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Prepare For Mother Earth To Chill Out In The Upcoming Maunder Minimum

Faeriesun | PopWrapped Author


07/18/2015 5:15 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Prepare For Mother Earth To Chill Out In The Upcoming Maunder Minimum | Maunder Minimum
Media Courtesy of The Associated Press

Mother Earth chills out as a period of Maunder Minimum  begins in 15 years. In layman's terms, the Maunder Minimum is a period of reduced solar activity.  This is caused by the activity of two magnetic waves emanating from the Sun.  

In the time period from 2030-2040, the pair of waves will be opposite to each other, one on each side of the Sun.  The last time this occurred was between the years 1645 and 1715.   During that time period, the Thames River froze solidly enough that Londoners could and did walk across it!  The reduction in the sun's activity can, and has in the past, lead to cooler temperatures here on earth.

While it is not time to sing "Let It Go" yet, it means that the year 2030 could usher a period of colder winter temperatures for us earthlings. set the net ablaze warning us of a potential mini ice age just 15 years from now.  Today, however, they shed a little more light on the issue.  While weather change is no guarantee, researcher  Valentina Zharkova, a professor at Northumbria University and member of the team that made the discovery says it "could be possible."  Zharkova and her research team presented their findings last week to the Royal Astronomical Society.  

Although we do not need to worry about an environment that would suit Elsa, Zharkova does point out that temperatures will be cold.  She also highlights an even greater concern:  that humanity will cease to see global warming as a serious issue.  She sees this period as a respite given to us by the sun  and points out that, “The Sun buys us time to stop these carbon emissions,".  Hopefully, we will take the opportunity to keep our carbon footprint in check.


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