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Comics PopWrapped | Comics

New Hawkeye Comic Is 'Veronica Mars With Superheroes'

Ashley Perna | PopWrapped Author

Ashley Perna

09/24/2016 1:09 pm
PopWrapped | Comics
New Hawkeye Comic Is 'Veronica Mars With Superheroes' | Hawkeye
Media Courtesy of Marvel

Civil War II has left very few superheroes in the Marvel Universe untouched. Everyone from Iron Man to Captain Marvel to Spider-Man has been affected by the debate about the responsibility of superheroes. While some characters voluntarily walked into the conversation, others, such as Patsy Walker and Kate Bishop, found themselves dragged into the chaos over the fate of a loved one. In Patsy's case, it was her friend She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters and her near-death coma. In Kate Bishop's case, it was as a direct result of her mentor's actions.

After learning about Clint's role in the death of a long-standing hero, Kate decides to return to Venice Beach and pick up her private eye practice. The new Hawkeye series picks up right after her return to Los Angeles and is described as "Veronica Mars with superheroes". Writer Kelly Thompson was influenced by Matt Fraction and Annie Wu's Hawkeye series, as well as Kate's role in Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie's amazing Young Avengers run. In her series, Bishop isn't just a superhero -- she's a superhero with a deeply personal mystery to solve, "but as always with superheroes she gets caught up in doing some good". Fans of Fraction, Wu, and David Aja's definitive Hawkeye run will recognize a similar theme: a superhero just trying to figure things out who gets caught up in doing something good for the world in the process.

Bishop was a great ensemble cast member in Young Avengers and was one of the best parts in both Fraction/Aja/Wu's Hawkeye, as well as the run by Jeff Lemire and Ramon Perez that followed. As Thompson puts it, "the next natural and obvious step was for Kate to be taking center stage in her own book". 

Clint Barton bestowed the mantle of Hawkeye upon Kate Bishop the last time he retired from heroics, and, for a time, the two shared the title, with Clint acting as part mentor/part annoyance for Kate. If anyone was going to take over the Hawkeye series in Clint's absence, it naturally would be Kate. Thompson said that it was "just fortuitous timing that the Kate book we were developing wound up being the only solo 'Hawkeye' book".

Kate's had a problematic relationship with Clint as a mentor for some time, dating back to at least Fraction/Wu/Aja's run, and spilling into Lemire/Perez's time on the title. At times, she is disappointed by Clint's behaviour and, at others, needs as much space as possible. In the new Hawkeye ongoing, Thompson says that Kate will be "emotionally a bit spent" by Clint's trial and dealing with the fallout of his actions. Kate used to adore being a superhero, relishing in her skill and her ability to help others. Clint's actions don't exactly cause her to be disillusioned by heroics, but may give her a reason to take a closer look at how she does things.

Thompson also hinted at a guest appearance by America Chavez, who was also one of Kate's teammates in Young Avengers. She promised to "do everything [she] can to get [America] in the book". With any luck, her efforts pay off, and we can see the fan favourite duo back in action together again.

Regardless of Miss America's presence, Thompson says that Kate will develop and grow as a character throughout her time as a private investigator. It sounds like an intriguing concept, and Marvel has hired the talent to bring it to life. Hawkeye will be written by Thompson, known for her work with Jem and the Holograms and A-Force, with art by Leonardo Romero and Jordie Bellaire. Hawkeye #1 hits comic book stores everywhere in December of 2016.


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