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Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington On This Week's Scandal

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/18/2013 11:23 am
PopWrapped | Television
Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington On This Week's Scandal
Media Courtesy of ABC

Jordan Apps

Staff Writer

We open the episode with Olivia on the floor of her bedroom, mouth agape, trying to understand how and why Jake is back in her life and if she can get his blood out of the bed sheets in one or two washes. She dodges calls from Fitz while recalling the conversations with her father and Huck.

Mellie, Fitz and Cyrus are engaging in combat (a normal conversation) about how to present themselves as a family – all of this while trying to feed their kid. Mellie and Fitz are not yet past all that has happened and this is affecting their child, clearly, who has food all over his mouth.

We’re introduced to this week’s plot, I mean client. Her name is Mary Nesbitt and she needs to get something off her chest... She shows up at Pope & Associates with a very generous check and no explanation why. We’ll get back to her in a second. Liv notes that Huck is absent and taking a personal day to which Abby deliciously responds with “We get personal days?”

So, what’s Mary’s story? Oh she just has a bomb strapped to her chest and is ready to blow up the capitol. Just another day in the life of Olivia Pope who has now, along with several other people, become a hostage. Mary wants answers about her son’s death and her target is Congressman Jim Struther (played by Paul Young from Desperate Housewives).  This was the first time in a long time though, that I worried for Olivia. We find out that Mary’s son Chris was CIA. He was deep undercover with al-Qaeda and mistakenly killed. Of course she was going to defuse the situation (It’s Handled 3.0) but this was intense.  The associates in Pope & Associates get to work trying to find out as much as they can about the situation. All of a sudden this becomes a remake of Hackers as Quinn hacks into the FBI. Back at Camp Hostage, Olivia has convinced Mary to let some of the hostages go, but Olivia remains because she’s not done saving the world just yet. Fitz orders snipers to takedown Mary but Olivia will not stand for that in her two-piece baby-blue business suit as she pushes Mary out of the shot and takes center stage, reenacting Evita. Okay now she’s saved the day.

So what do you think Huck is doing with his personal day? Hitting up the movies alone? A little shop ‘till you drop? No, because no one in this show knows how to relax. Huck has a showdown with Rowan who is having a showdown with Peter. It’s exposed that Huck never killed. He couldn’t. Rowan shut that down and ultimately faked Peter’s death. This all lead to what was to be a very intense final scene between Olivia and Huck. Me? No thanks. How many times have we seen this before and only at the service of a plot that wrapped up a bit too early?

While all that happened I couldn’t help but be completely won over by Mellie. Remember how she started off? Remember how much you absolutely despised her even though, in the pit of your stomach, you knew she wasn’t terrible. You knew she wasn’t wrong. But she was a just ‘The Worst’. I mean, she’s still a tyrant, but she’s more of a badass and Bellamy Young is playing that up wonderfully. Her little speech with Fitz when she was a lil’ tipsy? “Get on your knees and pray to Saint Olivia Pope”.  Wonderful. And then the speech between her, Fitz and Cyrus “Listen son, you can barely get it up to conceive”.  Thank you, Shonda, because this was gold. But should I be so invested in the first lady who, important, sure, is not the main character, nor the main focus of the show, and not even close to being in the top 5 major plot points of this episode? While so much may have been happening in tonight’s episode and it was exhilarating, of course (um, the scene with Liv at the window? Jesus), maybe, for the first time, there was just too much.

I blame Jake.


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