartment , to help the Precogs leave as well as assist them in fooling all the cameras in the city to avoid detection. But in the middle of the discussion Dash sneaks out. Arthur could only sigh , but Agatha says ' He's always been the strongest one'. Which is amusing coming from the most powerful of the Precogs , but then again she was most likely referring to Dash's moral fiber and determination.

Dash, as it turns out, has gone to Wally's, and he asks his former care taker to once again extract his vision.

Back in Metro Police HQ, the Feds are able to mine something out of Grey's memory. It shows water , and they speculate that the attack might be on the city's water supply. But Vega who had just returned tells Blake that this does not add up. Grey may be a terrorist but he is only trying to prevent 'Jacob's law' from passing in the Senate, he will not attack civilians , she explains. Blake agrees and they both infer that maybe Grey had ingested the toxins so that the Feds would mine his memory for implanted fake clues.

Vega then asks Akeela about the names Arthur got from his vision. Akeela cross references it and says that this are all names of Senatorial staffers. Vega thinks that the attack would be on Capitol Hill, and it will be done when they are distracted checking in on the Water treatment plant on the other side of town. She warns Agent Shale, but he says his superior won't accept intelligence without actual evidence. But at that moment a call comes in, Grey has awakened and wishes to speak with Vega. She speaks with him, and without missing a beat he confirms the attack on Capitol Hill.

A mandatory evacuation is sounded and all the Legislators and staff are rushed to a bunker. Inside some of the people complain of the heat and wonder why the air conditioning is not working. In a far wall, numbers rise up, citing the room temperature.

Back at Wally's , Dash is annoyed at seeing only the girl on a swing in a park. His consternation is cut short when Blomfeld enters with a bodyguard. He apprehends the two but as they walk out, they are shot at with stun guns by Andromeda and another one of Arthur's bodyguards. Agatha and Arthur then walk in.

The Precogs then have a talk with Blomfeld. They tell him that they are willing to help but without DIA interference. They want Blomfeld to bring them to his milkbath but no record of what happened must be kept and that they should be allowed to go afterwards. Arthur says that Andromeda and his bodyguard will keep watch and make sure that they behave.

They then go to the warehouse where the milkbath is located , Dash calls Vega of what is going on and tells her to wait for the transmission of their shared vision. The Precogs are then jacked in , and the same vision of the attack is shown. But Dash's still show the park, upon closer inspection they see a name ,Stackhouse park. Vega who is watching the visions from Metro Police HQ with Blake and Akeela says that is besides Capitol Hill, they then spot another thing in the background that of a door to a shed with a man's arm sticking out of it. They assume that the park may be above the bunker and that the terrorists may be in that door.

Blake and Vega rush to Stackhouse park, they look for the shed and the door. They spot it and saw the arm sticking out, they run to it and see a man lying down 'He is alive ' Vega says. They then run inside and as it turns out it leads underground to the air conditioning vent for the bunker.

Inside the bunker, things are getting hot as the thermostat slowly rises near 99.

In the air conditioning vent, two Memento Mori members are about to injects a red liquid to the AC. But Vega and Blake stop them just in time.

Vega calls Wally and tells him that they did it. All of a sudden there is a disturbance in the milkbath as another vision enters. As it is projected on screen it shows Andromeda getting shot. Knowing the implication, Andromeda turns back with her gun but it is too late as she is shot by a sniper, Arthur's other bodyguard is also shot.

Vega hears the whole thing and she turns to go to the Warehouse.

The sniper then frees Blomfeld and his companion. Wally calls them traitors, but Blomfeld says that it is for the greater good. He then reveals that he plans to sell the Precogs to the private sector who would utilize their talent. He then goes to the milkbath as he gloats on top of Arthur, the Precog rises up and grabs him. Blomfeld's bodyguards also act , but Arthur and Agatha also spring into action. As it turns out Wally did not drug the Precogs and that Agatha was able to foresee what would happen and had taken steps. But Arthur is inconsolable as he cradles the dying Andromeda, accusing Agatha of not seeing that part.

Vega then arrives, and Wally warns them that the buyers are coming soon and that they need to go. That is when Vega decides to put Blomfeld and the two other agents in the milkbath as a decoy. Arthur wants to kill them since he is worried about 

what would happen when they wake up. But Vega assures him that she will take the heat for this, she will tell the truth but by then the Precogs would be far away. They then move out, but as they are about to leave, the Precogs get another vision of a murder, Vega looks back and sees Arthur going into the warehouse again 'I can't let them get away with it' he says. Vega runs after him, but she is surprised to see him kneeling on the floor watching. She looks up and sees Wally manipulating the controls of the milkbath, he purposely drowns the Blomfeld and the other two in the machine.

Dash and Agatha come in and are also shocked at what they are seeing, Wally looks at them and screams " Run!". The Precogs and Vega obey, and they run out of the warehouse.

Now for the important question, will we get a Season 2?


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