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Mug Shot Mania: What The Female Reaction To Jeremy Meeks Might Really Mean

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/01/2014 9:54 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Mug Shot Mania: What The Female Reaction To Jeremy Meeks Might Really Mean
Media Courtesy of Stockton Police Department

Charity Smith

Staff Writer @wryobservatory

In the mug shot seen round the world, Jeremy Meeks, a 30-year-old convicted felon and well-known gang member that the police characterize as among the most vicious in the Compton area, has become a celebrity. Women all over the world set the women’s movement back about four centuries by reacting with mindless lust. I mean, the blurbs have been kind in saying he has moved the hearts of women everywhere, but I think we can safely say it wasn’t their hearts that were quivering. What is it about a bad boy, everyone wants to know. But honestly, this is a much bigger problem than the generalized fantasy of taming the beast. Jeremy Meeks is not a bad boy. He’s a bad man. He’s the reason you have to have 3 locks on your door and iron bars on your windows and take self-defense classes every Thursday. He’s the reason your kids can’t go outside after dark. He’s the one you don’t want your son to emulate or your daughter to date. He’s a bad man. And now he’s been elevated to Internet God. Badly done, America. In a broader societal sense, this brings us face-to-face with our hypocrisies about beauty. We say beauty is only skin deep; that it’s what’s inside, who you are, that really counts. Well, do we really believe that or is that just something we tell ugly people to make them feel better? If we really believe that looks don’t matter, the reaction should have been, “Well, he’s handsome enough, I grant you, but the ultra-violent life and felony convictions tarnish the sheen pretty effectively.” Instead, women are hashtagging to free him and metaphorically throwing their panties on his stage. Modelling agencies are clamoring to sign him and capitalize on his “sexy and edgy” look. He’s looking at pulling in about 30 grand for modelling gigs, and that’s just right now. That’s almost thirty percent of his bail, to put that in perspective for you. Do we really want to send the message that it doesn’t matter if you’re a violent criminal as long as you can do it with the correct bone structure and reasonably unblemished skin? If beauty is as beauty does, then Jeremy Meeks is one of the ugliest people you’ve ever seen. Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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