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Most Memorable Tyler Oakley Videos

Carleen | PopWrapped Author


Staff Writer
04/12/2017 3:11 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Most Memorable Tyler Oakley Videos | Tyler Oakley
Media Courtesy of Tyler Oakley/YouTube

Youtube King Tyler Oakley recently celebrated 10 years on YouTube, a huge achievement. We here at PopWrapped wanted to celebrate by counting down some of our most memorable Tyler Oakley videos of all time.

10. My Reaction to Darren Criss Photos- I Can’t Even

To be honest, this is the first ever video I had seen of Tyler Oakley. Tyler truly embodied every single Darren Criss fan when photos arose of his beach photoshoot. It was everything and then some. I would have to agree that ‘Everything is Darren and nothing hurts’.

9. Getting Intimate with Darren Criss

Speaking of Darren Criss, during Oakley’s 2014 collaboration month 'AuGUEST', his big finale was a collab with the one and only Darren Criss. I enjoyed watching this video, as they are so similar in many ways. When they went into the speed interview round, I got very giddy. I loved every single moment because two of my worlds collided.

8. The Boyfriend Tag ft. Troye Sivan

This video was every Troyler fan's dream. Even though they weren’t an official couple (in the eyes of the media), every fan knew they were. Their interactions with one another made you giddy and happy to be their fans. This video also won the 2014 Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Collaboration. It was well deserved.

7. Drunk Humming Challenge ft. Sawyer Hartman

I absolutely love any video Tyler does with Sawyer Hartman. You know they are genuine and made simply for entertainment purposes. The enjoyment I just had when watching the two of them humming the most random songs was just wonderful and made me laugh.

6.  Whisper Awkward Pick-up Lines ft. Connor Franta

As part of 2014's AuGuest collaboration month, things got a little awkward for Tyler when he teamed up with Connor Franta to do the Whisper Challenge. This form of the challenge Tyler and Connor whispered awkward pick-up lines to one another. The two of them were so entertaining to watch, and I think Tyler brought Connor out of his shell.

5. Disney Challenge ft. Zoe Sugg

This is every Disney fan's dream. In 2013's "AuGuest", we saw a nice little competition between Tyler and Zoella as they went head to head to answer Disney song trivia. It was so enjoyable to watch, and it made me want to do that challenge with my friends. It was super fun to watch, and they went for three more years with this challenge.

4. Tarantula Challenge ft. Connor Franta

Talk about facing your fears! Tyler and Connor attempted to try and face theirs, as they were given a chance to face their fear of spiders. When I first saw this video, I literally freaked out. Their reactions were pure, and that is not something that can be faked on YouTube.

3. The Only Life Advice You Need

This, to me, is one of his most sincere videos. In true Tyler Oakley fashion, he brings a spin on life advice. This video kind of hits home for me personally because I have had to deal with certain situations like the one he is talking about.

2. Easy 5 Self-Care Tips

This video is another one that personally hits me and I connected with instantly. He gives five little tips, but they make a huge difference, and I am super happy that a video like this exists.

   1. My Favorite Collab Yet ft. My People

Tyler is always thinking about his fans. At the end of 2015’s "AuGuest", Tyler brought his fans together for one big collaboration. Various fans took on Oakley’s #Daretobeyou challenge. This video showed me how inspirational Tyler has become to some many different people.


Well, there you have it: our top 10 most memorable Tyler Oakley videos. Did your favourite make the cut? Let us know!


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