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Television PopWrapped | Television

Netflix Narratives: We Say Goodbye To The League

Raechel Odom | PopWrapped Author

Raechel Odom

09/10/2015 6:43 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Netflix Narratives: We Say Goodbye To The League | The League
Media Courtesy of jeremycowart

This is the ninth week we’ve been doing Netflix Narratives and this week we have something a little special for you. We generally watch relatively new shows, but this week we’re talking about an old favorite: The League. Usually, these articles get posted on Monday, but since the premiere of the final season is this evening, we postponed it a couple days. Don't worry we'll be back to regular schedule next week!

Since tonight is the premiere of the final season and we wanted to highlight the best parts of the show thus far, rather than tell you about it because, let’s face it, you probably have seen it and probably think it’s hilarious.

Now, I know that this is going to be extremely difficult to break this down because The League has so many incredibly funny moments, so we’re going to try our best here, and if your favorite moment isn’t listed, we want to hear it (tweet Erica or Raechel)!

The League


Erica’s favorite moments:

This is so hard because this show is constantly making me laugh!  I actually just started re-watching it last week.  I have to say one of my favorite episodes is "Vegas Draft", the season 2 opener.  It had so many epic moments.  I love the Taco rap "I’m Inside Me" and Rafi’s drafting skills!  He always has me in stitches!  Watch the video below and zero on on 1:51!  The video after is the audio of Taco with Chad Ocho Cinco performing "I’m Inside Me"!


My favorite character is actually Ruxin.  We’re having another opposites week!  And the reason I love him is the same reason Raechel hates him:  his attitude slays me.  Would I like him in real life?  Most likely not. But do I love him on the show?  Yes!  He is a big jerk and every friend group needs that.  I love that he is a germophobe and I love that he is always going on about everyone colluding.  The other characters are great, there’s not one I don’t love, but Rodney Ruxin is my favorite.  

Here is a perfect example of everything that is Ruxin!  

Taco dresses up as Kevin and Jenny’s daughter’s favorite TV character Mr. McGibblets and it’s epic!  Basically anytime Taco is involved in anything, it’s amazing.  He had the EBDB where he connected all of the Eskimo Brothers in the world, and his golfing skills!  By that I mean how he rode around anywhere and hit a golf ball.  I can’t even stop thinking of great moments!

Raechel mentioned Jeff Goldblum’s parts on the show and he is so stunning as a guest on this show, I think he deserves a double mention.  If you haven’t watched this The League, please exit this window and pull up Netflix.  You have 6 seasons to watch before you can watch tonight!

The League


Raechel’s favorite moments:

One of my favorite episodes, and the one that I laughed at the most was definitely the Christmas Krampus episode, or “A Krampus Carol.” I’m not sure if it’s Jeff Goldblum’s appearance that helps it stick out for me or if it’s the fact that Taco dresses up as a terrifying purple monster and chases children through the mall.

The League Courtesy of Imgur

Okay, it’s definitely the latter.

Since we’re celebrating The League I think it’s necessary to pick from an episode we all know and love (and it’s probably one of the reasons we’re still watching): season one episode one, "The Draft". I know you guys didn't forget that birthday song Taco sang.

The characters in this show are pretty likable... for the most part. I think Ruxin is a bit of an asshole, so I’m slightly biased towards everyone else. But, I’m a girl and we stick together so I have to say, Jenny is one of my favorite parts of the show. I’m not going to pick a specific time or episode because I think she’s fantastic in them all. I love that her character is a woman in a man’s world and it’s something I feel similarly to considering I play an excessive amount of video games. She’s witty and competitive and gives the show a much needed female character. Shiva doesn’t count.

The League Courtesy of Imgur

It’s so hard to narrow these down, I haven’t even seen every episode and I’m coming up with tons of moments I want to add. But, I can’t forget about Seth Rogan’s appearance as Dirty Randy and the mutual friend of the gang and Randy, Rafi.

The League Courtesy of Imgur

What are your favorite moments? We're gearing up for the final season tonight - are you ready to say goodbye to The League?


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