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Fandom / Comics PopWrapped | Fandom

Your New Con Best Friend: The Con*Quest Journal

Tamara Fuentes | PopWrapped Author

Tamara Fuentes

07/13/2015 9:54 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom

Cons are always fun and each of them brings its own kind of excitement that you want to remember forever. But if you've ever been to a Con, you know how difficult it can be to keep everything from business cards to photos and autographs to schedules.

Last year at New York Comic Con, I passed by a booth that put all these things together into one: The Con*Quest Journal. We got to talk to Shelley, one of the creators of the Con*Quest Journal and how she got started with it.

When we would go to conventions and kind of fan-girl myself, I would try to get at least one photo and autograph each show. So my photo ops of all these conventions I’ve done were in a manila folder on my desk and all of our stuff that we would get at the con would be at the bottom of our backpacks and we never did anything with that.

Each Con*Quest Journal comes with specific pages for schedules, panel notes, autographs, cosplay, and sleeves for business cards, prints, and photos. There are also blank pages that the user is free to decorate as they wish.

I wanted it to be something that people who don’t scrapbook could do. We wanted it to be super easy, with pages already designed that tell you what they’re for. I hope it inspires people to take the photos they’ve taken on their phones and put them on there.

Just recently, they partnered up with artist Tracey Gurney to create two new versions of the journals, The Companion Journal and The Hunters Journal, inspired by the shows Doctor Who and Supernatural.

She has done such beautiful work. She does a lot of her own fandom artwork. When I saw the journals in person for the first time, I felt very attached and emotional to them. The opening statements about this being my journal and in The Hunters Journal of this being a family is what we've been striving for.

One of the best things about Tracey is that she basically created easter eggs in each of the pages. We wanted them to be subtle and wanted them to be smart. They really ended up being that, if you really are a fan of these shows, you get it.

They have also partnered up with various conventions to create journals for them, as well.

Our partnership with cons started when we were doing our Kickstarter. When Gen Con promoted our Kickstarter in one of their emails, our Kickstarter exploded. It was so crazy because our original journal wasn’t made for gamers, but people repurposed some of the pages for gaming. So we thought we had to make a gamers journals for this con so we made that.

Photo Courtesy of Con*Quest Journals

Photo Courtesy of Con*Quest Journals

Then we partnered up with C2E2 and showed them our journal and they said, ‘We should work together for a con prepardedness pack.’ So it was that combined that made us want to do that so everyone can say, ‘This was my Gen Con experience, or this is my C2E2 experience.’ Instead of being just a book that you can get, it’s a book of that con.

Each of the themed journals include journal pages inspired by that specific fandom/convention including quotes, artwork, and extra information about that show or convention. There are currently plans for other fandom-inspired journals in the future.

The journals are also like binders, so you are able to add pages as you like. Con*Quest Journals also allow you to buy more pages and sleeves.

I have, in my first red canvas journal, probably 7 to 8 shows so you don’t have to get one journal per show. You can just fill up the journals as you go.

Photo Courtesy of Con*Quest Journals

Photo Courtesy of Con*Quest Journals

These journals a perfect for any Con experience. No matter what the reason is that you go to a Con, this journal allows you to fill these pages with anything you like while keeping everything organized and safe.

We've had different reactions to these journals and some people just don't get it. But the people who do get it, love it and it becomes this thing for them. It's like how Ted, my business partner always says, 'You spend hundreds of dollars to go to these shows, just spend $25 to get this journal and then you really have something spectacular to show off all the cool stuff you did.'

We're so excited to fill our Con*Quest Journals with memories and we hope you are too!

Con*Quest Journals are available online and at select conventions.

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