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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

'My Name Is Oliver Queen' Gives 'Arrow' One Hell Of A Season Finale

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

05/15/2015 10:37 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
'My Name Is Oliver Queen' Gives 'Arrow' One Hell Of A Season Finale | Arrow
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With everyone left for dead last week, Arrow returns with its season finale to answer our questions and most probably leave us with some more.

As Oliver and Ra’s fly over Starling, the rest of team Arrow wake up alive and well in the dungeons, with the Flash making a cameo to help them escape. The first flashback finds the Yamashiro’s and Oliver having hold of Shrieve. In real time, Ra’s plane starts malfunctioning and is crashing, with Oliver taking the blame for it. He and Nyssa fight the League members and their boss, but Ra’s eventually jumps out of it with the virus. Oliver manages to control the landing and even though it’s shaky, both Nyssa and him survive. Another flashback finds Oliver leaving the Maseo’s to mourn for their son and moving forward to make Shrieve pay for it. The present finds Malcolm announcing his strategy against the League to the members of team Arrow, when Oliver and Nyssa walk in.

The two are not warmly welcomed, with Diggle punching his old pal and Felicity looking for answers. Oliver states that the League could only be defeated from the inside, but Felicity soon realises he planned on sacrificing himself at the plane crush to save the city. Oliver further talks with John and they decide to leave their personal matters aside for the greater good. Yet one more flashback finds Maseo shooting Shrieve, in order to set him free from the painful torture Oliver has put him through. In the present, team Arrow realise Ra’s is going to set the virus free at one of Damien Darhk’s buildings, in order to destroy the city and take out his old enemy as well. Oliver does visit the man he thinks is Darhk, but he finds one of his people instead, informing him that his master had left town. A phone call from Ra’s follows, clearing that he’s preparing to unleash the virus from four different locations.

At the same time, Laurel meets with her father and tells him everything about Ra’s plan with the virus, suggesting that he quits drinking and helps them save the day. As team Arrow plans to ruin Ra’s plan, Oliver tells Felicity about a dream of his about the two of them and she suggests that fighting for his life as neither Oliver Queen or the Arrow, but the new man he’s become instead, he can beat Ra’s. Another flashback finds Maseo unable to cope with killing Shrieve and leaving Tatsu for some alone time. With the police force and the members of Team Arrow in place to stop the virus from being spread, Ra’s tells Oliver to meet him for the final battle. Diggle manages to find the man with the virus at his point but he’s almost killed. Thankfully, Thea is there as Arsenal to save him by putting some arrows in the bad guy. However, they soon find out the virus is getting out of his body, as that was Ra’s plan from the beginning.

As Oliver fights Ra’s, Ray and Felicity manage to find a cure for the virus. The police decide to shoot the two men fighting and won’t listen to Lance, so he calls Felicity to let her know. She asks Ray to go save Oliver with the Atom suit, but he’s busy with the antitode and insists that sacrificing one to save the whole city is what Oliver himself would have done. Ra’s eventually gets Oliver on the ground and prepares to kill him, but the vigilante moves quickly and ends his life instead, with Ra’s ring passed to the next leader of the League. Hardly a moment goes by, before the policemen shoot Oliver and he falls from the dam. Thankfully, the Atom is there to catch him and it turns out to be Felicity instead of Ray! The team reunites and Oliver announces his retirement, since there are lots of vigilantes to protect the city. Oliver intends to be with Felicity after all, plus Ra’s corrupted the Arrow. 

Diggle still has some hard feelings, but things get better when the two men say goodbye. The last flashback finds Oliver leaving Tatsu to spend time on his own. Malcolm visits Thea and things are just a little better between the two, with Oliver saying goodbye to his sister and suggesting she’s called Speedy. Before he’s gone, he hands Malcolm Ra’s ring and makes him the next leader of the League, warning him that his actions could make them enemies again. Ray’s trying to get the Atom suit together, but something goes wrong and a huge explosion takes place at the whole floor with him inside. Malcolm tells the League he had all the latest events planned, ordering them to kneel before him along with Nyssa. Before coming to an end, Arrow goes in soap opera mode, with Oliver and Felicity driving by the ocean and him declaring his happiness.

And that’s it for now everyone! It’s been a great season and since Arrow is totally returning for another one, we’ll be reuniting sooner or later. 

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