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New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Debuts At #E32015

Raechel Odom | PopWrapped Author

Raechel Odom

06/17/2015 9:39 pm
PopWrapped | Gaming
New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Debuts At #E32015 | Kingdom Hearts
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It's finally here.

I know that Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced a long time ago; I saw some gameplay and a claim that the game would be out sometime last year. 

But at last, we finally have a second trailer. And it's much, much better


I believe that the two boys at the beginning of the trailer are supposed to be like Riku and Sora. You'll notice the hair and the eyes, and pay close attention to the colors of their chess pieces. These things cannot be a coincidence, let's be real.

The boys are talking about an ancient war between the Lost Keyblade Masters and the scene cuts to Sora.

That's us, guys, that's us. WE'RE THE KEYBLADE MASTERS.

Sora is older, so that's pretty cool. He's sporting a new outfit and some sweet kicks, but what you're going to need to pay attention to is the Heartless and the way he moves. It seems like there will be some different controls from the last game; they look pretty cool and on the bright side:  they can't be anywhere as bad as the card mechanics in Chain of Memories.

At :53, Goofy uses some sort of move that could potentially be an interactive move between the three. I'm not sure how else Sora and Donald could jump behind him, unless it's a co-op (which I highly doubt) or you can change characters (again, highly doubtful).

You'll also notice that Sora seems to be walking up walls and jumping off super high cliffs. I'm really interested to see how they're going to incorporate this play into the game.

At 1:40, we see Sora riding in multiple character's ...means of transportation, for lack of better words. He rides in Hook's ship, Hercules' chariot, and he does some sort of weird teapot spin move. WHAT IS THIS MAGIC?!

Don't think I forgot about the Gunblade. Did you-I mean, you DID see that right? If you don't recall, take another look. Or just do it anyway, because Gunblade, that's why. I wonder if it will be Keyblade specific, an equippable movie, or a new bit of magic...the possibilities are endless. It did, however, seem that the action menu was the same, so they can't be too endless, I suppose. It would be pretty cool to see Keyblade specific combos, attacks, and moves.

There's no release date yet, the game is still in production, but this looks much further along than the last we'd heard about it. Or the other Square Enix games 'in production' (Final Fantasy VII), for that matter.

So, is the trailer everything you'd been hoping for? What are your thoughts on the new Keyblades? Let us know below!

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