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Television / Music PopWrapped | Television

Nashville: "You're No Angel Yourself" Get's Hot And Heavy

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/17/2013 3:30 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of Google
  Ben Patton Content Editor Last night on Nashville, Juliette got a pretty nice “thank you” from Charlie Wentworth for her “performance” during his wife’s birthday concert…or maybe that other thing that happened last week. Rayna, Tandy and her daughters are visiting her mother’s grave in honor of her birthday. Rayna has an emotional heart-to-heart with her mom, which reveals Rayna’s true fear that she’s lost her voice for good. We find out Tandy has hired an investigator to look into the accusations brought against her father by the Attorney General that accused him of having a hand in their mother's death. Peggy is still fooling Teddy into thinking she’s pregnant, which results in a secret engagement between the two. One more decision Peggy will most likely be regretting. 
Scarlet is struggling with all the “perks” her new record deal has earned her, while Will seems to be soaking up all the attention, though he is struggling to get Gunner to agree to allow his (Gunner’s) song to be Will’s first single. Meanwhile for Gunner, there’s a new face working at the Bluebird with him in the form of an old foe: Avery. Rayna tells Juliette she has to cancel the tour, which we all know was not well received. Juliette always has a plan, though, and with a little prodding from her manager, she decides to bust out some old hits to cater to the younger crowd in order to book her own arena tour. Deacon went back to his lawyer to thank her for everything she did and pay her for her troubles. She turned down the money and asked for dinner instead. She told him her story to help him understand why she was so willing to take on his case, and the tearful discovery led to quite the bonding time. Rayna and Tandy take the girls to a symphony event that their family has supported since before their mother died, and bring the girls along as their dates. Maddie has had a serious attitude problem during this episode and seems to find relief around her father, and only him. Though, she was none too pleased to see her Grandmother’s ring around Peggy’s neck at the event and stormed out in angry fit.
Courtesy of Zimbio Courtesy of Zimbio
When it’s discovered that Maddie has run away, everyone is in a panic trying to track her down. Juliette is fighting with her manager to make her tour happen, her way or the highway as per normal, but the fight ends early when Juliette receives a mysterious call (Maddie perhaps?). Avery and Gunner have a semi-cordial conversation; Deacon and his lawyer take their date back to his couch where they share a kiss before Rayna shows up at the door looking for Maddie. Juliette goes to pick up Maddie who had gotten lost and takes her back to her house where they have a real heart-to-heart conversation. Juliette really takes on an uncharacteristically mature demeanor to handle the situation and clearly sees a lot of herself in the pain Maddie is dealing with. Juliette calls Rayna with a better understanding of why she needs to quit the tour, and Rayna comes to pick up her troubled daughter. Juliette told Rayna she knew Maddie really just wants to talk about her real father, so Rayna sits with her daughter to explain some of the intimate details and ask her to run to her, not away from her as they work through it all. So to wrap things up; Deacon and Maddie share a brief phone conversation, Tandy turns all the dirty secrets about her father over to the Attorney General, Gunner tells Will he can’t use his song, Juliette asks the overly exuberant Leila to join her tour, Maddie and Daphne are singing again and Rayna still appears to be unable to sing. Highway 55 records needs to replace Will with Maddie and Daphne already! Tune in next week y’all, and let the drama continue.


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