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New Details Emerging Amp Up The Excitement For Godzilla's Return To The Big Screen

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/26/2014 10:17 pm
PopWrapped | Movies

Robert Dominic Ventre II

Staff Writer

Fans both old and new have been salivating over the recently-released two-and-a-half-minute trailer for the upcoming 2014 rendition of everyone's favorite kaiju, Godzilla. Featured in the released footage is none other than Bryan Cranston, fresh off his iconic role as Walter White in Breaking Bad, showcasing his acting chops while the world crumbles around him. While the trailer gives few details regarding the actual plot behind Godzilla (aside from the obvious - “giant monsters destroy major landmarks”), it does clue the audience in to certain things. For one, there appear to be creatures besides the oversized atomic lizard to worry about – a glowing, otherworldly appendage is shown briefly, hinting towards the presence of “Mutos,” which have been noted via the film's viral marketing website as being a major part of Godzilla's central plot. An upcoming toy line created by Bandai and featured at this year's Toy Fair was rumored to have revealed the appearance of the Mutos, showing them to be spider-like creatures with hooks at the end of each limb (sort of like classic Godzilla foe Gigan's arm-hooks, as noted by the Godzilla wiki). Warner Bros. Studios has since denounced this claim, stating that said figures were created by a third party and in no way represent actual, licensed Godzilla products. At this point, the Mutos are thought to be winged and presumably capable of flight, which might explain the multitude of fighter jets being knocked out of the sky in the trailer. Fans have suggested that the Mutos could be an upgraded incarnation of Kumonga, the massive arachnophobia-inducing kaiju featured in 1967's Son of Godzilla. However, there is no evidence to support this. None of this, however, explains the presence of the dead kaiju which are featured very briefly over the duration of the trailer. Online speculation has yet to attach a possible identity to the apparently-deceased monster(s) – perhaps they will be another original addition to the Godzilla pantheon? In addition to the recent trailer, two new viral images have emerged online, hinting at possible locations that audiences will be seeing in the upcoming film. [gallery ids="36013,36014"] Screenwriter David Callaham recently spoke with Fresh Voices in an interview regarding his process, wherein he discusses how he intended to bring Godzilla into the today's world: Godzilla is a pretty cut and dry, giant monster smashes stuff. But the reason I got excited about it is because I saw themes and relationships to the modern world that I could tell in this story that was important. I always strive to elevate. Read the full interview here. Godzilla looks to be an impressive take on a classic story. Though Roland Emmerich's 1988 version of Godzilla did not sit well with audiences and critics alike, the 2014 telling seems to hit all of the right marks. The blink-and-you'll-miss-it display of the titular monster towards the end of the latest trailer depicts a Godzilla that, at the very least, SEEMS to bear a strong resemblance to the classic version of the character, which is something of a relief for fans. Roland Emmerich's Godzilla was considered to be so far removed from the original that Toho Co., Ltd., the production company that owns the Godzilla copyright, has categorized it as an entirely separate creature (now known colloquially as “Zilla”). Toho has gone so far as to register a trademark on the name “Zilla” and has even featured America's would-be kaiju in the authentic Godzilla universe, where he did battle with Godzilla but was ultimately defeated. Godzilla (2014) is set for release on May 16th of this year.

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