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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

New Girl: Find Out What's Hiding In Nick's Box

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/16/2013 9:46 am
PopWrapped | Television
New Girl: Find Out What's Hiding In Nick's Box

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

Schmidt is still lamenting the loss of his two girlfriends and is wracked by guilt. So much so he is not sleeping and spending his nights weeping. He asks the gang if he is a good person, and of course they say no, he is a two-timing scumbag duhhh. Not satisfied with the answer he heads to seek council from his Rabbi. Back at home a very sketchy guy shows up with a brown paper bag for Nick. Jess handles the situation (not well might I add) but we learn that there is not a severed hand in the bag but $8,000. All in cash. What is a boy to do? Why go to the mall of course! We learn during Nick’s inheritance splurge that he owes Winston $1,900. Jess tells him just to ask for it back, it is his money after all. Post shopping trip Nick heads to his room and squirrels away his money in his ‘box’. Jess learns the box is the place where Nick keeps all of his past due bills. She insists he use that money to maybe pay his bills or put it in the bank. Nick is less than receptive to the suggestion and shrugs off Jess’ advice. Not satisfied with that answer Jess takes it upon herself to go through the elusive box and pay some of Nick’s bills with the money. She also makes sure to sort the rest of the documents in nice neat piles. In the living room instead of just asking him flat-out, Winston makes Nick sliders and a graphic card. How sweet. Unfortunately Nick does not feel he should repay his debt and feels that now that he has money Winston is mooching. Upset with everyone Nick storms off to the bar. As Schmidt leaves his Rabbi’s office he is no more enlightened than he was when he entered. He basically heard what he already knows (or pretends he doesn’t know); he’s selfish. While heading home he performs the Heimlich on a biker who was hit by a car. Saving the man’s life rejuvenated Schmidt and makes him feel as if he is finally a good man once again. Schmidt finds Nick at the bar and tells him about his day and how he is redeemed and that Nick should help others to feel the power of redemption. Nick now inspired (and totally wasted) heads home to pay Winston back. Easier said than done. When Winston catches Jess tampering with Nick’s box (hehe) he blackmailed her into paying off Nick’s debt to him. Jess soon confesses and an inebriated and enraged Nick begins throwing her vintage purses out the window, because essentially that is what she did to his money. To make it all better Jess cuts Nick a check for his lost money (that she used wisely). The biggest thing to point out is that their argument was rooted in Nick’s overall lack of responsibility and/or direction in life. Paired with Jess’ constant need to fix him. Even their arguments seem to anger me lately. I feel like Schmidt is just plotting their demise. Speaking of Schmidt, he paid a visit to the man he saved and learned that well, sometimes bad things happen to good people. Which made him realize what is the point of being good then? He takes off to confront the Rabbi and interrupts a bar mitzvah class. His gem of advice for the class? Maybe he should be celebrated for dating two women at once and not be a bad guy. He then bitch slaps the Rabbi and is chased down and attacked by fellow rabbis. Meanwhile Jess gets a phone call informing her that someone is trying to open a bank account with one of her checks. Of course it’s Nick trying to make right to maintain her affection. Upset by the $8 processing fee he starts to protest, but stops. Jess starts up and they get the fee waived. They embrace and while they do, I share the same sentiments of the bank worker, “wait till they have children they’ll never touch each other again.” In the end Winston swoops in to save the day. He tells Schmidt that he is a good man, he’s just done a bad thing. He just needs to try to be better. To lift his spirit Winston used the money that Nick owed him to buy a candelabra that he gifts to Schmidt. That’s what friends are for. Schmidt asked him how many times he rubbed it to see if a genie came out and he admitted a few. I wish a genie did come out because then I would ask for last season’s Nick and Jess to be returned to us.


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