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It Was A Mother of an Episode This Week On Grey's Anatomy

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

10/17/2014 2:26 pm
PopWrapped | Television
It Was A Mother of an Episode This Week On Grey's Anatomy | mother
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Hello Grey's Fans!  Intense episode last week, right? Is it possible this week was more tense? I can tell you, from the start this episode was very mother-centric.  Here's what went down if you missed it: The show opens with Mer watching an old video of her mother, Ellis Grey, give a speech. Derek walks into the room and they have an icy exchange. She also remembers some poignant times she and her mother had in the past. This happens throughout the episode as she tries to remember Ellis being pregnant with Maggie. Ellis, Richard, and Meredith. In a flashback, we see Ellis and Richard together and Richard trying to stop their affair. Ellis, isn't convinced that is the right thing to do. Later, Meredith asks Richard to let her look at Ellis' journals so she can see if there is anything about her being pregnant in them. Richard finds the journals and starts having flashbacks of his own. These also continue throughout the episode. Following this, Mer questions him about a day by the carousel. He says he doesn't remember what has said.  When she looks through a journal later, however, she remembers more details about seeing her mom bleeding and being taken to the hospital after a suicide attempt. Richard comes to Mer later and admits that he lied to her earlier when she asked a question about the carousel. He tells her that he and Ellis were supposed to leave their spouses that day. Richard told Ellis that he wasn't going to leave Adele. Ellis was so devastated, so she went home and attempted suicide. Alex Alex is having a bad day even though the hospital hired him back. In the elevator, Edwards tells him that she heard the votes for the board seat were unanimously Bailey. He goes to Arizona for answers but she is overwhelmed with Dr. Herman's demands. When they meet again to talk about this, Arizona admits and she didn't vote for Alex because she wanted him as an attending so she could work on her fellowship. He also talks to Meredith about this and she says she thinks he would be good, but Bailey would be exceptional and it wouldn't have been fair to him for her to vote "yes." Maggie Apparently, Maggie has resigned. Jackson, Bailey, Owen, and Richard talk about how they can keep her and her only friend Amelia questions her decision, as well. Later, when in surgery with Derek, he questions why she is leaving. Maggie suggests that Meredith has told him the secret of their sisterhood, but he has no idea. When Derek finally talks to her following surgery, Maggie tells him that Ellis and Richard are her birth parents. Derek is quite happy, in fact and tells her not to leave. Amelia Weird alert!  So after hearing about Maggie resigning and getting access to a very sick patient, she calls Derek in to take the case, though they were just fighting, like yesterday. She says since Maggie is resigning that they should do the surgery together because he is a great guy, he and she can tell him anything. It seems she is pushing Derek and Maggie together so he can find out about the sisters. Could the Shepherd Siblings be on better ground? Meredith and Derek Meredith and Derek aren't doing well. They are fighting throughout the episode and at one point, he even tells Mer that she is acting just like her mother. He later apologizes, however, Meredith doesn't take it nicely. In fact, she tells him to go to D.C. When the run into each other again, Derek says he doesn't want to fight, but Mer fires back that he doesn't get to decide that. He tells her that he knows about Maggie and she needs to tell him these things. He needs to know that she is OK. She isn't, but she finally remembers Ellis being pregnant. Derek encourages her to talk to Maggie. She does. She shows Maggie Ellis' journals and tries to give Maggie an idea of who Ellis was. Meredith and Alex A woman comes into the hospital for help a little girl outside and Meredith takes the case. It's a young girl named Nadia. She has a huge mass in her abdomen. The start surgery and they call child protective services for the girl as they don't know who the parents are. Later, Meredith runs into the woman who brought the little girl in and notices she has the same braid as the child. She puts two and two together and realizes it is the mother. In desperation ,the mother tells her they are undocumented and she was afraid to bring her daughter in since she believed authorities would take her. Meredith and Alex eventually find some hospital lawyers to help the family and Alex offers to treat Nadia. Bailey The new board member is trying to solve the mystery about why Maggie is leaving. She suggests that Richard should talk to her, but he is not willing. She figures out that something is going on between Richard and Maggie and questions him again. Her first thought is that "something" happened between the two of them. He simply tells her the truth and she is thrilled because she thought Richard and Maggie slept together. So what did you think of this episode?  I thought it was pretty solid. Let me know if you agree. Though I won't be around next week, I can tell you that it will be a very Callie/Arizona centric episode...are they on the outs?  Stay tuned!

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