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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

We Must Uncover The "Fanatic" On This Week's Stalker

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

11/14/2014 10:47 pm
PopWrapped | Television
We Must Uncover The
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On this week's Stalker, AnnaLynne McCord guest stars as an actress who is being stalked by an obsessed fan after being attacked in her home. Meanwhile, Beth receives a letter and Perry delves deeper into her life. An actress, Nina Preston, is running her lines as she relaxes in a hot tub. She starts to hear music coming from the inside of her house and calls out for a woman named Emily. She heads inside and notices that there is lasagna in the oven. She continues to call out for Emily and sees candles lit and the dinner table set for two.  As she continues to look for the elusive Emily, she doesn't notice that there is someone behind her. She goes to her bedroom and sees rose petals on her bed and carpet. She hears a creak and starts walking towards the noise. A guy pops out and grabs her. She is able to get away and locks herself in her room, but he is able to get in. She runs to her closet, which leads to her panic room and she sets off her security alarm. She watches as he runs away on her cameras. Beth is hanging out with Tracy and asks about Brody. Beth asks when she will be able to meet him and Tracy quickly rejects that idea saying that it's just no strings attached fun. Beth heads to work and she sees a mysterious card with her name on it and opens it. It's a condolence card, but before she can think about it too much Jack comes in to tell her about Nina Preston. When they get to Nina's house there is press everywhere because she has a huge fan base. Jack is obviously not a fan of the paps and yanks one of them down and tells him to leave. Janice suggests that they are looking for Heather Miller, a delusional fan that had been stalking her and just got out of the mental institution. Beth goes to talk to Nina and her sister, while Jack goes with Janice to look for Heather. Nina didn't get a good look at the attacker and Ben, who had been in the panic room, says the camera didn't see their face. He does notice that the attacker was wearing a burn victim mask. Janice says the mask is featured from the show Savage Shore, the show Nina is on and apparently Janice is a fan of. Jack goes to question Emily, but she says she left the house around six. She says that she started helping her sister after her last stalker and she's Nina's only employee. Jack wonders who would be able to get information on Nina and Emily tells him anyone on the internet. Nina says it’s her fourth stalker in three years so she doesn’t really go out anymore. She feels that this is what happens when you're famous, but says that she should feel safe in her own home. She begins to talk about her character being in love with a disfigured man and how it's very Beauty and the Beast. Jack says that her case is more about love than sex. That actually sounds like a good concept for a show. Beth goes to find out more about the card she received. She calls to see if the man that is locked up may have sent it. Heather comes to check to see if Nina is okay and confesses to being an enthusiastic fan, but not a stalker. She admits that she was at home watching a Savage Shore marathon. Before she leaves she asks them to tell Nina that she asked about her. Beth says that Heather wants to be more of Nina's friend rather than her lover. Meanwhile, Nina's attacker is watching an episode of Savage Shore and begins to reenact the scene and plays the role of Paul, the disfigured man Nina's character is in love with. The detectives bring in the pap that Jack threw off of the wall and tell him they think he's the one stalking Nina. He says that following her is his job and that she is a cash cow. Beth asks how he is able to go get all of the best shots and he tells her that he has a source that tells him exactly where she is going to be. When Jack asks for the source he refuses and asks for a lawyer. Tracy is with Brody and calls him her little private toy, a name that he likes. He watches her as she types in her password for her phone. They are about to go for another round, but she stops it so she can get ready for work. He asks her out and she agrees before she heads into the shower, he types in her phone password and is able to get Beth's phone number from her contacts. When Janice tells the detectives that Eddie, the pap, has been wiring 10% of his photo fees to his source they trace the accounts and see that Nina's sister Emily is the source. The confront her and she says that Eddie would've just gotten the shots another way. So this way, she is able to get paid and get her sister publicity. Beth wonders if she resents Nina and Emily says Beth doesn't know anything. She says that she left everything behind in Ohio to help Nina and the money was her way to get back to her life. Nina obviously is not happy with Emily and the two are arguing. Emily tells her that she gave up a good life to come and help her. Nina asks Emily to leave and before she does Emily calls her selfish. As she leaves, Emily notices that she has a flat tire. Coincidentally enough, there is a guy there to help her. She tells him that she's going to call triple A, but he says that he has a jack and can easily help her. He starts to question her about coming from Nina's house, but understands that for privacy reasons she can't say anything. Emily starts to text on her phone and asks him if he lives around the neighborhood. Emily figures out that it is no coincidence that he was there to help her and asks what he wants. He says that he wants her to be nicer to Nina and says that he can't let her get away with