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Television PopWrapped | Television

Modern Family: 06×17 Closet? You'll Love It!

Abbie Sedgeman | PopWrapped Author

Abbie Sedgeman

03/13/2015 9:06 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Modern Family This week's episode of Modern Family begins with Lily preparing for her school talent contest, but Cam has organized extra-curricular activities--ballet and karate--in the hope that she'll tire herself out, then won't perform and embarrass herself. Mitch manages to intervene and forces Cam to practice a bit more with Lily, but when Cam tries to find Lily a more appropriate song, and chooses 'Kung Fu Fighting,' Mitch shuts him down and tells him that Lily can sing whatever she wants. However when it comes down to performing, Lily gets freaked out and leaves. Gloria is taking Joe off his pacifier cold turkey, much to Jay's distaste as he is trying to watch TV, until he sees the new Closets Closets Closets Closets commercial. Claire has been working for 2 months on a commercial idea, but Jay decides to scrap it after seeing the competition, retreating to his 'great' commercial from 30 years ago. Claire is doubtful though, not really understanding the meaning behind the original slogan: "Closets? You'll Love It!" Upon filming, the rest of the team come to the conclusion that Jay's commercial stinks, and they ask Claire to fire him, which she attempts to do, but it does not go down well with Jay, especially after she reveals her children refer to him as 'Grumpa.' Phil, Gloria, Manny, and Luke are enjoying the poolside until a drone arrives that seems to be filming Gloria. Phil and Manny attempt to knock it out of the sky, but Luke accidentally shines a light on Phil, effectively blinding him, then Phil loses his swimming trunks and trips over the hose Manny was holding, falling into the pool wearing only his shirt. The drone leaves pretty quickly after that, but it soon returns, until, as a team, Jay, Phil, Luke, and Manny (with the help of Gloria) manage to get it out of the sky. Haley and her date are enjoying a carnival with Andy, who is waiting for Beth, but at the last minute she cancels again, which bothers Haley. She still hasn't actually met her, and tells Andy that it sucks that she has 'flaked out on you like one hundred times.' Haley bails on the date and joins her family for a swim, but finds out that Andy is in the hospital with appendicitis. She decides to visit him and tells him not to settle and that he should reach for her if he wants, but Andy falls asleep, and the Beth rushes in to her boyfriend's side.

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