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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Missy's Secrets Are Revealed On This Week's Doctor Who

Adam Barta | PopWrapped Author

Adam Barta

11/03/2014 9:43 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Missy's Secrets Are Revealed On This Week's Doctor Who | Doctor Who
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After a long journey this season with Clara and the new Doctor, we have finally arrived at Terminus!... wait, errr, wrong show. No, we've finally arrived at this season's journey's end, and we are about to finally unravel the mystery of who - or what, Missy is. If you haven't seen the episode yet, stop reading NOW! This episode is an emotionally charged roller coaster that really brings us back into the Who-verse, once more, with feeling. The scenes between Clara and the Doctor are some of the most touching of her and either Doctor (Smith or Capaldi), and whether you like or hate her, by the end you'll definitely feel empathy for her plight. The punches come right at the start, as during the very opening sequence, Mr. Danny Pink meets an untimely end. No, he's not disintegrated by a Dalek beam, or shot with a Sontaran gun, but meets a very plain demise at the hands of mere automobile. The scariest parts of Doctor Who are, perhaps, those which are are so real and "ordinary" as Clara puts it, because we know that it could happen at any time to any of us. However, as we see Clara cope with Danny's death (and of course WE know - and she should as well - that based on the future she saw, this is not the end of him), it's quickly evident she's not giving him up without a fight and turns to the Doctor, presumably to travel back and save him. Instead of reasoning with the Timelord, she decides to threaten him by stealing all 7 of his Tardis keys and throwing them in an active volcano (which is apparently the only way to destroy them). A desperate woman indeed, she does throw all the keys into the lava after the Doctor explains that he can't alter her timestream to save him from dying because it would cause a paradox. However it's a false alarm because the Doctor had managed to induce a dream-like state in Clara, so it was all a hallucination, however it did prove the desperate lengths she was willing to go to save Danny, including betraying him. Hope that's not foreshadowing in any way! The Doctor then tells her to "go to hell", and they indeed do, as he has Clara interface with the Tardis mental linking system to take them to wherever Danny's soul may be (one thing I wondered is why would it be in Hell? Was he secretly evil that we didn't know about?). And Missy is about to make her grand entrance as we know already she's the guardian of the "nethersphere". Danny is greeted by the creepy accountant-like-man named Seb that is working for Missy, and he informs him that he IS dead, and as Danny adjusts to the shock and looks out the window, he sees a giant city fully of bright lights and what appears to be eternal night. Meanwhile, Clara and the Doctor land in a mausoleum that is populated with skeletons in giant fish tanks. Almost reminds me of the Silence in "The Wedding of River Song." They're not meant to keep the skeleton monsters protected. They're meant to protect the people from the skeleton monsters. Well, we finally get the long awaited introduction we had been wishing for with Missy. And instantly I realized that she's much more a compatible romantic interest for the Doctor than Clara, so perhaps they'll be some sexual tension. And indeed there is as she begins to make out with the Doctor to welcome him to the mysterious 3W Corp, which she attributes to her "emotional" program being set too high. She also explains what she is, and it's something I haven't seen anybody guess - a "multi-function interactive welcome droid"! As Clara and the Doctor meet with her "maker," Doctor Chang, he explains that the 3W corp is an organization that was created to save people who die from the horrible reality that their minds are still connected to their bodies, and they still feel everything afterwards. The 3W stands for "3 words" that were heard in a telepathic communication from the dead, namely "don't cremate me!" because the mind will still feel all the pain from the fire. As weird as it sounds, it gets even weirder when Danny Pink phones Clara in the office (the wifi is THAT good in the afterlife - and it's explained it's because they have Steve Jobs working for them!). The Doctor leaves Clara to discern if it really IS Danny, and through a series of heartbreaking questions, he refuses to answer. Not because he can't, but because he feels that by giving Clara that hope she is going to endanger her own life to come and rescue him. His noble sacrifice leaves him with a choice - to delete his "mind" from the 3W matrix and forget he ever existed in order to save Clara or to forge on and risk her life to save his soul. The whole concept does make sense in the Who-verse, especially for anyone that's seen "Silence in the Library". They've basically taken the concept that the Doctor used to save River, and applied it to a new mysterious foe. The last few minutes of the episode are more action packed and exciting than this whole season put together. Doctor Chang reveals that Missy lied about being a droid and that she's actually his boss! Now if you reevaluate that kissing sequence earlier, you'll realize that Missy, being an actual living being, had meant to kiss the Doctor. Again, sexual tension and a possible romantic interest? Could she be the anti-River song? Missy incinerates Chang and then further reveals that those skeletons are actually - Cybermen in hiding! As they are released on the streets of London, the Doctor asks Missy one more time, just who she is. And the answer is shocking - Missy is short for Mistress, which is the female version of -- The Master! Le gasp! Two huge things we've just been hit with. Not only is the Master still alive, we know now that Timelords can switch sexes when they regenerate, opening the way for the much rumored female Doctor Who. To be continued...

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