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Mother Gets Arrested For Calling The Cops

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

03/23/2015 4:26 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Mother Gets Arrested For Calling The Cops | cops
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As if we needed another reason to remind us why the police are not the allies of Black people. A Black mother from the Bronx wanted to teach her young son a lesson about why stealing was bad, and believed a good way to do so was to call the police to come talk to him. Y'know, being that they're symbols of authority and goodness and all that. [Stifled laughter.] When Tyeesha Mobley's 9-year-old son Tyleke took $10 from her purse, instead of punishing him, she saw it as a learning opportunity to have the enforcers of good and justice everywhere [More stifled laughter]  come and speak to him about the difference between right and wrong. Well, she was right about someone being taught a lesson, but wrong about who. When the police arrived, four officers, three of them were amicable and teasing Tyleke about what he did, warning him light-heartedly that he shouldn't steal, lest he should wind up in the back of a police cruiser car. The fourth officer, however, was having a royal power-trip and began to rough-up, harrass, and hand-cuff Tyeesha, arresting her without due reason or justification. He was quoted as saying, "You black b*tches don’t know how to take care of your kids … you need to call the kids' father, not us … we can’t raise your kids … why are you wasting our time, we aren’t here to raise your kid … why don’t you take your fucking kid and leave?" [Profound sigh.] Okay, but who asked you to raise her kids? How is she wasting your time? Is it because she's trying to raise fine Black children like any Black mother would? And 'don't know how to take care of [her] kids'...I'm confused? Isn't that exactly what she's trying to do? By having them be taught a lesson from people in a position of power aside from her, thus reinforcing her message if the boys in blue who stand for the law and the good and right for everyone everywhere [Maniacal laughter] were the ones to deliver it? Regardless, because she wasn't getting any help from the person whose literal job is to help people, who is literally getting paid to help people, she heeded his request to leave. Happy ending, right? Everyone goes home happy, everything's wrapped up, no problems, right? [Delirious cackling.] He changed his mind and decided to arrest her, because fuck her, that's why. Damned if he'd have a logical reason that could be rooted in common sense. When she asked why, he said, in his most authoritative, police, friendly voice, "If you’re going to say another fucking word, I’m going to knock your teeth down your throat." Eloquent. Lovely. Such a gentleman and upstanding officer of the law, that one. As if that wasn't enough, he threw her against the squad car and kicked her legs, despite her protests and her children crying out that he was hurting their mother. If you need another reason why cops are garbage and even other cops know it, a female cop rolled down her window and said, "We are not supposed to act like this" to her colleague. Did he care? No. He'd probably knock her teeth down her throat if she said something else. He instead replied, "Black b*tches like that … this is how I treat them." Ain't it grand we have a misogynist who dabbles in misogynoir as a cop, a person in a position of authority? Her children were separated, taken in separate police cars to a police station because why not traumatize them some more, and she was taken to the hospital for bruising on her legs that she probably got and were justified because she "was resisting arrest" and the black b*tch deserved it, right? I mean, when have the police ever had racialized and discriminatory practices, racial profiling, and consistently antagonized and destroyed their relationship with the Black community? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We all know that's just a movie thing, right? Only in Fictionland. Of course, because we can't leave our heroine in the middle of a story like that, and she needed to face more trials because why the fuck not, she got slapped with 'child endangerment" charges. Understandable. How dare she try to teach her children right from wrong. It's like she endangered them from leading a life of crime. How dare she mess with the status quo? How dare she upset the balance Avatar Korra fought so hard to restore? Her children were subsequently placed in foster care for four months as she fought the charges and had them dismissed. Now she's suing the NYPD. Why? I'm so confused? They were just doing their jobs? Black people get your act together. Don't you know better than to call the cops? Wasting their valuable time like that? She brought that on herself, honestly. Don't worry, cops. I'm on your side. I mean, it's not like you've ever been wrong, right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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