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Mysteries of Laura Recap: "The Mystery of the Biker Bar"

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

10/02/2014 12:58 am
PopWrapped | Television
Mysteries of Laura Recap:
Media Courtesy of NBC
Anytime a show's episode starts off with a man getting shot in his back by an unknown assailant you know it's going to be a good episode. Tonight's episode of "The Mysteries of Laura" fit the mold. Laura thinks she is going to have an easy day off teaching her children about vandalism after they slingshot (a gift from father of the year) a baseball through their neighbor's window. But, she gets called into a crime scene of her friend Jerry. Laura and Jake goes to question Ruby, Jerry's wife and co-owner of the bar. Ruby tells them that there was a homeless man named Crazy Eddie who Jerry let sleep in the storage room, but went off his meds and after an incident Jerry ended up kicking him out. When Laura and Billy go see Crazy Eddie he starts rambling and pulls out a gun. He is easily gets handcuffed by Billy and brought in for questioning. He is still rambling about cameras being in his head, so Laura makes a fort which makes Eddie feel comfortable enough for him to tell her that a man named Birdman hated Jerry and was watching him. Meredith finds out that the guy who Eddie referred to as Birdman is really named Cyrus. He has a website dedicated to birds and lives right across the street from Jerry's bar. Cyrus filed many complaints against Jerry. He gives Laura a list of violations that he has seen committed-- after she received a list of grievances from her neighbor.  Going through Cyrus's journal she sees that he called to report a screaming match that occurred outside of Jerry's bar. In the recording you can clearly hear a woman screaming at Jerry and it ends with her threatening his life. Ruby tells Jake that the woman on the recording is Faith McGowan who was fired because she was caught stealing . Laura and Billy find her working at another bar and Faith turns out to be covering for her abusive boyfriend, who is the one that is doing all of the theft. He is at the bar and takes off running when he sees Laura and Billy. He gets away from Billy, but Laura has someone drive her on the back of their bike and chases him down.  She eventually catches him when he crashes his bike. Jake goes to see Faith's boyfriend in the hospital to interrogate him, but when he doesn't tell Jake what he wants to hear Jake threatens to cut off the morphine drip. That gets him to talk, for sure. The boyfriend was in Jersey at the time of the murder and even has a receipt to prove it.  Laura goes back to the biker bar (with her sons) for Jerry's wake. Laura and Jake have a touching moment when they slow dance to what's obviously their song. Crazy Eddie shows up to the wake, back on his meds, wearing one of Jerry's old suits. Laura asks Eddie to empty his pockets and hands over a napkin with the name Flako Navarro, a loan shark that has been able to avoid two murder prosecutions. Billy heads to Miguel's Billiards, where he finds Flako. The two bond over their Cuban heritage (and Billy makes the audience swoon with his spanish). Flako tells Billy that Jerry was late on his debt, but he found a partner and was able to settle the debt and pay it back in full plus interest. Jerry's new partner was Lloyd Kramer a man who prides himself on, " turning lower Manhattan into a playground for the uber rich." This is a personal case for Jake and Laura, but he tells her that they still need proof and a motive in order to arrest Lloyd. That's when Meredith informs the detectives that a developer was looking to buy the block to build apartments and they wanted the air rights over Jerry's bar.  However, Jerry wouldn't sell them because he loved the roof of his bar too much. Laura is waiting for Lloyd when he gets into his limo and takes him to the waterfront, where Jerry was shot.  Lloyd bought half of Jerry's air rights for $10 grand and tried to convince Jerry and Ruby to sell, but they wouldn't. When he found out that Jerry owed money he offered to pay Jerry's debt, but because Jerry had too much pride he decided to just sell his half of the air rights.  Lloyd found out that his half didn't mean anything because the developers wanted all or nothing when it came to the air rights. Laura thinks that's the reason why Lloyd killed Jerry, but he tells her that he doesn't get anything from Jerry's death and the remaining half is in Jerry's estate. That's when Laura realizes that Ruby was the one that killed Jerry because he sold everything and left her with nothing. When she wasn't trying to solve the murder of her friend she was spying on her new babysitter, Sammi. Technically, Laura is doing what any good mother (who has the resources) would do and does a background check on her. Which makes perfect sense seeing as how she hired her right after she bailed out of jail. She has Max check in on her every now and then, which causes  Sammi to quit because Laura doesn't trust her. When she comes by the police station to pick up her check she gets roped back in to being a babysitter for twins when Laura gives her a six month advance.





: As Billy tries to chase down Faith's boyfriend he hits Billy in the face with his motorcycle helmet. When backup arrives, Laura taps into her female mind and treats the bleeding by slapping a pad on his face. Yes, that kind of pad. Did you enjoy this week's episode? Tell us what you thought in the comments below.

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