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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

"Nerd" Is The Word On This Week's New Girl

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/25/2013 12:33 am
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of Digital Spy

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

Life is a constant string of crazy in Apartment 4D. Schmidt is still juggling women, Nick and Jess are still in their honeymoon phase, and Winston, well he is in love. Ready to take things to the next level, Winston offers to watch Daisy’s cat while she is away. Side Note: It was brought to our attention that cats are strangely addicted to Schmidt’s nipples… Why am I not surprised? Miss Day is a bit self-conscious because she can’t make friends with the clique of cool teachers. Nick resolves to help her fit in with the cool kids (um, teachers). He comes in offering free school supplies and free drinks at the bar. How easily those teachers are bought. Elizabeth swings by to visit Schmidt at work (who of course has a replica of Don Draper’s office). Beth, Schmidt’s jealous co-worker, is hoping to disclose his two timing ways at the upcoming office party. It seems like Winston is having his own love issues. While picking up Ferguson (Daisy’s Cat) it appears that she may have another gentleman over. The whole time Winston is trying to ask her to be exclusive. She hands him the cat and rushes him out of there. Jess is bombing her night out with the cool teachers. Nick tells her to loosen up and drink… a lot. She agrees and surprisingly Nick’s method works. Unfortunately Jess is left to hung-over to function and barely makes it work, however when she gets there she is greeted by the teachers and welcomed into their club.  Schmidt un-invites Cece to his office party while Winston has decided to kill Daisy’s cat instead of doing the logical thing and breaking up with her. Oh brother. Suddenly Nick is the only logical one in the loft. Jess is off trying to break and enter into her boss’s house to try and be cool while Winston is trying to let Ferguson choose his own death. When faced with actually smothering him, he can’t go through with it and Ferguson lives to see another day. Unfortunately Schmidt may not. Both Elizabeth and Cece show up to his office party and Beth is going to make sure the two meet. Somehow Schmidt is able to avoid being found out and he continues on dating the two women. Unable to watch Jess throw her career away due to his crappy advice Nick rushes in to take the blame for their hijinks. As a punishment they both end up having to endure a hot tub session with Jess’s boss, complete with some Paula Cole and tiki torches. Daisy came for Ferguson and Winston confronts her. She admits that she hasn’t been faithful and instead of killing him Winston takes Ferguson as his own. And it seems like Schmidt was right, as Ferguson was instantly drawn to his nipples. Jess realizes that she doesn’t need the acceptance of the cool teachers and opts for a night in with Nick over paper grading on E. What kind of school is she working in?! It seems everything is going well for the couple… Almost too well… I wonder when the writers will start to rock the boat, or if Schmidt will ever get caught!


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