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Modern Family: 07x02, The Day Alex Leaves For College

Abbie Sedgeman | PopWrapped Author

Abbie Sedgeman

10/02/2015 9:13 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Modern Family: 07x02, The Day Alex Leaves For College | Modern Family
Media Courtesy of Facebook

On Modern Family this week, it is Alex’s big day; she’s leaving for college! Except she told Claire and Phil the wrong date to move to minimise the drama, making them feel a little snubbed. This backfires on Alex, as, when she arrives at college, her roommate is not who she chose; instead, she is sharing a room with a 15 year old prodigy who, despite instantly being fond of Alex, is far from ideal. Even though Alex wants to switch roommates, Haley gives her a small reality check. She is suddenly in a place where people will be cleverer than her, and it may be nice to have someone who idolises her around.

Phil tries to spend more time with Luke to make up for Alex leaving, but Luke would much rather hang out with his friends than his dad. True to Luke’s adorable nature, he doesn’t forget his dad, though, and leaves him a shoebox of duck eggs for which they can build a house the next day.

Mitch has taken on some work helping to sort out estates and wills, which, unsurprisingly, is not the most cheerful occupation. Meanwhile, Cam is busy renting out their upstairs apartment, but the stress of both is starting to get to the couple. They believe they have managed to get over the stress in time to take Lily to her girls' soccer game.

Jay, Gloria and Manny get roped into attending Lily’s soccer game (something none of them want to do). Claire tries to sneak into Jay and Gloria’s house, but they have not left for the game yet, and, amid a bunch of ridiculous lies, all of them say they will leave for the game. Gloria wants Cam and Mitch to feel bad for not believing her lie that Jay had been shot in the foot, so she offers to shoot Jay in the foot (with a pellet gun).

For a minute, the plan works, and Mitch does feel bad about not believing Jay, until Baby Joe tells everyone that Gloria did it, blowing their cover. At the game, Mitch is asked to be the coach because the real coach is out, and he pushes away Cam’s help. He soon realises he needs Cam’s help, though, when the Mums at the game decide that Mitch isn’t suitable and take away his whistle. Together, Cam and Mitch get the whistle back and manage to win the game!

I really enjoyed this episode, but the Alex storyline was quite small despite being the subject of the title. I would assume in the coming weeks, though, that more on Alex’s college life will develop. Let me know what you thought in the comments below!



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