what she did to Nina. She runs away and calls for Nina, but runs into the street and gets hit by a car. Jack goes to see Emily at the hospital and she says that she'd never seen the attacker before and offers a description. Nina is there, as well, and Beth tells her that they will put her under protection. Nina admits to the fight they had and says that she needed Emily with her after her first stalker. She says she knows Emily loves her. Perry goes to Beth's house and heads inside. I guess Tracy also had Beth's alarm code and he is able to turn it off. He turns on her iPod and starts to look through all of her stuff. He tries on her lip gloss, smells her perfume, and looks through her photo album. He goes to her closet and finds a box with childhood pictures and a teddy bear. The scene ends with Perry rolling around on her bed. Not okay. Ben shows the sketch of Emily's attacker and it rules out the pap. Janice notices that the attack at the house and the tire iron were exactly like an episode of Savage Shore. They think the attacker is reenacting scenes from Paul's point of view. We see Nina's attacker leaving the house. He lives with his mom and she is lecturing him. Before he leaves she reminds him to take his pills, but he pretends to take them and puts them in his pocket. The detectives are looking at emails and think the guy they are looking for is named Robert Dalton and lives in El Segundo. They go see his mom and she tells them that Robbie is a good guy. They reveal that he was fired a month ago and has been lying to her. Jack investigates his garage room and finds the burn victim mask. The go onto his computer and see that he's been looking at Nina's twitter feed. Nina tweeted that Emily was hurt and called her stalker a creep. At the hospital, Nina decides she wants to get coffee. She gets onto the elevator with her publicist and doesn't realize that Robbie is on it with her. When a few people get off the elevator he presses the stop button and apologizes for attacking Emily. Nina's publicist tries to defend her but gets Robbie knocks him out and he tells her that he's Paul and she's his Lily. He confesses his love of her. She maces him and turns the elevator back on. She knees him and runs out when the elevator doors finally open. They take Robbie into TAU and admits that he just wanted to talk to Nina and wants to protect her. He says that Nina wrote him and had talked about being together. His mom, however, says that he's a dreamer and gets moody when he doesn't take his meds. They tell her he has delusional disorder and tell her that he has been ID'd by both victims. Beth says he is going to be processed then will head to the psychiatric ward and then he will be charged for the crimes. Ben is on Robbie's computer and sees the letters that he was talking about and it appears that Nina was writing back to him. Beth reads one as says that it sounds more like a parent writing to their child and wonders if it's his mom writing the emails. They see the emails were sent from a library a mile from their house and discover she has assisted in his delusions. They pull Nancy's records and sees a charge for assault after she attacked one of Robbie's schoolmates she said was bullying him. Nina is on set, with her private security detail, and Jack tries to call and warn her that Nancy signed up for a studio tour. Nancy sneaks up on the security guard and stabs him. She goes into Nina's trailer while Nina is fixing herself some tea. Nancy lies and says that she is there for wardrobe. Nancy grabs the clothes and compliments Nina and says she's pretty, but not as pretty as she is on the show. She says she knows why her son fell for her and that it's her fault for reading the letters. Nancy tells Nina that she didn't know how far he would go to be with her and that he would be better off without her. Nina throws her tea in Nancy's eyes and runs out of the trailer. Nancy manages to slice Nina's arm with her knife. Nina hides under a trailer and sees her security guard down. Nina runs to the sound stage and Nancy is right behind her. Meanwhile, Jack, Beth, and their backup make it to Nina's trailer. They see blood, but no sign of Nina or Nancy. Beth tells them to follow the blood ad when they find the security they check to see if he's still alive. He is, so they move to find Nina. Nina hides in the sound stage and Nancy runs past her after looking around for her. Nina thinks she's in the clear so she tries to leave, but Nancy sneaks up on her. There's a struggle for the knife. Jack and Beth hear the screaming and it helps them find Nancy and Beth tackles her before she can stab Nina. Emily gets dropped off at the scene and the two sisters hug it out. Back TAU, Jack asks Janice about Beth's story, but she says she doesn't know. She admits that she tried to google her, but nothing came up. She says that Beth is very private and doesn't even use social media. She then asks Jack if he needs to know the specifics, but he says he doesn't. Beth gets a call from the facility about the card and they tell her that the prisoner didn't send the card. She is in her bedroom and notices that her perfume is out of place. Jack is also at home and googles Beth. Beth is now with Tracy and she shows her the card. She says that it's the kind of thing Ray would do, but says the facility told her he didn't send it. Beth confesses that the case made her think about her sister, which is something she hasn't done in a long time. Tracy gets a call from "Brody" and she tells him that they have to reschedule because Beth needs her tonight. She tells him that she'll make it up to him. They don't notice that Perry/Brody is across the street watching them and when the two ladies hug he smiles.  The creepy level just gets higher and higher.

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