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My Breakfast With Rixton: PopWrapped Sits Down With One Of MTV's Artists To Watch

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/17/2014 7:56 am
PopWrapped | Music
My Breakfast With Rixton: PopWrapped Sits Down With One Of MTV's Artists To Watch
Media Courtesy of

Ana Mendoza Packham

Staff Writer


If you’ve never heard of Rixton, I suggest you look them up ASAP. The up and coming band consists of Jake Roche (lead vocals and guitar), Charley Bagnall (guitar and backup vocals), Danny Wilkin (Keys, bass, and backup vocals), and Lewi Morgan (drums and backup vocals). They were recently featured in MTV’s showcase of Artists to Watch, where they proved that they’re definitely not just another cover band that many had pegged them to be. Their first hit, “Make Out”, is fast and catchy, with their newest song, “Me and My Broken Heart”, slowing things down a bit with an edgier R&B vibe. I recently had the immense pleasure of meeting these fantastic (and super cute) musicians. They had an intimate acoustic performance at the Clear Channel Studios in Madison, Wisconsin, and I was one of the 12 lucky winners of Z104’s Breakfast with the Band contest.
Courtesy of Ana Mendoza Packham/Instagram Courtesy of Ana Mendoza Packham/Instagram
When we were first all herded into the quaint venue, we were greeted not with tea and crumpets (Did I mention Rixton is from England? Swoon worthy accents: check), but with Panera bagels and hot cocoa. We even got to check out the different studios in Clear Channel while the boys set up their equipment. Half an hour later, the moment had arrived. My first reaction to seeing Rixton in person: Wow, they’re really well dressed. My second reaction: Charley and Lewis’s tattoos were way hotter in real life. My first reaction of any worth: Where’s Jake? Apparently, being late is not uncommon for the lead singer. They started their set with “Speakerphone,” an original song that will hopefully be on their EP that comes out in a couple days.
photo courtesy of tumblr photo courtesy of tumblr
Following “Speakerphone,” Jake then dedicated their next song to “Sarah,” as it was her birthday.  It turns out that “Sarah” was actually Z104 radio host Katie Kruz. We gave Jake kudos for trying as they started up “Make Out.” After their first two songs came the Q&A portion of the show. Important questions were obviously asked: Who’s single?  Lewi, Jake, and Danny.  (Charley, evidently, is taken.) What do you look for in a girl?  A pulse.  (Quite reassuring) What color underwear are you wearing?  Lewi: Black.  Charley: Grey Calvin Klein’s.  Jake: Grey.  Danny: Tighty whities.  (How cute is he?) After the questions came what was the best surprise of the day. I was invited up to sit in between Jake and Charley as they serenaded me with their latest hit, “Me and My Broken Heart.” I’m sure the song was beautifully performed, but I sort of lost focus after Jake held my hand. I was much too busy wondering if Lewi would object to me asking to see the rest of his tattoos. After they finished performing, we all got a chance to get a picture with the lads. Katie Kruz accidentally grabbed Lewi’s butt, and the rest of us cursed ourselves for not “accidentally” doing the same when we had our chance. Overall, my experience was stellar. They boys are super funny and sweet, and not to mention impressively well dressed, seeing as how they don’t have a stylist traveling with them on what they deem their “Rixton Road Trip.”  These guys will definitely give One Direction and The Vamps a run for their money on the charts, and I for one can’t wait to see them do it. Don’t forget to buy Rixton’s upcoming EP, Me and My Broken Heart, which drops in just a couple days. Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!


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