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More Questions Are "Unleashed" This Week On "Teen Wolf"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/29/2013 3:28 am
More Questions Are

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

To my readers: I apologize for the delay in the recap. Unfortunately, the Bruins lost the cup the same night Teen Wolf aired, so I was too sad to watch and then got caught up in a whirlwind week. But I am here now to recap the happenings of Beacon Hills.

We open the episode with another teen having gone missing; this time outside of Dr. Deaton’s office. Instead of just seeing a body vanish we hear a creepy voice along with some equally creepy chanting… What could it mean?! Scott senses something is up but fails to make it outside in time.

Derek goes to make nice with the teacher he saved and you can cut the sexual tension with a knife.

Speaking of sex, Stiles is still convinced that the abductions/killings are linked to virgin sacrifices. That being said he begins to panic seeing as he is a virgin and all. Don’t worry, Danny was quick to offer to take one for the team and on the plus side he’s a cuddler. Stiles is flattered by the offer but learns that Danny was just joking. It was a great Stiles moment for sure!

But back to the killings: Isaac has it out for the Alpha Twins and is seeking revenge. Unfortunately the twins want nothing more than to screw with him; they lure him off the path and plan to attack. Scott finally gets his timing right and steps in to help his friend. Things are about to get wolfy when they hear a scream; the body of the missing teen had been found.

Stiles is quick to question his virginity and defend his sacrifice theory, Isaac on the other hand is convinced it’s the Alphas. Scott is caught in the middle of his two friends and their theories - he feels there isn’t enough to go on just yet.

Meanwhile at the loft Derek and Cora get into an argument about how he is not living up to his alpha potential. Their squabble is interrupted by the Alphas and ends with Derek getting shish kabobed by a pipe.

Deucalion is there to tell Derek how he came to be and to try to get help in taking down Scott. He reveals that each time he killed one of his own pack members he took on their powers. Soon making him….wait for it… The Demon Wolf (except when he said it, it was all angry and dramatic that it shattered his glasses).

Allison and Ms. Morell confront each other as to why they were at the bank during the full moon. We got no real answers, but Allison did manage to land herself in detention. Joining her there is Isaac who the Alpha Twins set up to look like he beat one of them to a pulp. Silly twin wolves, payback’s a bitch. Especially when it’s your toys they mess with. Allison and Isaac are sent to stock the janitor’s closet and the sexual tension is through the roof. What’s with Allison and her wolf obsession?

Isaac begins to freak as he remembers being locked in the freezer in a basement and attacks Allison. Scott once again swoops in and saves the day.  

Stiles is still trying to find a pattern. Unfortunately Kyle was not a virgin so it’s back to the drawing board for theories, but the fact that Kyle was in ROTC sets Stiles’ brain in motion.

Since Scott hasn’t been much help he goes to the next best person (no not Derek) –  Dr. Deaton. Stiles tells Deaton about the Celtic Druids who were mass serial killers of olden days. Deaton admits that they had been denying this for up to 10 years. However, he doesn’t believe this is an actual druid but more of a copycat.

Lydia is back at school and has begun to zone out again. Left alone in the music room she stumbles upon a phone playing weird music. The owner had been recording himself on the piano and that’s when she hears it – the creepy chanting. Stiles and Deaton arrive at the school and deduce that the killings come in 3 and focus on certain groups. Warriors are what they are dealing with now. Stiles is sure that Boyd is the next target, but he is wrong again. It’s Mr. Harris. The chanting starts and we know he’s done for.

The twins morph into super wolf and try to kill Isaac and Scott but Deucalion comes in and slaps them (literally) into place. The boys are puzzled but take it. Down the hall Stiles, Lydia, and Deaton realize Mr. Harris has been taken. Something is odd about the tests he was grading, a message maybe? Darakh – which is when a wise oak (druid) became a dark one. This does not look good.

Derek, shaken by Decaulion’s chat, kicks Isaac out of the loft. What better place to go then with Scott. Does Scott have his own pack forming?

The episode ends with Mr. Harris tied to a tree pleading for his life claiming he is still needed and that the killer will be figured out. So Harris has been involved all along! The killer shows no remorse and chokes him to death anyway.

I really like where this story line is going and I’m intrigued. What or who could this Darahk be?! Only time will tell!


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